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[Legend] ELISE FATIGUE Warrior

  • Last updated Mar 10, 2016 (Explorers)
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  • 15 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • 4 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 6980
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 3/9/2016 (Explorers)
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This is an Elise Control Warrior I'm using this season to climb ranked.

If you have any questions or comments they're welcome!

Please leave upvotes if you find this deck interesting/helpful 



This deck is built to LAST meaning that you can resort to going fatigue if your opponent plays defensive. I know the title says Fatigue but that means that this deck is capable of pushing to that point. I myself do not like going fatigue as it means taking longer to finish a round. If you feel like you can get lethal soon enough while playing defensive, go for it! After all, you're supposed to win rounds fast in order to climb rank more efficiently. 


You can use your hero power, play Justicar, and play hero power again to gain total of 6 armor in one turn.

Avoid playing brawl if your opponent has good deathrattle minions (especially ones that summon) i.e haunted creeper, nerubian egg. Instead, trade for those minions first and then use brawl.

If your opponent is close to lethal next turn, it's perfectly okay to play Dread Corsair without the weapon buff.

Try to play Elise Starseeker as soon as possible but don't forget to play efficiently meaning if you're going to lose board control completely right after you play it, make the smarter move.

Avoid playing your game based on your Patrons (I know it is tempting) because an AoE can easily clear it (i.e spell damage+Consecration, Flamestrike, Equality+Consecration, Spell damage+holy nova, lightbomb, the list can go on forever). This does not mean not to utilize your patrons. It only means to be careful when your play is based around them.


CHANGE 1: Armorsmith-1 Bash-1, Battle Rage-1, Acolyte of Pain +2, Shield Block +1.

 CHANGE 2: Frothing Berserker-,1 Bash -1, Shield Slam +2


Mulligan (Class-specific) : 

Mage: Fiery War Axe (Mana wyrm), Slam, Death's Bite, Acolyte of Pain.

Priest: Execute (Deathlord), Fiery War Axe, Death's bite, Acolyte of Pain.

Paladin:  Whirlwind, Slam, Death's Bite, Acolyte of Pain.

Hunter: Shield Block, Whirlwind, Acolyte of Pain, Fiery War Axe.

Rogue: Acolyte of Pain, Fiery War Axe, Death's Bite.

Warrior: Fiery Axe, Death's Bite, Grim Patron, Shield Block, Acolyte of Pain.

Warlock: Fiery War Axe, Slam, Death's Bite, Acolyte of Pain.

Druid: Death's Bite, Fiery War Axe, Acolyte of Pain, Execute(for early innervated cards).

Shaman-Shield Block, Acolyte of Pain, Fiery War Axe, Slam.


Card Choices:

Brawl x2- Even though some people run 1 brawl, I like running 2 brawls simply because of how good of a board clear it is)

Battle Rage- Even though this is fatigue deck, if you can't last until than, you lose. Once you reach fatigue you can use cards in your hands efficiently and get rid of your opponent's cards. Then you only have to outlast them using Justicarr buffed armor.

Justicar- While everyone agrees that this card is good in this deck, some people simply choose to attempt to replace it if you don't have it. THIS IS NOT A GOOD CHOICE! Justicar is probably the 2nd most important card in this deck next to Grommash. 

Grommash- I emphasized on how much you need Justicarr. Grommash is even more important. It's literally a lethal generator.

Dr.Boom- The usual reason.


Card Replacements for Adventure cards:

Elise starseeker: If you don't have LoE and still want to run this deck, trading out Elise for an effective 4-mana minion is perfectly fine (Sludge Belcher is great if you have it!).

Loatheb: For the same reason with Elise except this card's from Naxxramas, trading this card for 1 more Shieldmaiden is fine. If you don't have that either, Raging Worgen can fit this deck.

Grim Patron/Death's Bite: CAUTION: LOSING THESE CARD WILL SIGNIFICANTLY DAMAGE THIS DECK'S PERFORMANCE. There, I warned you. If you're still willing to trade Patron out, a shieldmaiden may be a good idea and/or sludge belcher if you have one. For Death's Bite, I really can't think of any other cards than Cruel Taskmaster, Bash, or Slam.

If you guys have any more questions on card choices or replacements, please leave them on the comments.

Also, if you have any recommendations, don't feel bad to criticize/give negative reviews about this deck! I'll be happy to think about it and make necessary changes!