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[WILD][TOP 50 LEGEND] "Reporting for duty"

  • Last updated Apr 18, 2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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  • 15 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Midrange Paladin
  • Crafting Cost: 13080
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/16/2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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Hey readers, just posting the list I took from rank 5 to legend in wild. I power ranked from 17 to 5 the week before ungoro with an anti aggro renomage list, but after ungoro I really struggled with my Reno decks both mage and warlock. After working on a midrange paladin and tweaking as I went I was able to hit legend this morning coming in at rank 39.


I had many opponents adding me to compliment my list, so I felt I would post it for all to see. The deck is built around silver hand recruit synnergy which can snowball wins in wild insanely well while also packing more then enough late game to outvalue control decks.


As promised, here is a quick write-up and mulligan for those wondering. 


Warrior - majority of the time you're going to be facing pirate warrior, which in wild is absolutely mental, ships cannon is a nightmare and a lot of lists are actually running shredders, loatheb, boom and grom to counter control decks like reno mage. This is an extremely difficult matchup as my list is more geared towards other midrange and control decks, but never the less you want to hard mulligan for minibot and muster, they are your saving grace in holding off the onslaught until you can drop spike-ridged steed and lock them out of the game. Just a side note, there appears to be an extremely high number of pirate warrior bots in wild, all of them run the boom package and they are prone to absolutely awful plays, just be sure to capitalise on those terrible plays to claw yourself back into the game.

Against control and quest warrior you are actually heavily favoured, just be sure to play around the obvious clears such as ghoul and brawl, don't drop a muster if your board is already weak to a whirlwind, don't be afraid to just hero power instead. Also remember the rule of thumb to go wide and not high, use things like keeper and steed on different minions to make it harder to clear and you should be able to heavily out value them.

DRUID - Egg druid is the only druid deck i encountered my entire ladder run and it was not a good matchup but not as bad overall as pirate warrior. just mulligan hard for lost in the jungle, mini bot and muster. If you already have one or all of these don't be afraid to keep wicker flame or consec or even equality.

MAGE - Not many mages overall, mostly just freeze and reno. I initially had double mistress of mixtures and double haunted creeper in the list but overall it hurt my win rate against control decks, so i subbed them for double solemn vigil and double steed, which made mage matches extremely good. They have limited ways to deal with a wide board and curving muster, steggodon, quartermaster is gg. Look for more high-value cards in your mulligan against mage, aim for minibot, muster, truesilver, keeper of uldaman and even justicar. Don't be afraid to be greedy here.

WARLOCK - Majority of what you face will be renolock with the occasional zoo. Reno lock is less favoured matchup then renomage as they can clear quartermastered recruits and such multiple ways. Mulligan for the usual, but also look for keeper and equality to deal with their turn 4 power plays of drake and giant, don't let them get shambles value. Aim to just control the board and not overcommit. When adapting look for things like divine shield and death rattle plants to make your board harder to clear. Zoo is a 50/50 matchup, just look for your early game, mainly muster and just keep there board as clear as possible, keeper anything scary and don't be afraid to just equality for early trades.

HUNTER - Faced almost no hunters, don't think i lost to one, same instructions as zoo, keep the board clear, minimise hound master value and aim to keep a decent health total so steed, sunkeeper and tirion can lock them out of the game. Mulligan hard for muster, minibot, lost in the jungle, true silver and if you have atlas 2 of these you can keep consec as well.

SHAMAN - I faced a fair few shamans who clearly didn't enjoy the year of the mammoth rotation. There seems to be an even split of 3 different shaman decks floating around being mid-jade shaman, aggro shaman and quest shaman. Mid-jade is a very strong matchup despite their many clears, you have too much value for them to deal with, remember to not play into clears, drop a wicker flame not muster etc. Also keep there board clear to minimise flame tongue value and maximise sun keeper value. 

Aggro shaman is a rough matchup but mulligan hard for the usual mini bot muster and true silver, also keep keeper for the dreaded 4 mana 7/7. keep their board clear as best you can but also try to push as much face damage as possible because unless you get rag light lord down, locking them out of the game is almost impossible because they have so much burn to go over your taunts.

