New Expansion Not Being Announced This Weekend

New Expansion Not Being Announced This Weekend

On Monday, the Hearthstone team retweeted a tweet about a Southern California Fireside Gathering which stated there would be Hearthstone Community Team representation. Several community members believed there would be some kind of announcement made at the event about the next adventure due to CM presence.

Blizzard hasn't made any announcements of that kind.

Ben Brode clarified the situation by responding to a post on reddit stating they would tell us if they were doing so to make sure people showed up for the announcement.

So don't worry, rest this weekend and get ready for the smallest possibility that we'll see something next week. Maybe we'll get another leak? Certainly the announcement of the announcement of the announcement is coming soon.

Quote from Ben Brode
They won't announce the next adventure without announcing an announcement for the announcement of the next adventure.
I know this is a fun joke, but yeah, we want people to show up to our announcements, so we tell you when and where they will be :)

This is not one of them, but it should be a fun time!


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