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    posted a message on Intentionaly Roping your opponent, it sucks
    Quote from Btay9987 >>

    At the start of this expansion I roped and threatened all of the broken Galakron Shaman players.

    Then, when cancer face hunter became a thing I did the same.

    Then, I created a defensive priest Galakron deck that beat all aggro and threatened every turn.

    Haha I hate netdecking cancer deck playing players so much.

     So you played roughly 1/3 of the games that you could have played, because you wanted to be a dick and rope people.

    Good call.

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    posted a message on New game mode for hearthstone
    Quote from Lulchina >>
    Quote from Live4vrRdieTryn >>

    Roping jerkwads who play netdecks plus get lucky on top of it is half the fun of this game. So no, I do not want a game mode that robs me of my potential victims. It's bad enough I can't get to them in solo adventures and Battlegrounds.

     Potential victims lol look at this clown

    Do you really thing that other player's are like you, that they stare at the rope in anger? Lol no, you see, in the real world normal people just alt tab and do something else while you giggle in front of your screen like an idiot who had just wasted his own time. gj

     ^ this ^

    He posted elsewhere that roping gets his opponent mad and makes them do dumb stuff.

    This is in Hearthstone, mind you.

    Genius level off the charts, I tell ya. ;)

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    posted a message on Highlander Rogue - Deck Digest V.2

    Damn, expensive deck

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    posted a message on Intentionaly Roping your opponent, it sucks

    I am amazed at the amount of people in here who deem "netdecking" as a rope-able offense.  You people need lives.

    If someone is not BM emoting you, and is playing their turn normally and not roping... but because you believe they are netdecking you rope them?  Yeah.  In that scenario, you are the asshole.

    Be the hero of your own story, not the villain of someone elses'.

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    posted a message on What decides who attacks first?

    RNJesus, that's who.

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    posted a message on Rogue is absolutely disgusting

    What type of mentality, do you suppose, must a person possess to post a thread such as this?

    Is the intent to garner attention?  To gather supporters to their cause?  Or just to piss and moan, in the hopes of feeling better through others' shared pissing and moaning?

    I can offer, dear thread creator, two courses of action for you to take.

    First, and most preferable, is to try the rogue class for yourself.  It is an incredibly fun and versatile class that can conjure up answers to (almost) anything thrown at it.  It is a resilient class that, despite nerfs, continues to persevere.  It requires careful planning, thinking, and execution.  It is not a class to engage in a game with if you are preoccupied, or if something else is demanding your attention while you play.  If you choose this path, to join the ranks of rogue players who are kicking ass and taking names in this meta, then congratulations!  I salute you, and welcome you to the fold.

    My second option, should you choose to forego the first, is to in the words of our younger members of this forum, *ahem*, "git gud".

    I wish you well, in either event.

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    posted a message on Most hated deck in the meta?

    Resurrection priest can eat a bag of *****.

    I love Galakrond Rogue.  Fun to play, doesn't have the flaws that DR Rogue did, is not invincible and requires a brain to plan and play.

    I lost the mirror this morning to a fellow Rogue that pulled a 6/6 Edwin on turn 2 (who runs Preparation these days?!?) but was basically running a Gala Rogue deck.  Sucks to get highrolled, but the rolls tend to go your way most of the time as a GR.

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    posted a message on New Druid Card - Winged Guardian

    Wild wall druid drools

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    posted a message on Galakrond's Awakening - cash or gold?
    Quote from Geraltmaconhero >>

    Neither...21/01/2020 is the end of Hearthstone. No worth spend anything in this game. Not even imaginary gold.

     Well boys, there you have it.  Pack it in and kick out the fires.  She's done.

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    posted a message on I was told to get gud, and I finally did.

    Good job chief.

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    posted a message on 411 on Golden Packs
    Quote from Scorpyon >>

    After this post I couldnt resist any longer and opened it.
    Golden Murloc Warleader (Epic). 
    Can't complain at that! :-)

     Hah!  Nice.

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    posted a message on The Battle of Good vs Evil - Hearthstone Decks Edition

    Deck wise, the League of E.V.I.L. has this in the bag.

    Flavor wise, E.V.I.L. has it in the bag.  The only interesting Explorer is Elise.

    Realistically speaking, E.V.I.L. has it.  They've so far stolen the entire city of Dalaran, despite herculean efforts to defend it.... have driven the damn thing all over Azeroth as they please without anyone being able to stop them... and are now about to awaken the HBIC (head bitch in charge) and ROFLstomp a mud hole in everyone's ass and then walk that sumbitch dry.

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    posted a message on Zul'Drak Ritualist

    I've seen it in a Disguised Toast video (man that guy is annoying) in a build specifically designed to beat res priests.  He lost the match.

    It's an *ok* tech against one deck that is moderately popular.  I'd probably skip it, though.  It's just too niche, with too much of a chance to bite you.  I'd rank it alongside Unseen Saboteur.  It's an interesting tech, but just not good enough to occupy a slot in a deck.

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    posted a message on Shaman is bad now :*(
    Quote from hillandder >>

    Shaman is not bad, the problem is the popularity of your counter, the hunter.

    Soon the overpresence of hunter bring back control warrior and priest then shaman will be great again.

    That said, this maybe the more balanced meta ever, no class are beyond 60% winrate or below 40% winrate, can't ask more than that.

     What this feller said.

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    posted a message on New Rogue Legendary Card - Flik Skyshiv

    I really can't overstate how much I love this card.  It was one of my original pack openings in this expansion, and it has won me EVERY single game I've played against OTK Lolladins.

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