Missing Double Gold from Play a Friend Quest? You're Going to Get it!

Missing Double Gold from Play a Friend Quest? You're Going to Get it!

Since the Midsummer event started on Wednesday, players have been completing the "Play a Friend!" quest and not receiving full double gold value when on the receiving end. This was an oversight by Blizzard and has been corrected in a hotfix.

If you missed out on the bonus gold, don't worry, you're going to be credited in-game. Just look out for a popup stating 80 gold has been added to your account from outside the game. It should also be noted that the popup after completing the quest will still tell you that you only get 80 gold, but the correct 160 is credited to your balance.

Quote from Keganbe

The Midsummer Fire Festival is hot, hot, HOT! However, bugs are not, not, not. :(

Recently, we discovered an issue with the Midsummer Fire Festival’s double gold feature not properly granting the friend participating in the “Play a Friend!” Quest double gold. We have rolled out a hotfix for this issue and the Quest is now working properly in all regions. Both the player that has the “Play a Friend!” Quest and the friend they are playing against will receive the Midsummer Fire Festival double gold bonus.

Friends that only received 80 gold from the “Play a Friend!” Quest rather than the intended 160 gold for the Midsummer Fire Festival event will receive their missing 80 gold. A pop-up will appear in-game that will notify the affected players that 80 gold has been added from outside the game.

Please note that the UI will still display that 80 gold has been awarded to the challenged friend, but the awarded gold will correctly be 160 gold. We apologize that we are unable to adjust the UI at this time.

Thank you for your understanding, and enjoy the Midsummer Fire Festivities!


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