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    Hey everyone!

    I just created a Fireside Gathering to open my packs and I'm pretty happy with it. I got the 60 pack bundle and the following legendaries:

    The Demon Seed
    Defend the dwarven district
    Sheldras Moontree
    Command the Elements
    Seek Guidance

    These 5 legendaries + the 2 I'll get at release, I'll start with 7 lengendaries! 

    What did you get? Post your results! Cheers.


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    I have the same impression, this deck is great but depends on getting the perfect draw. In my case I keep getting secrets without spellstone or the spellstone and all the beasts.. :(

    Plus, as hunters are everywhere I feel everyone is playing control decks (priest, warrior, warlock), and you just get stomped with this deck vs control. Unless you get really lucky and kill them before turn 6-7.

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