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    posted a message on How would rank the hero power

    1. Warrior ( hand down best class with justicar)

    2. Paladin ( swarming the board with SHR hell yes!)

    3. Hunter ( laugh now, but 1 more damage for cast adds up quite fast, 2 casts 4 dmg-> 6 dmg 3 casts 6 dmg-> 9dmg) played FH when it was at his peak you hero power as much as possible once oponents start cheating with taunts.

    4. Mage ( best board control hero power in the game, having 2 damage means every 2/2 is much worse)

    5. Druid ( almost same as mage, quite strong hero power)

    6. Priest (worse than justicar cause it's not much effective than normal hero power till late game)

    7. Rogue (not the worst, just not that good, and not that worth in my opinion, might be the surprise of the expansion since most people rank it low)

    8. Warlock (negates what? 8 damage per game? at which price?)

    9. Shaman (doesn't provide more value, AT ALL, less rng but basically not worth)

    I didn't account for the limitation of cards since we don't have information on that aspect it's more or less in vacuum/compared to tgt usability analysis)

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    posted a message on Once again the Hearthstone community shows its ugly face.


    Quote from HaKkAr >>

    I completely agree, the HS community is a very crybaby community, whenever something they don't like happens they cry for card packs.

    And people need to let the xpac fully reveal and influence the ladder before complaining, Kripp is probably my favorite HS youtuber, but I disagree with him about this

     I think kripp is right about forced synergies, cards that totally suck out of a specific deck are bad for the game, why? because crafting decks cost a lot of dust, razakus priest for example uses a lot of epics and legendaries which most of those are useless unless they work in that specific deck.
    I think blizzard should've given either baku or genn for free or both.. we have the same reasoning as why C'thun was given for free..
     But basically a lot of people watch kripp, and rise their pitchforks accordingly.
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    posted a message on Baku/Greymane in-depth deck building & meta guide

    you mentioned a lot of WOG, karazhan and MSG in your post, which aren't avaible next rotation.. you can mention them if you are talking about wild but you are clearly not.

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    posted a message on Cards Genn and Baku could use from each class.

    back in the day of face hunter you always played to maximize the damage you can do in the game, rather than board control, which means nothing to face hunter, the board control comes from your opponent making bad trades to mitigate damage dealt to him, it's another game plan and current version of face hunter doesn't run many 2 and 4 drops and tops at 5 mana.

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    posted a message on Keleseth mage

    don't craft amything, specially when a new set is a near. why mage from all classes? keleseth is better in more minion heavy classes.

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    posted a message on New Druid Card - Gloom Stag

    It's not that the druid upgraded hero power is bad or this card is bad, it's that druid even cards are the best in the game, so.. yeah I don't think thia whole odd druid would work unless all of the sipport for druid this set goes there..

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    posted a message on What deck can i fit Jaraxxus into right now?

    Mistakes were made.

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    posted a message on Cards Genn and Baku could use from each class.


    Quote from Jonesy978 >>

    It is tempting to say Paladin can use the even -cost mechanic better than maybe any other class. 

    But you would be sacrificing Righteous Protector, Lost in the Jungle, and Divine Favor.

    While I was initially hyped for this mechanic in Paladin, I am now not sure it is really viable. Those cards are essential to the "dude" Paladin deck that's popular now, and two are also used in Murloc Paladin. Unless there is a new way to ensure card draw for Paladin, I don't see this being Tier 1, if only because you'd be giving up some very powerful tools in exchange for a one-cost hero power.

    I appreciate that Potion of Heroism is out there, but would that be enough? Even alongside Loot Hoarder?

    What it would need to make it worth it is a card that either becomes more powerful based on the number of times you've used your hero power, and/or the number of SVRs that have been summoned during the game.


     think you replace card draw with dudes.. casting paladin's hero power grants a lot of value, divine favor isn't that needed you don't always need card draw you can use more expensive cards instead, like tirion forcexample which dudadin currently doesn't use.
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    posted a message on Cards Genn and Baku could use from each class.


    Quote from Legend504 >>

    Genn Control/Handlock can be decent.

