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    posted a message on Free Decks For Returning and New Players - All Deck Lists!

    Got an old account that I didn't use for 2 years I see the update , so I decide to check out the decks they give us ... got nothing... When do you get the free deck?? I did the returning player games as ilidian stormrage and after that nothing happened got a quest chain to play 30 card deal 100 dmg etc...

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    But worse...cause it has to be I hand also ,if you get 3 options that all started in your opponents deck but only 1 is in hand , its significantly harded to get the benefit of the effect

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Battlegrounds Open Beta - Launch and Card List

    played about 10 games , and i hope they will be quick on some balance changes , some mechs/beasts are to strong for there tier ,and some just to weak , also it will be nice to see more cards added to the card poll base . Overall rly like the new gamemode got me back into hearthstone  for now  , was already on a 40 day break

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Update - Tombs of Terror - September 10th

    Yeah, i am also reading/understanding it as @Silved mentioned, and like @SlydE is saying in Wild this will be a major change, the pool was always the same but now you basicly have 3/X chance for all cards that meet the requirement of the discover , so no card is favored.

    But its a good change for Standard as well , i dunno how many times i lost to  Frightened Flunky discovering Armagedillo , was not rare for my opponents to find 1 but damn when they found 2 and played 3 of them in a match ....uuuufff

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    posted a message on New Paladin Card Revealed - Pharaoh's Blessing

    if this was an 5 mana card it would be really good, at 6 mana its meh...id say blessing of kinds is better. But i can see a few decks running both blessing of kings and this card

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    posted a message on New Warlock Card Revealed - Plague of Flames

    Problem is if your playing lackeys you are most probably playing zoo lock and if lets say your enemy has 1 taunt you dont wan't to lose 4-5 of your cards to just kill that 1 taunt , its the same as trading .

    Control lock has better removals ,so you are stuck with this card being used in agro.

    The problem with fitting this deck into zoo is that your reseting your board also, so you need to hard tap for your hand not to run out of steam ,id say your still better just running 1 mana Soulfire since that can go face also

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    posted a message on How did magnetic turn so powerful?

    I say'd this multiple times on forums all over .The problem of magnetic cards could be solved with  E.M.P. Operative ,i mean we have Hungry Crab , Golakka Crawlerthat both kill a minion and become power-creep's and even in decks where they don't shine the got vanilla stats and low cost so you can play them early for tempo.

    Instead our anti mech card E.M.P. Operative is an understated , 5 drop VERY VERY Late where it can't save you anymore since you'r dead by turn 6 from an agro mech hunter.Cherry on the cake it dosn't even include a sillence **piece of shit** so playing the card in most cases end's up with a worse outcome 

    To answear the question as why are we only now seeing so much play from magnetize.The answear is simple you had the death knights strong cards that keept these in check.Did i mention we curently only have 1 viable control deck (warrior) so you either play warrior or if you don't like it i guess your kinda stuck with aggro, also OTK and Midrange decks are like non existent why the game is boring for me

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Grandmasters - Season 1 Results

    Kolento , never lucky...  deserved a spot in semi final


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    posted a message on Brazen Zealot

    Blizzard HQ:

    Murloc TidecallerUndertaker are a bit OP , lets print a similar card but with only 1 health so its easy to remove

    ****In 1 month time****(after 1 week of release)

    Blizzard HQ: NERF, NERF, NERF  what have we done

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    posted a message on Saviors of Uldum: Reddit AMA Summary

    [S] Divine Spirit doesn't match priest's class identity and It's something that will be probably changed one day (or rotated to the HoF).

    Yes please HOF it and kill priest entirely ,the game is much better with 8 classes and less variety 

    Edit:After -4 I forget many people here don't get sarcasm,yes this post was/is ment to be Sarcastic

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