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Amnesia Yeti Druid

  • Last updated Sep 10, 2015 (TGT Launch)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • Deck Type: None
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 4680
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/25/2015 (TGT Launch)
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Hey Guys!

This is the newer Version of our all well known "Midrange Combo Druid" 

Amaz came up with this list on stream from his close mate "Amnesia".


So here are the few facts, altering this deck from past decklists:


With the addition of Darnassus Aspirant the Druid gets another Tool to curve out even nicer and get better Tempo. And thats the Main difference: We cut our Shade of Naxxramas, making Savage Roar the only 3-Drop and therefore add an additional 4-drop in the Vanilla Chillwind Yeti with very strong statline. So usually with this deck you should be able to put a 4-drop at turn 3 or earlier.

This makes the deck even faster. With our double Combo the enemy has to worry even more about death.

The Addition of a Living Roots give us a tool to fight early aggression such as Knife Juggler etc. while also giving the chance to add additional 2 direct damage to the face after combo for a 16 Health Lethal turn 10.

The deck is working pretty well so far - as usual - since it is around for ages and likely always will be.


Some "tech choices" :

Amaz played 2x Savage Combatant instead of the Chillwind Yeti (so thats another 4-drop to consider) making the hero power more reliable as a removal for  Piloted Shredder etc.

UPDATE(26.8.15): So as the first official Tournament comes up with Archon Teamleague we saw this deck played by 3 Teams in Archon, Nihilum and Tempostorm

Coming up with this, the "new" 4-drop Spot is contested by different Creatures:

As mentioned before Savage Combatant is the most aggressive Variation (played by Amaz and Hyped)

Lining up the most solid is the Chillwind Yeti

the more combo oriented is Violet Teacher as an option )as played by ThijsNL

Also you can add Sen'jin Shieldmasta as the most defensive Variation

 UPDATE(28.08.15): I decided to cut the Chillwind Yeti and one Darnassus Aspirant for two Violet Teacher and a Mulch. Working pretty good so far. I voted Mulch over Big Game Hunter due to Violet Teacher Value and more Diversity

As Always there is the possibility to add Harrison Jones, but the meta swapped away from patrons while everyone is trying out new stuff (mostly Dragon related lists right now from what i see)

You can also alter an Azure Drake for a Silvanas Windrunner [against control], Sludge Belcher /Ancient of War [Against creature heavy aggro]

Other possibilities, although slow and therefore not recommended that much are Ragnaros the Firelord and Cenarius


So general Gameplan in few sentences is:

1. Ramp up early with Wild Groth, Darnassus Aspirant and Innervate

2. Curve out nicely putting huge minions and draw cards with Ancient of Lore, Azure Drake

3. Find Combo and kill your Enemy


If you have any questions just write it in the comments!

Enjoy and have fun!