    M.Giant, Twi.Drake, Defile, Hellfire, Twisting, Siphon, Spellstone, Gul'dan, Doomsayer. (Sunfury protector or Defender of Argus for the Giants and Drakes) 

    The problem is that most good demons are odd, so your Gul'dan is not the best, maybe you will run Vulgar Hum. which is also an okay replacement since you can't use Stonehill or Tar Creeper.

    A few good even cards and Genn Warlock is a thing!

     I think gen warlock is one if the top contenders, it's basically old handlock more or less but more consistent in draw.
    played some dungeon run, and 1 mana warlock hero power is quite insane.
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    posted a message on Druid will become OP again?

    Your logic is flawed. hero skins have nothing to do with balance.

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    posted a message on Will Blizzard give the two even/odd legendaries to players for free?


    Quote from CookieFamous >>

    Well, Blizzard does generally give a signature legendary for each set for free, so I'm wondering what they'll do.

    Not they don't marin is not a signature legendary, they did that 2 expansions.. doesn't mean they will continue doing it.
    Even/Odd decks are probably unplayable without genn or baku, they fill the void in the odd/even turns.. and they are probably the ace card of the deck.
    This is part of the set, and yet not the whole set really it's like C"thun was only really played in druid and warrior and some budget decks in the end, although having 16 cards specifically naming him, this will be similar, around 3 decks will be playing either of those. and you can do other decks with 135 new cards and fewer jades and pirates.
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    posted a message on Community Choice Awards: Year of the Mammoth Results

    35 combined people think shaman or warrior got the best cards this year,really? did you even see the garbage cards those classes got this year?

    specially shaman, meme every expansion, in unguru it got kind of good cards.. got mostly carried by the year of the kraken cards though.

    in KFT it got 8/9 garbage cards, only the DK being playable.

    in kobolds it got some cards that are good, but against a meme package that tries to summon alakir for 5 mana with a VERY hard requirement, and maybe even not worth it.

    Warrior got taunt warrior synergy cards in unguru, it was a strong deck for exactly unguru, it just didn't compete against anything post that, in knight it got a dead man's hand, and a lot of weak self damage minions cards (only note worthy cards being Blood Razor and garrosh, in kobolds it got recruit warrior..while those cards are okeish they just aren't really good enough.. yet.

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    posted a message on The Witchwood: Arena Impact

    Militia Commander is a (1) VERY strong board control card, it's not good to just drop it, but when trying to remove an opponent minion it does a really good job, at that, I think it's underestimated here.

    I hope they just retire the odd/even costed cards from arena, there's no meaning to drafting most of them.

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    posted a message on New Shaman Card - Murkspark Eel


    Quote from goliath_2k >>

    If the opponent plays "the Darkness" and we have candles in our deck, this Battlecry doesn't activate right? As the words are not "in initial deck" I wouldn't be surprised if we will have more options to put cards on opponents deck.

    Candles "cost" 4, which is an even number so it's still triggers.
    This card seems strong but, currently shaman has a lot of key cards being odd costed, well show us the new archtype, please don't meme shaman again, after 2 meme expansions for shaman, shaman deserves actual cards.
    2 damage unconditionally(in the right deck) on 2 is really strong seeing on how Fire Plume Phoenix saw some amount of play.
    BTW Hagata is even costed.. although not benefitting from genn it at least works in the same deck..if hagata is truly strong that is.
    interesting tidbit now that hex costs 4 it's playable in the same deck as this card, same for bonemere.
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    posted a message on New Priest Card - Glitter Moth


    Quote from WhiskyGeorge >>

    For the record, lol, I love the pre-judgment phase on this site right before a new expansion hits.  When our resident experts determine with perfect accuracy which card is shit and which one is gold.  ;)

     keleseth was quite MEH before the KOFT nerfs.. those decks didn't do well against druid, or against pirate warrior, and also against murloc paladin.
    Think this card costs too much for being a combo piece, it's probably more of a board control card.. but.. I dunno you need to have a good board, and with no even costed minions how are you even gonna play "zoo priest" maybe it goes more to the traditional Injured Blademaster deck.. you can't use Circle of Healing in that deck though.
    So unless they print something broken for "odd priest" I don't see this card seeing play.
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