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    posted a message on 17.6 Balance Updates - Many Nerfs planned for July 14th!

    Rogue was barely holding on in Tier 2.  This pointless nerf to their Galakrond will have them slipping to T3 or worse.  Dumb move, Blizzard.

    Risky Skipper did not need a nerf, so not sure what some of you are crying about in that regard.

    The Dragonqueen nerf feels legit and right.

    The Dragoncaster nerf feels.... too weak?  Like maybe keep the cost the same but reduce the next spell by 2 or 3 mana?  Reducing to 0 makes it almost feel like a legendary card.

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    posted a message on [LEGEND] Galakrond Control Warrior
    Quote from Pedrovs7 >>

    Can i remplace risky skipper, anchar and captain greenskin for something?

    Risky Skipper is the straw that makes this drink mix so well.  Irreplaceable.  Anchaaar is a draw mechanic for it.  Greenskin is replaceable, and Anchaaar possibly, but not the skipper.

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    posted a message on Insane 95% win (18-1) HL HUNTER! With tracker picture

    Pretty sure I faced this deck this morning in casual while I was dicking around with a Malygos rogue deck.  When I won I still had 28 hp.  I think he just had shit draw, because he really didn't misplay anything.

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    posted a message on Reckful has left us.

    I wasn't familiar with him, but this is so sad to hear.

    According to Wikipedia, his brother committed suicide as well.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reckful

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    posted a message on How to report a player?
    Quote from SirJohn13 >>

    Veklor is a very manly man who gave us his very manly man's advice. Since he is such a manly man his manly man's advice must be very manly and good and everyone should follow it. 

     Veklor?  Never heard of her.

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    posted a message on Custom Class Competition #6: Phase Two, Discussion
    Quote from SoupCake >>

    Greetings. I will be presenting you with the Apprentice set for the Witch class.



    The Witch class will be using the Saviors of Uldum expansion. The first 10 cards of the Apprentice set I will be revealing today focus on more familiar synergy with some more control cards. The deck variants I am looking to push forward at the end of the 20 Apprentice cards is a Deathrattle/Familiar and Control Witch.



    This keyword can make for some interesting plays and synergies with certain cards.



     Challenge Card


     Hoping for some feedback! Thanks.

     Love the concept.  Add more familiars!  A 3/3 wolf, a 7/7 bear, etc.

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    posted a message on How to report a player?

    This thread is a microcosm for what ails society.

    Person has legit issue, asks for help.

    Some try to help.

    Some insult the person needing help.

    Some tell the person needing help that their reasoning for needing help is invalid.

    Some don't give a shit.

    Some take the time to actually post that they don't give a shit.

    Some insult the person for being so weak that they need help in the first place.

    I love the Hearthpwn community, by and large, but some of y'all, man.....

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    posted a message on Blizzard Speaks Out - Actions To Support Our Black Community, Colleagues, And Partners

    Black Lives Matter, eh Blizz?

    I guess Hong Kong lives.... not so much?

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    posted a message on 67% Winrate (30 Games) Control Paladin

    It's crazy to me how stuff shows up on here and I seem to face it.

    I literally just faced someone rocking this deck.  I hit Diamond 5 for the month so mostly I'm just about having fun right now, so I was playing a highlander dragon shaman.  The hex and earthshocks just absolutely wrecked this deck.

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    posted a message on Shaman - works
    Quote from EntityZ3r0 >>

    Try it :)

    The weapon is for tempo/value, but it's not the core of the deck. It's more like ' you play it on 4 without losing the game? great you just won the game' .

    You gain reliquaries as much as you like. But I prefer 3/4 mana minions. You can discover 1 mana spells (lackeys, discover cards) (rarely), via torrent (often/always), or reduced 4 mana spells by farsight (often).


    Edit: I would call the combo serpentshrine portal+marshpwn(sic!) the core, it's easily one of the best 3/4turn of the game and can be played throughout the whole match.

     I couldn't get it to work, bud.  I beat a libram paladin, and then got wrecked in the next 4 games.  This was all at Diamond 10.

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    posted a message on Shaman -works

     Got a W-L record you can share with us and at what ranks?

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    posted a message on Shaman - works

    Mmmmmm....... no one-cost spells, no dragonkin to generate them... what are you shooting for with the weapon, since it's not reliquary?  Just value?

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    posted a message on Do you read books?

    I have a two year old (three in September!) that I or her mother read to every night.  Her favorite jam right now are the Pete the Cat books.

    Reading was a huge hobby of mine in my younger years, when more time was available.  I am so thankful for the knowledge, vocabulary, and curiosity that reading inspired and instilled in me.  I hope to pass that down to my little one.

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    posted a message on Do you read books?

    One of the best books I have ever read, period... one that moved me to tears at some parts, and changed me... one that I have read dozens of times cover to cover, and continue to enjoy and relive each time...

    Gates of Fire, by Steven Pressfield.

    Pick up a copy and give it a try.  I promise you, you will love it, and come away from it changed in some small way.

    Amazon.com: Gates of Fire: An Epic Novel of the Battle of ...

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    posted a message on [Legend] Stealth Aggro (No Gal!)
    Quote from FunkiMonki >>

    Looking through your post history shows that all your comments are negative and bashing others' decks.  Do you even play these decks or do you just enjoy trolling?

     You just keep producing content, sir.  This fella is just an asshat.

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