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    posted a message on Warlock SN1P-SN4P will be insane!!

    9 mana huh? we already have that combo with zilliax, now that combo costs 7 in priest or 8 in mage, rather than 9 on warlock you don't need glinda. it's a 4 card combo TTK, can cost 5 mana as well if you reduce the combo pieces with galvanizer...

    but it's wild we are talking about games in wild are over by turn 4.

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    posted a message on [Fan] 18 Rastakhan Buffs Ideas! Inspired from the Current Buffs!!

    TBH if you looked at the blizzard changed you would notice a pattern in them, since the cards were tested and the design space is there all that was changed in the cards were mana costs, +1 hp or +1 attack nothing else.. so we can expect future blizzard buffs to be similar.

    Pounce - too strong the card is fine as is. the jump from 2 to 3 is too much.

    Spirit of the Raptor you can't give your hero permanent +2 attack that's too much, it means the enemy get recoil when they attack you.

    Lynx same as I did in my recent buff thread.

    The Beast Within- fine I guess.. maybe +2/+1 good enough. would just make it cost 0.

    Spirit of the Dragonhawk - spirits are 0/3 that's it.. unless blizzard feels like making ALL spirits 0/4 which they might.. since none of them see play.

    Scorch - goes in line with Vendetta

    A New Challenger... - sure why not.

    Farraki Battleaxe - ok, will probably not see play with this change either.

    Surrender to Madness - do we really want this card being played? it's a highroll card, think it might be much more highrolly with the coin cause you can cast it for less of a drawback.. or maybe I am too paranoid about keleseth.. and it should cost 1.

    Sand Drudge the hp buff is enough.. that being said priest just can't really use the tokens as well as other classes so even with that change..

    Gurubashi Hypemon - ye ok

    Stolen Steel - sure still bad but sure.

    Wartbringer - maybe 3 damage? 4 seems like a lot.

    Zentimo - that's really pushing the card I am sure it was at 2 at some point but Blizzard was wary of giving shaman too much stuff.

    Demon Bolt - now that guldan is in wild maybe..

    Spirit of the Bat - ALL minions.. in zoo? this can go out of hand really quickly..

    Overlord's Whip- might as well be a new card see the Opening note about the Blizzard buff policy.

    Sul'traze - this card is already good enough it's not played cause rush warrior is not played.



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    posted a message on I reach legend every season but only with control warrior, help me figuring why.

     You are used to the playstyle of control warrior, you try to play tempo decks in a controlling way so you win much less with them, you could set 2 or even 3 turn lethal with the tempo decks but you are too busy "trump trading" cause you are used to the control warrior style of clearing every minion you see, if you want to win more with tempo decks you need to start balancing between clearing the opponent minions and going face to close up games.

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    posted a message on 1 week 1 adventure Wing is so unnecessary stupid

    It's so you have something to look for mostly, it also makes it so people don't get done with the adventure too fast.

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    posted a message on Buff the card!
    Quote from C_A_W >>

    No need to buff Zentimo, it is NOT a bad card.

    Well the other option is Big Bad Voodoo to 1 mana which seemed good to me actually, BUT it might be a "nerf" to Spirit of the Frog, so I tried to avoid nerfing existing interaction (should put it as a "consideration"), by a nerf I mean that big shaman/control shaman doesn't have many 2 cost spells to play, removing one might impact that deck. that being said if anythign I would like that card be buffed as well.

    Zentimo has premium 1 mana card stats, the change I suggest to his attack doesn't change much in his niche (if Blizzard really wanted to push the card I would suggest to move it to 2 mana), it would just make it less bad to play it for tempo losing 1 mana of tempo compared to 2 (a 2/3 body is played for 2 commonly).

    Zentimo is at a similar spot to thunderhead, it's good.. just not good enough a small push could increase his viability a bit, like most boomsday cards buffed he is a really cool card just a bit underpowered.

    @Dendroid, I think you meant buffs

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    posted a message on Buff the card!
    Quote from Anton_ >>

    Warsong Commander Your Rush minions have Charge instead?

    or is this too much what u guys think??

     It's too much and blizzard will never do that.

