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LEGEND - GODLIKE Excavated Evil Elise Priest

  • Last updated Jan 18, 2016 (Explorers)
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  • 16 Minions
  • 14 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 3460
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/10/2016 (Explorers)
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I want to thank you all for giving this deck a chance. Many fun games are being played, people are climbing the ladder very efficiently and even getting legend with it. I'm glad that I'm able to make the ladder a better place.

I called the deck at first as "Plan B", as I was playing warrrior the whole season(as you can see on the pic where I have 7 warrior decks ready for the ladder lol)  but finished the road to legend with this deck from rank 3, when I fell there from rank 1. I now call it the GODLIKE Priest for a reason. I was always a fan of Auchenai Soulpriest and Circle of Healing combo but somehow this deck performed incredibly with 2x Escavated Evil instead(to be honest I had doubts about this card before).


Everyone who tried this deck told me it's amazing so I wanted to share the awesomeness. The deck is both fun and viable at the same time and that's what I want from this game.  I want to hear your oppinions guys too!

You can ask any question  on my stream, or just enjoy it and post some memes, where I teach both arena and constructed every day www.twitch.tv/urkoth

Our man of mission Kristophesaurus did a gameplay video of it and I'm very thankful for that. Give him some love in return, he's restlessly giving us love in form of uploading the videos every day


Nat played a game against a face pally in legend and proved that you don't need the extra healing against face decks


Hunter: Easy - The only hunters you will probably meet are the face ones. Get your zombie chows and northshire clerics in your starting hand. You can even keep the shadow word pain for the juggler. Deathlord is a good keep with the coin especially. Win the game with the early minions, even though the justicar is the only extra heal, early minions and taunts will win the game.


Freeze - Hardcore: Ugh, we dont have extra heals and they dont care about the board control. We cant manipulate with their minions and our attrition style can't apply enough pressure. When they get to the late game they will just easily burst us. Try to deny them the draw and put your hopes into curators.

Tempo: Easy-Normal Should be very easy if they dont have Mana Wyrm on turn 1. Your deathlords can be a tough thing for them to deal with, especially when you buff them. If the deathlords survive until turn 6, you should be able to easily remove anything it comes out of them.

Druid: Easy - Normal: That curve cheating can be quite frustrating. But we should be still fine unless they really have an unstoppable hand.  ALWAYS try to control the board and remove their minions. You will often be in a spot when you gotta play around double combo in the late game which is 22 damage but you should be fine. I farmed too many druids with this deck.

Shaman: Easy -There's only one shaman, the SMOrc one. Get your early game and mulligan for shadow word pain beside early minions to deal with his Totem Golem. Your taunts will win you the game. Heal face over minions from mid-late game

Paladin: Easy-Normal - Most of them will be the new secret eboladins. Try to guess secrets, entomb Tirion and boom unless youre forced to entomb dr 6. Deathlords should stop the early aggression. Your AoE spells will easily deal with his stuff. You can lose if you have a bad early game and he draws perfectly and then gets tirion turn 4 from your deathlord. But even then, theres a solid chance you'll win.

Murloc: Hardcore - Sad life. The deck is designed to punish you for playing fun decks like control warrior and priest and loses to aggro decks. Try to entomb their Murk-eye and one Warleader. Try to make them overdraw and if you somehow make them overdraw Anyfin Can Happen, you won the game.

Priest: Normal - Play cleric on turn 1, if you velen's chosen it on turn three or 2 with coin, you won the game. DON'T have two clerics on the field! Elise often gives the golden monkey value in this game which leads to some fun games!

Rogue: Easy-Normal - Really? Rogue is a good match-up for priest? This one can handle Valeera. They will have rough time dealing with deathlords and velen's chosen will get some nice value. Entomb the drakes if you cant deal with them. Escavated evil is pretty good here too!


Zoo - Easy: Early minions into AoE spells = GG. Imp gang bosses and Eggs are the best Cabal target. 

Renolock - Normal: Such an annoying deck. Shrink + Cabal is very powerful on their twillight drake. So many entomb targets, I believe in your judgement. They may even have the 20-24 dmg combo, so be careful. I played only one game against the traditional demon handlock which I absolutely dominated.


Control: Easy-Normal - Just get to Elise near fatigue.You can draw cards because of her but don't do it too much, find a balance. Get annoying deathrattle minions like Cairne or Sylvanass from curators. Entomb his sylvannas and ysera.

Patron: Easy - Dont let them have the early pressence and deny them the card draw. If they can't apply big pressure with tempo, they can't win the game.