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    posted a message on Hearthstone players in India / Indian Heathstone Community

    Hey, nice to see a thread like this showing up on the forum.

    I've been playing for over a year too, but not so much anymore. Have gravitated to other CCGs which I consider to be a lot more fun. 

    Sadly, I only know a couple of people who have played HS before, where I live (New Delhi). Most have just vaguely heard of the game. All this might be because WoW never really was a BIG thing here (speculation) and other card games like MTG never really got a start here. All I remember is playing Duel Masters when I was a kid in school, doubt anything else since then took off.

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    Fandral is a crazy powerful guy in almost every druid deck. With a great potential to snowball if left alive for more than a turn. Definitely do not disenchant this guy. 

    Yogg - token Druid deck is currently the most played Druid deck on ladder, you should take a look into it.

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    posted a message on A Yogg-Saron Nerf. Maintains fun while still being competitively fair.

    Threads like these just emphasise on what it's like to have an opinion on the Internet. The OP made a suggestion, and I don't think it's the right way to tackle the Yogg nerf, but there isn't a need to belittle the person and call him /her an idiot. 

    Seriously, come up with ideas instead of wasting everyone's time with insults. 

    My suggestion would be to have Yogg banned from competitive play, at the very least. As for a nerf, maybe if there was a cap on the number of spells Yogg casts? Not too sure. 

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    posted a message on Thiev'alotha - Top 500 Legend EU

    Very fun to play. Switched out Yogg (which I don't have) for an Ethereal Peddler, and it's been working wonders!

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    posted a message on Aggro players in a Nutshell ( from my experience)

    To be completely fair, Aggro does require a good amount of decision making. Try playing Zoo, which is very focused on board control since if they don't have a board then they can't really do any damage.

    I suppose what you should refer more to is Face decks, like Pirate Warrior and Aggro Shaman or the old Face Hunter, which was only focused on hitting face. Pretty one dimensional there.

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    posted a message on miracle rogue #200 (legend) W/ GUIDE UPDATED

    Try Arcane Giant. I was using it for fun in a gang up miracle rogue deck, but it surprising ly was more effective than I had given it credit. 

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    posted a message on What Legendary?

    Ragnaros, The Firelord all the way.


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    posted a message on Tips from the ladder warriors and grinders out there?

    Adding to what everyone else here has said: It's always best to not push yourself too hard to reach a certain rank, which can end up being quite frustrating. As far as the anxiety goes, remind yourself that it's just a game, and that the more you play around a certain rank the better you will be at it, thus, will be able to push past it eventually.

    As per my own experience, I've noticed that each season I've been able to advance 5 ranks and secure that spot. 2 months back I used to struggle around 15, then on to 10, and now at 5. I noticed that the most amount of anxiety came when I deliberately pushed to get to a certain rank. However, letting that unecessary burden has been way more rewarding.

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    posted a message on Barnes bring in Shaar that brought another Shaar and ressurects another Shaar. [WTF. Rank 7] [Plz nerf priests]

    A net-decking Aggro Shaman calling for Priest nerf. HAHAHAHA

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    posted a message on Most broken resurrect targets?

    I had this one match in which I played Gruul on turn 8 (I'd play Ysera instead, however I don't have her yet) against a Mid range Shaman. The guy manages to kill it. Next turn I go resurrect into onyx Bishop, both giving Gruul's. 

    So one thing I've learnt is to not just use resurrect blindly, but to also plan it out where it might be most beneficial. 

    There have been times where I've just played Auchenai without having her do anything, only to combo later with a resurrect to efficiently kill off minions. 

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    posted a message on thijs new resurrect priest

    Usually you want high value minions when playing priest. While ERF is great for its effect and stats, it seems like an unnecessary addition to the deck, especially since you have Priest of the Feast :/

    If you're facing a lot of aggro, which is quite certainly going to be the case, chances are that you won't be able to drop N'Zoth. Whereas Rag can prove to be a great threat on the board which needs to be dealt with, while also trying hard to push to end the game while you are ahead.

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    posted a message on [ONiK] Kevineter's Resurrect Priest

    Great points here. Personally, I too prefer priest of the feast over Auchenai, since a lot of the times you're up against aggro,  and you're mostly looking  for something powerful to bring onto the board which will enable you to survive better. 

    I was running two loot hoarders in my list, however soon realised just how much negative impact it had on later turns when it kept being resurrected. I think I lost a control matchup against a Reno Mage solely because of a crap ton of hoarders being brought back over and over again. And with N'zoth as well. 


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    posted a message on thijs new resurrect priest

    I don't understand most of the card substitutes added vs aggro. How is Curator better than Bishop? And why Earthen Ring? 

    Also Rag subbed for a N'Zoth is the complete opposite of what you should have in your deck if facing a lot of aggro.


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    posted a message on Which legendary to craft?

    Personally, I'd most definitely go for Ragnaros. Besides it being in the expert set, which will never rotate, it brings around an immense amount of tempo and threat onto the board. It's a very flexible card which you can add to almost any midrange/tempo deck and also the control ones. 

    I don't have Yogg so I can't say much the except that it's very good in the spell heavy decks. I've lost some otherwise easy wins because of the sheer amount of randomness.

    N'zoth is a great card. And an extremely powerful win condition. That being said, in the current meta where everyone is trying to kill you before you even get anywhere near ten mana, it isn't doing that well.

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