    I am suggesting to buff expansion cards rather than classic/basic cards since those just make the game stale if they are good compared to expansion cards that rotate.

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    posted a message on Buff the card!

    Looking at the recent buffs, it seems like we will finally have less cards that are bad and could be better with a slight (or large looking at you Dr. Morrigan/Luna's Pocket Galaxy) buff to cards so I think it would be fun to think about cards that might be buffed on the future on similar fashion, nerfs disscussions are almost always about being mad about losing to stuff but discussing buffs is always fun and exciting(at least for me)

    So suggest some buffs to cards in similar fashion (-1 mana, +1 hp,+1 attack or -2 mana if it's really underpowered) to make an underused/almost viable/meme card a consideration or even a build around card.

    I will start with rastakan's rumble this expansion had a lot of really underpowered cards printed I will do the 18 buff treatment, you could take any expansion, a single class just throwing ideas.

    put under spoiler so people don't need to scroll though it every time they try to comment here.. (if this thread even becomes popular)



    Predatory Instincts 4 mana-> 3 mana, this card is overcosted, and druid has worse ramp right now.

    Stampeding Roar 6 mana-> 5 mana, this card is overcosted, and druid has worse ramp right now.

    Hunter: (hunter got really powerful RR cards so I am bffing the lynx ones that are almost good)

    Spirit of the Lynx 3 mana-> 2 mana this card is currently too unerpowered and hard to combo with cards, it won't make the card good but at least playable.

    Halazzi, the Lynx 3/2->3/3 (really bad statline for a 5 drop).


    Spirit of the Dragonhawk  2 mana-> 1 mana, it was made with baku in mind now that baku is at wild this card could use a buff + wild will manage, there are more powerful stuff there.

    Hex Lord Malacrass 8 mana-> 7 mana.


    Farraki Battleaxe 5 mana->4 mana (still MEH but at least considered)

    Spirit of the Tiger 4 mana-> 3 mana (think this MIGHT be too strong.. but probably ok after the equality nerfs).


    Sand Drudge 3/3->3/4

    Bwonsamdi, the Dead 7 mana-> 6 mana (we had a 6 mana 7/7 before the game can manage that, this card deserves a buff anyway).

    consideration:Surrender to Madness don't think we want this card being buffed it's like keleseth, having it's mana cost lower is just unfun, good thing this card sucks.

    Rogue(this is easy, prep got nerfed)

    Cannon Barrage 6 mana-> 5 mana (or even 4)

    Stolen Steel 2 mana -> 1 mana (discover cards should always cost 1)

    Shaman (not too much to buff here)

    Zentimo 1/3 -> 2/3

    Bog Slosher 3/3->3/4


    Hir'eek, the Bat 8 mana-> 6 mana this card is so bad! poor archmage though.

    Spirit of the Bat 2 mana-> 1 mana at least a consideration in zoo.


    Overlord's Whip 3 mana-> 2 mana , 2/4->2/3(too expensive to combo with anything.. it at least leads to both berserker and acolyte on curve, 2/4 weapon for 2 might be too much with weapon buffs so I think lower durability could help it, it goes against the rules I set but I mean.. you can't really buff it without taking durability off it).

    War Master Voone 4/3-> 4/4 could use a slight buff.

    consideration:Heavy Metal!  can't be buffed cause warrior can generate armor too easily + odd warrior, this card is not fun anyway. 


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    posted a message on Reckless Experimenter Nerf Coming June 3

    I am fine with it, it's a nerf to a mana cheating card.. that constricts design space this card was never used outside of Mechathun combo (which isn't changed due to this change)

    snip snap is suppoused to be a strong card to really spice up the meta , the combo with this card would be insane, priest would just OTK you early game by playing mechs.. you don't even need to play "the combo" good thing this was adressed before it became a problem it shows that blizzard REALLY started looking at the community feedback.

