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    posted a message on Hippogryph and war bear as buff targets in Hunter?

    What do you think about that? Hippogryph in particular seems pretty good, if you get it buffed. It gets to act immediately and has taunt, so it requires an answer. 

    Same for war bear, but war bear is more expensive. Any other beats ou can think of, for buffing? Aside from that new porcupine.

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    posted a message on Preopened 90 packs tons of DUPLICATES

    There's been a huge misunderstanding about how the dude protection worked.

    It was never going to increase your chances of getting epics and legendaries.

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    posted a message on Why are their still neutral charge cards?

    Why are there nuetral taunt cards? Take those out of here

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    posted a message on Flaw in new ladder system
    Quote from Skelos_bg >>

    Since having a bonus means being matched ONLY against opponents with a bonus too, what stops the players to "co-op" and start auto-conceding when being first to play (no coin)?

    This would become the fastest way to ladder until you are out of bonus - then you play normally. Those who don't know about that would find out when they add some friends and they tell them. Don't you agree?

     Probably the fact that you can't force you and your friend to pair with each other. The two of you are not the only players with a bonus.

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    posted a message on New Paladin Legendary Card Revealed - Murgur Murgurgle

    Sure, this card is good and all.

    But man, a murloc as Paladin's Prime card? That feels really, disappointing and underwhelming. The Librams renewed my hope in Paladin and now this comes out.

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    posted a message on Imprisoned Vile Fiend

    He looks like a good boi to me.

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    posted a message on Deathwing hero is insane

    He's crazy, but every time I've seen a deathwing player in my game, I start picking things like rat pack myself. His hero power is a huge double edge effect.

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    posted a message on Shiftcon West is This Week's Tavern Brawl
    Quote from Xenufa >>

    The worst part about this Brawl is how long it takes the mentally handicapped players of Hearthstone to take a turn. To win a game could potentially take an hour.

     I thought it was just me. I could not believe how long some people were taking. As if the game wasn't going to take long enough during to the RNG. These brawls are lame. One and done, for the pack

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    posted a message on Playing Paladin feels terrible right now.

    It's pretty lame that dragon paladin is basically dead in the water. Out of all the classes, paladin feels like it would make the most sense, of having dragon affinity.  

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    posted a message on It Is Impossible To Balance Shaman?

    If shaman is hard to balance, it's bet the fact a lot of it's cards being RNG is a reason why.

    After all, how are you suppose to balance something so random? If the high rolls are too good, it's unfair. But if it's not good enough, people won't bother rolling the dice.

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    posted a message on POLL: The deck you hate the most?
    Quote from FTPhack >>

    Totally res priest... its such a dull deck to play against- no originality, no innovation just the same dull play style every game. zzzzzzzzz

     Priest is the only deck that can actually utilize a ressurrection playstyle. Druid has a ressurrection card, but they can't design a whole deck around a ressurrection game plan. Saying priest isn't original for doing it, is dishonest.

    You can dislike them, but they are the OG ressurrection class. at least in hearthstone.

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    posted a message on Too many quest priests

    It's because of embiggen druid. Quest res Priest spanks it pretty hard, so more people are running priest as a result

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    posted a message on Is Grand Lackey Erkh going to force a Rogue nerf, or push players away?
    Quote from BrokenCycle >>

    I spent many games yawning as rogue played lackey after lackey. Not feeling pressured in the slightest by a board full of 1/1s. If rogue wants to cut one of their cards in order to play even more lackeys, they can go right ahead as far as I’m concerned.

     You do realize that they're not vanilla 1/1s, right? It's the fact that they do other things that actually end up impacting the game. Such as kobold dealing 2 damage to swing the board in their favor. Or that other lackey that let's them discover a spell. Heck, even discovering a dragon has started to be decent.

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    posted a message on Buff / Fix Lord Jaraxxus [Poll]
    Quote from Mackie264 >>

    I definitely feel like he should  be fixed to not die to sac pact. that has always been a weird interaction to me but I'm actually happy that Zephrys gives you the pact if your opponent is Jaraxxus, that means that this card really evaluates as much info from the game as possible and gives you the perfect card you need for each situation. I also like the skill behind using Zephrys, like the difference of playing him on curve, or with low mana or at the beggining or end of the turn or before/ after trading and small details like that.

     There is no skill behind Zeph. The card 9 times out of 10, gives you a nearly perfect answer to a grand majority of boards. Skill would be teching in an arcane explosion as a mage, if zoolock was super popular.

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    posted a message on Infinite Turn Exploit!

    Noz has done this since the very beginning. Blizzard should have long since fixed this card. Really petty of them to ban people for using this. They should stop being lazy and fix him. Or rework the card entirely. He's been here since the very beginning. No excuse, on their part.

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