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    Grotesque dragon hawk, bonemare what


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    posted a message on Buddies ruined bgs for players who hate midrange strategies

    Forces them to play a certain way what? Aside from 1 or 2 outliers literally every buddy is made to synergise exactly with what you're trying to do. Of course a couple are underwhelming like those with battlecries instead of passive effects but in general it's a great system. It makes it much easier to balance heroes now too.

    Before what could you do? The armor was a band-aid, and most hero powers were pretty unchangable without making them unplayable. Why many heroes got reworked. But with buddies you have a shit ton of stuff to tweak. Their effects, health, attack, how slow or fast you get them, their tribes and so on. The more switches you have the easier it is to get something on the wanted power level.

    Yes right now they are not best ballanced but it's a new system. It's never perfect from the oven.

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    Site has been slowly dying since the whole Curse-ownership-exodus of the devs debacle. And people complain so much about the meta now but honestly it's fine. We had way way worse times. Times where balance patches were not expected, but a rare "maybe once a year miracle". Anyone remember shamanstone? Or Jades? Now it's not balanced by far but you can play almost all classes and do fine up until diamond rank. Which for 90% of the playerbase it's all they'll do anyway. Legend grind was always only the top% fighting with each other.

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    Is Sneed worth using over a second plagued protodrake? The dragon is superior in stats and 7 drops are way more consistent than random legendaries who can be very low statted a lot of the time.

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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    Battletag: NoahMcGrath#2711
    Region: EU
    Trade Only?: Yes, you go first

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    posted a message on Custom Class Competition #8 -- Submission Thread | Week Four

    The Scaleborn in...

    The Descent of Dragons Expansion!


    Heritage Cards:

    A war in the sky! Dragonflights converging above the ancient resting place of Galakrond, who has returned! It is time for Scaleborns to emerge and join the conflict, who else more fitted for this fight other than dragon born dragon riders? And to represent their inheritance of all dragon powers, the Chromatic dragonflight joins the frey, some tamed by these sky knights.

    Challenges: I chose to showcase 4 cards (+1 point) and have no deathrattles (and no taunts) in this set (-1 point)

    Showcase cards







    • Chromatus, the Perfect is the only true and successful chromatic dragon Azeroth has seen. His creation was not easy though, and all 5 dragonflight powers had to be combined into one single body. This cards reflects that journey, sending you on a mini-quest to obtain all 5 Heritage cards. In total it is a 10 mana play with 6 cards needed, but the Bloods can be played in advance, with the cost of not playing other minions until Chromatus fully comes to life.
    • Chromatic Breath is the Breath spell of the class, and it is the most powerful of all, as it can copy aspects of all other dragonflights. Each option has its own use, making this an amazing versatile card. It also allows you to utilize Heritage cards to enhance spells, not only minions.
    • Sylvena and Karro represent another theme within this set, that of rider and mount, of dragon and non-dragon.
    • Rider and Mount is another powerful draw spell, a thing Scaleborns excel at, and it directly supports the new mini-archetype.

    Rest of the set:

    • Family Gathering is mainly support for Chromatus, to gain the missing Heritage cards in order to complete the whole set. Thematically, if we are going to Dragonblight, then the Scaleborns will meet quite a few of their draconic relatives, which would make for an...interesting conversation.
    • Dragon Talons, another Dragon spell for Obsydin, the Father from the previous set (link). It is similar to Storm Strike in a way, dealing 3 damage twice for 3 mana, under different conditions.
    • Armored Drake Rider is one of the cards of the Rider/Mount archetype. Going of the theme of Attacks in the class, this inion will repeatedly strike after each Dragon, riding them into battle.

    • Chromatic Explorer is a simple generator that lets you attack on the same turn, letting Armored Drake Rider charge early on. Look at those colours!
    • Armored Drake Mount is the intended other half of the Armored Drake Rider, at together they can both charge right away into battle.
    • Speaking of Charging, Scaleborns have had a ton of Rush minions so far but it's time to show their true Aerial Superiority. attacking 3 turns in a row, something that shouldn't be too hard for them, lets them grant Charge to a minion of their choice, allowing devastating combos. Due to the ample delay however, the enemy can prepare for the inevitable DESCENT OF DRAGONS!

    Art Credit:


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    posted a message on Custom Class Competition #8 -- Discussion Thread | Week Four

    Well thread's gone a bit dead, lets jolt it back to life with some feedback.


    I must say i didn't expect you to come this far, but good job! I like the deathrattle direction you went with your class.