Quest shaman is an okay matchup just mulligan for the usual early game stuff plus consec, they run devolve so don't bank on buff value and be careful with steed plays.

ROGUE - Very few rogues, majority being quest rogue with a mix of occasional miracle, old-school miracle, death rattle and even a few maly rogues. Providing you get a semi-decent mulligan and draw the matchups should all be cake. Keep the usual, hard mulligan for true silver always. Don't play into fan, simple! Also just FYI for those who don't know, paladin stat manipulation effects override Crystal Core, so equality sets them to 1 health, keeper makes them 3/3, sun keeper makes them 3/3 etc. Makes the matchup very very winnable.

PALADIN - Most paladins you face will be of the secret variety, both the nzoth secret and the any fin secret. Both are extremely good matchup for you. they struggle to clear and keep up with your early game while your midgame comes into play two turns before they can drop challenger. Even then sun keeper absolutely destroys them. Mulligan hard for the usual, less inclined to keep true silver though, just make sure to play around secrets and to trigger them either at the start of your turn or when you can deal with them, mainly with avenge, you never want avenge going off on a minibot for example.

PRIEST - A fair few priests in wild, with a heavy variance in deck choice, against all of them you are heavily favoured. Dragon, Nzoth, quest, reno, reno-quest, silence, you can easily dismantle them all. Just make you're board hard to deal with, don't play into board clears, be mindful of Dragonfire potion, light bomb and nova, not so much excavated evil. Sun keeper destroys them, equality destroys them, Justicar destroys them, you can fill the board and carry too many threats for them to ever trouble you. Mulligan for the usual, not lost in the jungle though, look for keeper of uldaman and be very careful of potion of madness.



I do understand that 13k dust is a very steep price, so card replacements are very vital if others want to play the deck. Also, this list is heavily geared towards beating control decks, but if you're facing a lot of aggro i suggest cutting doctor boom, elise, 1x light fused steggodon and 1x steed for 2xmistress of mixtures, 1xhyrdologist and 1xsludge belcher.

Dr. Boom : Greedy card in the list and by no means essential, can be replaced with things like loatheb, sludge belcher against aggro or if you don't own naxxaramas go Vinecleaver against control or Hydrologist against aggro

Wickerflame Burnbristle : Nice card in the list but by no means essential, can be replaced with any other anti aggro card be it Aldor PeacekeeperCoghammer or just the old classic Sludge Belcher

Elise the Trailblazer : Any 5- drop of choice depending on your collection, belcher, a second stand against darkness or even just good old Stampeding Kodo will fit nicely.

Justicar Trueheart : great card in the deck but by no means essential, i wouldn't recommend crafting her either as her value in other decks, even control warrior, has diminished. Simple replacement with Vinecleaver will do fine

Sunkeeper Tarim : If you where going to craft a single card from this deck id suggest it be sun keeper, he is absolutely incredible, both offensively and defensively! If you flat out can't afford it, maybe Eadric the Pure or just a sludge belcher will be OK but not great.

Ragnaros, Lightlord : you're main source of healing and a powerhouse of a card, hard to replace and a highly recommended craft. Ivory Knight is an okay temporary replacement or even Alexstrasza could fit the bill as a defensive heal option or proactive offence option, though i haven't tried her in this list.

Tirion Fordring : Safest craft you could ever make, tirion is absolutely bonkers value-wise and being in the classic set he will be forever in every paladin deck. Unless he gets hall of fame'd in which you get your dust back anyway, just craft him :P


Keeper of Uldaman : Simple replacement if you don't own league of explorers, Aldor Peacekeeper x2 or 1xpeace keeper and 1xPiloted Shredder

Solemn Vigil : your only real card draw in the deck, but if you don't own blackrock mountain, 2x Cult Master will do nicely, might even be a better fit, still undecided!

The rest of the cards are pretty essential and have no real decent replacements, so enjoy the deck and any further questions feel free to ask!


Legend rank and decklist - http://imgur.com/UZ3rK6X


Please feel free to up vote, share and comment your experience with the deck, i would love if others could have fun with this deck to as its just a super satisfying deck to play! Enjoy!