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    Novice Zapper, along with its other core set buffs, practically guarantee that there’ll always be room for an Aggro Shaman in Wild.

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    This is a workhorse card in Shaman.  It’s not flashy, but it does a lot for one card.  Might actually be powerful enough to see play in just about every Shaman deck.

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    This is what Greater Arcane Missiles should’ve been, but hey, better late than never.

    Its little brothers have proven to be effective in the right circumstances, and this effect in Mage has a lot more potential than it does in Paladin.

    That being said, this joint is 7 mana and is sandwiched between two of the most notorious burn cards in the game (Fireball and Pyroblast).  If this sees play, it’ll only be from its cost being a Corrupted activator, because otherwise it’s a liability.

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    I was waiting to see if another direct damage Corrupted card was waiting in the wings to compliment Dunk Tank, and this doesn’t disappoint.  As we saw with Shroom Brewer, this can work in decks that need to develop a board and also heal, but Corrupting it turns it into removal/burn later on.  Useful against aggression in both modes while also not being a dead card in slower match-ups.  And of course, Y’Shraaj bringing these back gives you burst.

    Expect to see this card in Corrupted Shaman at the very least.

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    Obviously a big meme, but it’s two mana and now Carnival Barker exists in Paladin.  It’s worth at least taking a look at imo.

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    This is a workhorse card.  If Rush Warrior/Galakrond Shaman/Quest Hunter/any deck heavily reliant on Rush minions emerges, this will be the glue that makes it all work.

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    posted a message on New Card - Shaman Quest, Corrupt The Waters

    It's kinda weird how Questing Explorer both has direct synergy with having a Quest and direct synergy with 2 different quests right now.  That card is going to be everywhere.

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    posted a message on Reckless Experimenter nerf before buffs in June?

    Should also be noted that this combo needs a lot less to actually work as well, which makes it more consistent.  With Divine Spirit Inner Fire, it was at its best when Shadow Visions could grab extra copies, but ultimately you needed a certain amount of Divine Spirit with a specific set of cards like Radiant Elemental and the like for the combo to be done early (Twilight Drake turn 4 notwithstanding).

    With this, you only need a single mech to stick to the board and exactly two cards in hand, one of which is easily tutored by Dead Ringer.  Because the combo itself is so concise, the likelihood of the combo assembling itself in hand is far more likely than most other combos we've seen.

    The suggestion above to give Reckless Experimenter the Summoning Portal clause is probably the cleanest fix without destroying other potential uses for either card.

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    posted a message on Not sure about Secret Paladin Tier 1

    Also, something to consider is that, if you want your Sunreaver Spy and Mysterious Blade at full power on-curve, you need to put a Secret into play on turn one, which means you don't have a 1-drop on turn 1.  The exception to this is having Secret Keeper, either or those cards, a Secret, and The Coin all in your opening hand, but I can't imagine all those stars will align reliably.  That alone might hold it back from being an insane aggro deck, at least with how the card pool is right now.

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    posted a message on New Shaman Card - Underbelly Angler

    Notably, Ghost Light Angler still exists, so if you have Scargill + this on board, you can generate a lot of value.  I don't think that's all that great a combo, but it's there.

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    posted a message on Thoughts on Shaman in Rastakhan's Rumble?

    I say this is a fan of the Shaman class ever since I joined near the launch of TGT, and who's kept up with Shaman's cards and such past and present ever since: this is by far the most well-rounded expansion Shaman has had since before Year of the Mammoth.  True, Shudderwock, Genn, and Murkspark Eel have saved Shaman this year from complete competitive obscurity, but the class has otherwise been on life support and, more often than not, has relied on Neutral cards and Flametongue Totem as the backbone of their decks, or at the very least to compliment their Evolve effects.

    Every single card in Shaman's set this year has potential at worst and powerful applications at best.

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    posted a message on New Mage Spell - Scorch

    I think the issue with Wing Blast wasn't necessarily that it was a bad card, it was that Deathrattle Hunter didn't need that kind of removal and 4 damage isn't a significant flashpoint right now.  3 damage is important, and 5 damage is important, but 4 isn't right now.  Spreading Plague rotating will probably change that, which is why I think this card will languish for the time being.

    However, Big Spell Mage doesn't have a lot of small removal, they might retool with an elemental package to compensate if Dragon's Fury dealing 4 is something the deck can work with.

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    posted a message on New Rogue Minion - Bloodsail Howler

    I'm going against the grain to say this isn't unreasonable in Pirate decks not running Captain Hooktusk (or Keleseth, that's the killer here).  If your 1-drop Pirate sticks, this is a 2/2 with Rush that helps clear your opponent's turn 1 play.  It also scales well later in the game, but only if you're able to stay ahead.  Can be drawn with Raiding Party as well.

    If Pirate Rogue does succeed, it won't be off the back of this card, but I think it'll make the cut in a post-Keleseth world.

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    posted a message on New Hunter Hero Card - Zul'jin

    This card is very open ended in terms of what it can do, and I like that a lot.  It's a deck-building challenge to cast the kind of spells that will maximize this card's effectiveness.  The card would be absurd at any other mana cost, and if this year has shone anything, is that Hunter has what it needs now to play the long game until it can play this card.

    I don't know much about Zul'jin, but I do know he's a Berserker or something.  Amusing how Hearthstone decided to interpret that as "Let's just make him Yogg-Saron"

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    posted a message on New Paladin Minion - Immortal Prelate

    I dunno, this card is looking a bit shaky right now.  8 Paladin reveals in and not one targeted spell so far, and a lot of its best buffs are from Mammoth.  Its future is uncertain.

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