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(BUDGET) Elemental Shaman

  • Last updated Sep 30, 2018 (Boomsday)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Elemental Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 1560
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/22/2018 (Boomsday)
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Overview: This Shaman Deck is a budget deck that revolves around Elementals, Wide Boards, and Bloodlust. This deck is one that I am personally very proud of and is extremely strong in my opinion given it's cost. How you play this deck is you build up wide boards, but not so wide that a bard wipe will blow you out (unless you have drawn a lot of cards from the Manatide Totem or the Primalfin Totem makes up most of your board). Eventually you will draw a Bloodlust and the turn before you play that you need to set up a wide board regardless of whether or not it can get blown out because if you don't use Bloodlust on a wide Board it will have minimal effective anyway. However, you don't always need the Bloodlust because you have massive amounts of pressure with a wide board and cards that buff up the smaller minions to make them do more damage like Funglemancer, Flametongue Totem, and Earthen Might. It is a good anti Aggro deck because of all the minions you can trade in for free as well as the LIghting Storm which can wreck boards especially with the Spell Damage Totem.

Upgrades you can make that can be most important:
Electra Stormsurge
Sea Giant/Thunderhead
Voltaic Burst (If you added Thunderhead)
Giggling Inventor (Easy Wide Board but is a maybe)




25 Likes: (Mulligan)

 So this deck is pretty standard in its mulligan and very rarely do you want to change from this keep but there are a few exceptions. This excludes Lightning Bolt because it is not a minion but CAN be useful into some matchups.

1) Keep 1 drops every time to make sure you have 1, but after you have 1 you can mulligan the extras and hope for more 2-drops and stuff. This excludes Lightning Bolt because it is not a minion but CAN be useful into some matchups.

2) Keep the 2 drops every time just in general, even if you already have 1 keep the extras. This excludes Earthen Might UNLESS you have a Fire Fly in hand or a coin into an elemental so you can buff it turn 2 and gain a card. 

3) Keep Lightning Bolt and Lightning Storm into aggro matchups generally because this deck IS actually more of an anti-aggro deck than an aggro deck (although it can go both ways if needed and is quite flexible). You can also keep Feral Spirits into aggro but generally only if you don't have either of the other 2 cards. Last is you can keep the Mana Tide Totem into control so you have the resources to constantly apply pressure and it is a weak minion they may use a removal or is a minion that will be ignored and be a free 3 damage when you play Bloodlust.

4) (Summary) Basically keep all minions that are 3 mana or less to get an early game start. Keep some 3 mana cards and the 1 and 2 mana spells into certain situations I have described.

Hope this helped :)

40 Likes: (Full Guide)

 Ok, so this deck I didn't play all that much so I don't know individual matchups but I can give guides on general ones like Control and Aggro. (Please don't be mad that this guide is bad I am sorry it's just college just started up again and I am seeing my girlfriend who I hadn't seen in months and I have been busy...)

You want to build up a board, but not with a ton of minions, more disposable minions (like totems and the 1/1 murlocs) so if it gets wiped you are fine but you can still apply pressure on the board if he doesn't. Some minions you can still play are the totem minions, the menacing nimbus, and fire fly cause they all either buff existing things for added pressure or have a way to gain more than just the 1 minion so if it is killed you still have extra fuel. Into these matchups playing the manatide totem is pretty strong (it is into both matchups) because the extra card draw allows you to keep up if you get wiped. The turn they don't wipe you into these matchups is when you need to strike hard and fast and with your added card draw from the Mana Tide Totem and hopefully the bloodlust. Don't overcommit to the board unless it is with weak minions and use bloodlust to close the game out. 

(Into Warrior he has to much armor and into Druid you want to go as hard as you can before he can ramp up because he doesn't have much hard removal)

Aggro: This is an anti aggro deck which is good into this matchup obviously and why it will shine in lower ranks. Basically, you have so much card draw and disposable minions that you can endlessly trade without getting punished too hard yourself. If you have the healing totem it is even better. Additionally you also have a lightning storm to regain control of the board for cheap if things happen to get out of hand and Bloodust to value trade because your goal into these matchups is not to surprise burst, but to value trade until they run out of fuel. These matchups are easy and you will get the hang of this one a lot faster.