Defeating the Lich King with all Classes Gives You the Paladin Hero Arthas

Defeating the Lich King with all Classes Gives You the Playable Hero Arthas

Today, Dave Kosak had a quick Hearthside Chat with the community and not only did he reveal three cards, but he also revealed some new information in the video. Check out the three card reveals, which includes Bolvar, Fireblood, in our dedicated post.

  • If you defeat the Lich King with every class, you will unlock Prince Arthas as a playable Paladin hero.
  • Instead of making the Lich King goofy, they went for the "breaking the fourth" wall approach.
  • He cheats! Every class has a different kind of encounter with the Lich King.
    • Mages are set to 1 Health at the start.
    • Paladins, he's got a grudge against you. If your minions die, they end up on his side of the field.
    • Not confirmed but the Priest hero is silent in the video. Possibly you can't cast spells as Priest during the encounter?
  • The Lich King is really good at Hearthstone and his dialog reflects it.
  • "You play cards the way my Father ran his kingdom. Weakly."
  • "Hahaha - THAT's my opener!"






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