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    posted a message on Dalaran Wing 3 Unlocked! Priest & Rogue Heroes Now Available
    Quote from lMarcusl >>

    It was hard to judge at first since we got two wings in the same week at launch, but looking at this wing seperately, this does not seem worth 700 gold or the cash equivalent. Yeah you get 3 packs but what is all this extra gold/money buying you? Over half of the bosses I've faced on both normal and heroic were reused, the whole Twist mechanic in this case just makes gameplay worse to the point of hurting replayability and yeah I unlocked 2 more classes and their decks and hero powers but Blizz were the ones who locked them away in the first place. So really, aside from a small handful of new bosses, each wing really just brings with it the Twist mechanic, which wouldn't even be enough to base a Tavern Brawl on. Paying that much extra gold or money for three dormant carts on the board does not seem worth it. They should add way more new bosses to change things up.

     There are a few unique bosses per chapter, and you have both the combination of decks and hero powers to test out, plus the treasure passive choices etc. After last chapter you should have anomaly mode. 

    You get 15 packs of ros those cost already 30 bucks so if you do it just for packs only that is worth. The golden pack is worth 260 dust minimum so it's worth around 5 packs.. So packwise you get 20 packs of worth. The last chapter is also extra challenging

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    posted a message on "Technically" full dust refund should be applied with buffs too

    They should give out a few boomsday packs in my opinion around 10 free ones to give more to people who disenchanted those "bad" cards

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    posted a message on Disenchant Elysiana

    Disenchant her you can always enchant her again

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    posted a message on Reckless Experimenter nerf before buffs in June?
    Quote from Shadowrisen >>

    Yeah, as much as I hate early calls for nerfs, I have to add my normally EXTREMELY conservative voice to the call here.

    I built this deck a couple of ways, and basically no matter how I do it, I end up with a deck that is either going to draw the Experimenter, Coppertail, and Ringer/Sn4p . . . . or lose horribly.

    The options in Standard to deal with a 4/4 stealthed minion on turn 4 are few and far between.  Taunt is not going to get it done against priest's numerous silence options.

    On the other hand, the options to deal with a 4/4 stealth later in the game, OR to kill the priest in 6-7 turns, are numerous.

    So you end up with a deck that basically cannot be beat if it draws perfectly, and cannot win under any other circumstances.


    And even if the deck were to become very popular, the stealth mechanic does not lend itself to being efficiently teched against, so even if you are inclined to target opponents who roll the dice on the possibility of the early combo, there aren't many options with which to do so.

    I'm not relishing the thought of this echoing Menace in the first place, but certainly we have an issue here with this combo.

     You can also run a tempo shell with sticky mechs.. It works for hunter, priest could run a similar shell with extra arms it's more viable, yes the nomi priest shell is strong but for this broken combo it's too feast or famine. 

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    posted a message on Elysiana isn't dead!
    Quote from cordobatim >>

    Ran into two Control Warriors today that weren't running Archivist Elysiana. Maybe they weren't using her before, but it really seemed strange. Just because she went up to 9 doesn't mean she's now worthless.

     The sample size is too large. 

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    posted a message on Prieststone Inc.......
    Quote from ThePlan43 >>

    Its GG for hearthstone if Reckless Experimenter isnt nerfed.

    Turn 2: Dead Ringer to draw SN1P SN4P

    Turn 3: Play any mech

    Turn 4: If you have coin, coin out Reckless Experimenter and its GG with SN1P SN4P

    Congratulations. Your dead on turn 4

     You are*

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    posted a message on Card Nerf - Preparation
    Quote from B0n3d4ddy >>

    At first glance this smells like the Wild Growth + Nourish treatment where they clearly went overboard with the nerfs. On the other hand, maybe they just wanted to nuke an evergreen deck (Miracle Rogue) as well... who knows. If the next expansion has some additional support for Deathrattle Rogue this archetype might have a comeback so that Valeera isn't bound to go Tempo all day every day.

     how does this nerf nukes miracle rogue? miracle rogue runs mostly 0~2 mana spells anyway, the only spell commonly run in miracle that costs 3 or more is fan of knives and that card is a lot of times a 1 or 0 of anyway and if rogue needs to run the card they will run it..

    I like the nerf but I think they should buff some rogue cards that were balanced around preparation before: WANTED! the new contract, Sprint, Cannon Barrage.. etc

     at least new high costed rogue spells will suck less now..

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