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Heroic Chromaggus May 2019

  • Last updated May 8, 2019 (Rise of Shadows)
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  • 24 Minions
  • 6 Spells
  • Deck Type: PvE Adventure
  • Deck Archetype: Taunt Druid
  • Boss: Chromaggus
  • Crafting Cost: 10480
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/6/2019 (Rise of Shadows)
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I finally defeated Heroic Chromaggus so I had to share my deck. It wasnt an easy feat and this deck didnt beat him on the first try.. more like the 12th try, after multiple revisions.

I tried using the "easy win" priest decks and never had any success even getting him below 50hp. I had some success with Warlock discard and during about 6 hours of attampts I got him down under 30hp twice.  Then i started using Droodle Alarm-o-Bot / Innervate with hours of failed attemps until I realized that the problem was the Innervate nerf bringing it down to 1 extra mana unstead of 2.. So i stopped trying for  a couple days then then it hit me.. I needed to get a taunt/divine shield minion down on turn 2 in order to keep my Alarm-o-Bot alive on turn 3.  

I started with all my huge minions I could find but after some successful bots followed by death, I narrowed the list down to big taunt only with very few exceptions.  

 The Key Cards here are as follows: Wax Elemental x2, Annoy-o-Tron x2, Alarm-o-Bot x2, Naturalize x2

Innervate, and Healing Touch are nice addons but not mandatory. Innervate can allow you to Wax Elemental turn 1 and then Alarm-o-Bot turn 2..  and Healing Touch can be used on a taunt minion early in game to keep one alive long enough to get board established..  I dont believe i used either one in the game I finally won.. 

The key to winning is you must have eitherAnnoy-o-Tron or Wax Elemental in hand by turn 2 to place on the board and Alarm-o-Bot by turn 3. If you get to turn 2 and dont have taunt, RESTART, turn 3 and no Alarm -- RESTART..  and if you do line it up and alarm pulls the wrong minion you may be RESTART anyways...  total RNG and hope fot the best.  I always play Alarm-o-Bot over getting rid of his cheap spells for 1 round, but alwats get rid of his cheap minion affliction immediately, and try to get spells gone followed by the 3 damage, copied draws, and lastly the 6 health gain. You will need that gone last once you have taunt board established are ready to go face damage.  If you are lucky and can get 2+ taunt minions down followed by Kel'Thuzad .. if would take a double swipe to deny you the win. 

Good Luck!

 Edit:5/7/19 I noticed few people actually viewed my deck and even got 1 approval, so I cleaned up most of the typos and missing card links. Ill have to play it again to get all the affliction card names to add in proper places.