Hearthstone Needs More Game Modes - What New Modes Could They Create?

Hearthstone Needs More Game Modes - What New Modes Could They Create?

Game modes are always an interesting topic in the Hearthstone community. Originally, the game on release had regular play through Ranked and an Arena mode originally called The Forge. Over time we received Tavern Brawls and Adventures which made for some other great content to play through, though that doesn't run all the time.

Without a doubt, the Hearthstone team is still interested in adding more modes to the game though, proven with Dungeon Run being added in the Kobolds & Catacombs expansion, though PVE content isn't for everyone.

Clearly, Hearthstone needs more game modes!

We've been thinking about it recently and had a couple of ideas we thought were worth bringing up to encourage community discussion to see what ideas other people have. We're interested in different ways of drafting cards much like the Arena, so we're going to talk about that!

The modes described below both share a unique attribute Hearthstone doesn't currently have in that it would be something played upon entry and not something you can play over time like Arena. You'd also be paired up with an opponent (maybe even multiple people - tournaments?) and we think playing a few matches against them, best of 3, would be a better test of skill and make the processes more worthwhile.

Idea #1 - Pack Draft

Hearthstone's Arena is modelled after a traditional card game drafting tournament but downscaled for one player. What would normally happen is a pack of cards is opened and each player participating in the draft event take turns picking cards from the packs until they're all gone, which ends up being a very lengthy process.

Blizzard themselves has stated having a true draft would take too long, so why not draft packs of cards instead of single cards, taking turns between players? 

  • You end up in a lobby with your opponent(s) where pack selection can take place.
  • In order, each player takes one pack from the pool of packs until all packs are exhausted. Pack contents are visible.
  • You build a deck using the cards opened from your packs in a limited amount of time and then fight!

Idea #2 - Mirrored Sealed

Similar to the first idea, you're going to receive a brand new set of cards to build your tournament deck with, but there's no drafting phase at all!

  • Each player receives the exact same collection of cards from randomly opened packs.
  • You're given a set amount of time to build your deck using the cards opened from those packs.

One neat take away from this idea is that it can add some serious depth and mind games to the deckbuilding process. You have the exact same cards, who can build and play the stack they're dealt better?

What do You Think?

Polls are awesome and we'd like to know what you think. Which of our ideas do you think is better and even more importantly, what ideas do you have for new game modes?

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