A Special Card Design Competition With /r/CustomHearthstone

A Special Card Design Competition With /r/CustomHearthstone

We've partnered up with the CustomHearthstone subreddit for a special card design competition to celebrate their 200th design comp!

We're creating two cards this week which when combined, must satisfy all of the themes listed below. 

  • Festival: Celebrate with us by designing a card with a festival theme. It can be based off of a party, a fair, or even a concert, we want to see you go wild with how you interpret this.
  • Double Up: Two hundred weekly design competitions is a lot and so is a effect that doubles, which is what we want you to design. The effect can double stats or even do something twice.
  • Unexpected Cooperation: To celebrate the sneaky unexpected cooperation between CustomHearthstone and HearthPwn, make a card that MENTIONS Stealth.
  • Brand New Lands: What better way to celebrate the one Blizzard game, than celebrating another as well? Make a card that features either of the new races in Battle for Azeroth. Vulpera (Fox People), Kul Tiran Humans, Zandalari Trolls, Sethrak (Snake People) or Tortollans.

Card creators can enter the competition here on HearthPwn via our card submission thread or on the /r/CustomHearthstone threadYou can also opt to enter on both for twice the chances of winning. We're giving out our usual forum flair while winners on reddit  can earn themselves a month of reddit gold!

For more details, head on over to our Submission Thread.


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