About Me

They are coming ... give in to your fear. Kill them all! All is against you. Take your revenge ... it was your fault. There is no escape; not in this life, nor the next. Trust your weakness. Hope is an illusion. All you know will fade. You will be alone in the end.

Even light must die ... even death may die. All things have souls. All souls can be devoured. The void feasts on your soul. There is no distinction between the real and unreal. All will betray you. Do you dream while you sleep? Do you escape the horrors of reality? Tortured spirits scream in silence.

Bow down before the God of Death. Death is eternal. Death will spell your doom. Your fate is bound to death. Death will devour the world. Death is destiny.


BattleTag Aeru#11233 Favorite Class Mage Region US