    • Sasshara seems a bit weak. that's mostly because you barely have any deathrattle minions in your class. Plaguemental, Leper Pigmy, Oasis Corruptor and the legendary from the previous set. They don't feel enough, at least not to me.
    • Ankhaten Hotspot is a neat idea and i like it in general but it's too similar to the usual Blightbursts. I think you have the chance here to make a more unique effect than just "deal damage". Mana or mana cost shenanigans might be a possible way.
    • Plaguemental is invalid. As much as it sucks, Hearthstone does not have the possibility to let you do stuff during the opponent's turn. You cannot discover if this guy dies during the enemy turn. You need to redesign him. Either he gives a random Plague, or you change the whole thing.
    • Nefreset Putrefier is cool. probably a bit weak, but this is one of the ways you succeed in making Infect good design wise.
    • Cursed Presence should be imo epic. It's just a constant trend that double deathrattles are always epic or legendary. Necrium Vile, Necromechanic, Baron Rivendare.
    • Plague of Plagues is a bit lazy. I get the flavor but was a plague centered class not having its own plague, instead copying others doesn't sound right.
    • Pathogen: Mar'At Bugs seems like a better Play Dead.


    Didn't expect mech synergy but i can see how it fits. you're missing 3 rares btw

    • Talis' Relativist Gears is kinda bad i feel. Rush and Taunt are very common keywords so there is a 1/3 chance minions will get a keyword they already have and thus make this card useless. You only have 2 minions in this set so far too, this is a card you'd want a minion heavy deck to get the most out of.
    • Talis the Innovator is weird. I get what the synergy is supposed to be but why would you want to give all your stuff Taunt or Rush, for 8 mana? Windfury could win you the game but for that you'd need to have a board already. The only swarm capabilities you seem to have is a bunch of 1/1 drones, which don't seem that scary with windfury.
    • Rinse and Repeat is a better Kangor's Endless Army. Why? Because it costs 1 less, it gives you a huge mech with all the upgrades instead of rolling the dice  on what gets re-summoned and you can run 2.
    • Racing Clock i think it's too good. 2 mana, deal 1 damage, draw a card. Can be magnetized onto as well. If it survives it can draw more cards.

    All in all, the ideas you have are good but the executions not so much in my opinion. Change the legendaries, make them work better with the rest of the set. What if the Gears buff all 1 attack minions somehow for the rest of the game? You do summon a shit ton of 1/1s.


    Really digging your set, feels very cohesive in mechanics and flavor.

    • Windflapper definitely needs at least 1 more windfury card for support, but it's a good card otherwise.
    • I approve of Impress the Dragons.
    • Showdown preparation is alright but since there is no spell that costs more in this set, it would lead to the impression you just draw the other copy. I know you probably had high cost spells in previous rounds but the average viewer won't go and check.
    • Ruby Breath is extremely cool, however in some situations the upgrade might be a downgrade. You could use it to shrink an enemy minion to 5/5, a more manageable size in desperate times, but if you have a dragon that is no longer possible. Simple changing it to "Set a friendly minion's..." would get rid of this.
    • I like the first version of Dwarven Dragonrider. i had the same question as you in my cards, is Rider+Dragon=Dragon? Decided on yes, since the dragon is so much larger.
    • Calm Your Forces is bizarre, don't remember handbuff before in your class. Could be a new thing i guess.
    • Momentary Respite is too unclear, yes.
    • Korialstrasz v2 has the problem that it can go over 30 hp, and it's still "remaining" health. So can you heal to infinity in that case...?
    • Korialstrasz v1 is better. More variety, flavor and wow-factor.

     Finally, @teknician

    Bold of you to choose Scholomance. More work!

    • Top of the Class is a worse Enter the Coliseum i think. You need something on board first and you don't even guarantee you'll kill a lot of enemies.
    • Paladin/Priest also had the theme of buffing friendly minions, might want to differentiate between them slightly more.
    • Self-Assured Senior is great
    • Trainee trendsetter is dangerous, could go infinite by buffing her.
    • Totem grower also buffs itself, i think he should have less health.
    • Totem Whisperer doesn't work with Totem Grower, as dormant minions don't suffer stat changes. Cool idea tho.
    • Keep in mind Shaman also got another 6 mana spell that summons 4 totems (Runic Carvings). I know it functions differently but it's also very similar.

    That's all. Very few posts, and many people don't have complete classes. Hope no one will abandon the comp, right in the semi-finals.



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    posted a message on Custom Class Competition #8 -- Discussion Thread | Week Four

    Alright, here's my set. I kinda feel 1 week isn't enough for these later stages where only a few competitors remain and there's barely any talk on the threads, could we lengthen the last stage by a few days?


    Art credit:



    Chromatic Breaths:






    Art Credit:



    Art Credit:



    Art Credit:

     Tried to introduce a new sub-theme, that of Dragon and non-Dragon synergy, with the theme of rider and mount. A lot of Attack Synergy support, another Dragon spell for Obsydyn the Father and a payoff for Heritage cards in the form of chromatus, with some support to obtain all 5.

