Deck Spotlight: Carbon's Perfect Curve Druid, Jotto's Tournament Review, NESL $500 Cup Sunday

Deck Spotlight: Carbon's Perfect Curve Druid

Today we're taking a look at Team Carbon's Perfect Curve Druid deck which originates from Carbon member, Tsaf. This deck is a fairly new creation, yet took Tsaf from rank 6 to 3 on the ladder. The idea behind the deck is that you should be able to play a minion each turn, which makes it a very minion heavy deck, and to also have room to swap out cards based on how the meta is looking at any given time and still remain reliable. Unfortunately, this deck has a fairly steep crafting cost (10480 arcane dust), which means not everyone will be able to immediately try it out.

Here's an introduction to the deck written by Tsaf. For the full deck guide, visit the Perfect Druid Curve deck page.

Quote from Tsaf

The deck was built with the idea of gaining tempo by dropping a minion every turn of the game, on curve.I spread 30 cards out amongst 7 slots '0 & 1 drops' up to '7+ drops', eventually settling at what I thought was a good quantity on each drop to have a good chance of having that drop in hand on curve.

I then thought about the value in all of the druid class cards and went ahead scrolling through my collection picking the appropriate number of cards for each drop. I had to break my rule on a couple of drops but ultimately I'm happy with the balance and all usually goes to plan.

The Perfect Curve
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Jotto's Tournament Review

ManaGrind's Jotto has written up his weekly review on last weekend's North American and European tournaments. If you're competing in this weekend's events, make sure you read his article so you are prepared. We've got a video below if you prefer to digest content through audiovisuals. Good luck!

NESL $500 Cup this Sunday

National ESL will be hosting their $500 Cup for the NA Hearthstone region this Sunday, April 6th starting at 6 PM EST. The NESL $500 Cup is a weekly NA event using a Best of 3 Single Elimination format up until the semi-finals, which it then changes into a best of 5. Players are expected to come prepared with multiple decks for the tournament as losing a game in a round means you have to retire your deck for that round. For more information on the event, check out the post on

iPad Performance Issues

For those running on older generation iPad hardware, Sapperwix has something for you!

Quote from Sapperwix

Greetings all!
If you are experiencing performance issues on older iPad devices, notably iPad 2 and the iPad Mini (1st generation), please restart the device and close other apps that might be taking resources in the background. There may still be some slowdown during intense particle effects but you should notice much improved performance.



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