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    posted a message on Wailing Caverns Mini-Set Launches On June 3! Card Reveals Start Tomorrow!

    I swear this kind of animation would make for a great movie, or at the very least a running t.v. series

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    posted a message on Two New Golden Standard Bundles + Sparkles Card Back Have Appeared On The Shop

    You look like you could use a good time. One dance for $24.99, two for $49.99.

    No thank you, and bad math.

    If you're going to buy this at all, save a penny; buy two of the regular ones. *shrug*

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    posted a message on New Shaman Hero Power brainstorm.

    I really like the searing totem suggestion and agree that at least one hero power needs changing.

    With the power levels of cards skyrocketing in the game nowadays, it feels like the hero powers in general are getting left behind. I often wonder if the Hearthstone team have plans for making some drastic changes to hero powers in the near future. Looking at duels, the hero powers choice system makes for a fun deck-building process. The only part I dislike about it is being locked into my hero/starting treasure choice before I decide to save the deck. But anyways, I think adding hero power choice to normal play would be a good way to fix the hero power issue for shaman but also improve the fun of deck-building in standard and wild. You could add hero powers periodically and rotate them out like cards. They could have interactions with the recently added spell schools, or have an elemental, enhancement, or resto-themed hero power to represent the specs from WoW.

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    posted a message on Mysteries of the Phoenix - Warrior and Rogue Puzzles Solved! - Instructions and Example Decks!

    What's with the 4-attack thing on the Rogue 2nd part quest? How do we know (other than just "because that's the solution") that the attacks of the minions need to end up at four, in other words: how did the solver arrive at this, were there hints, or was it all pretty much trial and error? Furthermore, how does attacking the locks affect their attack? The attacks values seem to change arbitrarily to me.

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    posted a message on It's Nozdormu Day - Every 15th of the Month!

    Why don’t they just buff this guy heavily on the 15th, then nerf it the following day? Repeating every 15th. That might be fun.

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    posted a message on Question: Which bear is best?

    Well, that’s debatable.

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    posted a message on Living Seed (Rank 1)

    Great art, but what does a beast have to do with seeds?

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    posted a message on Animate Hearthstone Cards!

    The Khadgar one is pretty good, but it looks like the Uther one needs a little bit of work around the back of the head.

    That being said, they are both still pretty awesome. Please put this into the game.

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    posted a message on Lord Jaraxxus

    You know, I read over this so fast when the core set was released I didn't even stop to notice how GOOD this card is now!

    Doesn't set you to 15 health anymore.

    Provides 5 Armor.

    Presumably the hero power is the same.

    No longer pollutes random/discovery demon pools.

    I like it!

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    posted a message on Core Set Has Been Released! - ALL Cards In the Database

     That new Onyxia tho...

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