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    posted a message on Custom Class Competition #8 -- Discussion Thread | Week Four

    Scaleborns would be introduced in Descend of Dragons, as it fits them best. A dragon war in the skies, where even the mighty Aspects themselves joined to fight Galakrond once more. Given the convergence of all these dragonflights from red and green to nether, lightning, infinite and even wax, it would only make sense that the chromatic dragonflight would appear too, with the only true chromatic dragon ever created at it's head.

    It's body made by Nefarian, and its life given by Benedictus himself, Chromatus has the power of all 5 dragonflights, their combined strength, magic and Heritage. As the crown of my set, you go on a mini quest to animate Chromatus yourself, by granting him all 5 Heritages. If you do, he becomes a small nuke, destroying all enemy minions through Poisonous, healing you to full most likely through Lifesteal, and being a strong defender with Divine Shield and Taunt. Spell Damage only serves to finish the opponent.

    Since the chromatic dragonflight is my class's faction, a breath spell is required too. 


    The idea behind it is that it allows Heritage cards to boost a spell too, besides minions. Thematically it fits the chromatic dragonflight as they can imitate all the 5 main dragonflights.





    That's all I have for now.


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    posted a message on Custom Class Competition #8 -- Discussion Thread | Week Four

    How many cards of each rarity do we need to make exactly? 

    Ashes and Scholomance gave Demon Hunter 2 legendaries, 2 epics, 5 rares and 6 commons. (Excluding the minisets and only counting half of the dual class cards).

    Dark moon however have him 2 legendaries, 3 epics, 2 rares and 8 commons (not counting miniset).


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    posted a message on Custom Class Competition #8 -- Discussion Thread | Week Three

    Also, anyone heard anything from MC lately...? He's been silent for this whole phase almost.

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    posted a message on Custom Class Competition #8 -- Discussion Thread | Week Three
    Quote from teknician >>
    Quote from JeanTheMedicRat >>

    I have not found any rules about no legendary Spells. Hero cards are allowed so, spells should be too. And with lack of any feedback from you, I'll submit my cards as they are. 

     From the first post:

    • Do I have to follow the rarity distribution of the Demon Hunter Initiate set?
      • Yes.
      • You may not introduce a Legendary spell, weapon, or Hero in the Initiate set as there are none in the current Demon Hunter example we've been given.

    Perhaps MC could make an exception?

     I honestly looked at the rule list and missed this. Saw that hero cards are allowed, and to me at least hero cards are far more complex than legendary Spells and weapons. Anyway, I changed the spell into a minion that does the same thing

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    Scaleborn - Scion Set Part 2

    (find part 1 here, and basic set here)

    The Scaleborn

    Heritage Cards:

    Showcase Cards

    This time around we are exploring the transformation aspect of the class. As children of dragons, some of that power still exists in them, and can be made manifest. Besides the transformation into a true Dragon, scaleborns obtain a few more Heritage synergy cards, attack support and a few tools for a Big archetype.

    • Obsidyn the Father is the ultimate reward for utilizing transformation effects throughout the game. Dragon spells are those that have the word Dragon in their name, similar to the new SI:7 cards rogue got this expansion. The more you practice tapping into that elder power, the more you unlock your true form. Black dragons are famous for their shape shifting skills, Onyxia having infiltrated Stormwind. This time however, the shifting is from half human to full dragon.
    • Dragon Wings is one of the spells that counts for daddy Obsidyn. It is a bounce effect with Rush added in, letting you attack immediately with the minion, something Scaleborns love. Heal a minion, get back any battle cries and go back into the fray with your new Dragon Wings!
    • Reckless Drake is an expensive removal that can be paired with another card from this set to form a scary deck archetype, but beyond that it functions as another reward for the "at least 7 cards" theme, rewarding minimal card consumption with powerful buffs and effects.


    Rest of the set:

    Dragon Spells:

    In addition to these 3 cards there also is another one in Part 1 of the set (this), and one in the Basic set (this)

    Big Archetype

    Heritage and Attack synergy



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    posted a message on Custom Class Competition #8 -- Discussion Thread | Week Three

    I have not found any rules about no legendary Spells. Hero cards are allowed so, spells should be too. And with lack of any feedback from you, I'll submit my cards as they are. 

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    posted a message on Custom Class Competition #8 -- Discussion Thread | Week Three

    Got some art.

    I made 2 different version for Dragon Tail, one being more straight forward and the other playing into the 7 cards or more mechanic theme.

    Why is phone Hearthpwn so bad.

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