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Curse of Velen(Combo Priest)

  • Last updated Jul 2, 2014 (Live Patch 5506)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • Deck Type: Theorycraft
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 5800
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/26/2014 (Live Patch 5506)
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 by: zetoHS

This deck is made to build up for a one hit KO at round 10, using Alexstrasza and Prophet Velen.

Against Control and Midrange: Always go for Loot HoarderUndertakerNorthshire Cleric and Power Word: Shield if you have the coin. If you do not have coin, focus on  UndertakerNorthshire Cleric and Power Word: Shield.

Against Zoo and Aggro: Always go for Loot HoarderWild Pyromancer(Great board removal with Coin and Power Word: Shield), Northshire Cleric and Power Word: Shield if you have the coin. If you do not have coin, focus on  Wild PyromancerNorthshire Cleric and Power Word: Shield.

Removal is important and is first priorety at all times. Make sure you save ONE Holy Smite for the final combo. Key targets with your Shadow Word: Death are Ancient of War and Giants. If against an aggro/zoo deck, use the Shadow Word: Death when given the opportunity.

Alexstrasza your opponent at round 9, since it is made to control the early game you should have a fairly clear board and a possibility to deal atleast 1 damage extra next round. At round 10 you go for the Prophet VelenMind Blast and Holy Smite.

An interesting combo that works well against handlocks is the potential to save The Coin until round 10. This will let you smash through potential Earthen Ring Farseer heals.

Always save your Auchenai Soulpriest for board removal with Circle of Healing(When against a handlock, you can double the firepower to clear giants the round before KO).

The only replacable legendary is Bloodmage Thalnos. A suitable replacement for him would be another Harvest Golem.

Click here for a VANILLA edition of this deck!

I decided to record a quick match with the Vanilla edition of this deck, check it out here:

First tweak: Exchanged 1 Mind Blast for Bloodmage Thalnos and exchanged Sen'jin Shieldmasta for Defender of Argus.

2nd tweak: Exchanged Shade of Naxxramas for Shadow Word: Death.

This deck is a work in progress and I am open for all suggestions, so throw them at me.

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