Notable Player Decks for the Americas Spring Preliminary 2016

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Update 2:15 AM EDT: We're done adding decks for the night. There's some pretty fun looking Yogg decks and yarr-harr-harr decks! Special thanks to ShadowsOfSense for helping me put them together.

Notable Player Decks for the Americas Spring Preliminary 2016

Blizzard has sent us decklists for all the participants of the Americas Spring Preliminaries happening this weekend! We've gone through them and found some of the more notable players and top ranking ladder players and put together their decklists below much like we did for the EU Spring Prelim last week.

All the players have had an opportunity to see each other's decks already which is why we were able to do this. Onto some basic information about the tournament and then.. the decks!

Event Information

There are two events taking place this weekend, a region-wide Fireside Gathering tournament on Friday and then the actual Spring Preliminaries on Saturday and Sunday. The top 32 players from the Fireside Gathering tournaments will be crowd Tavern Heroes and will join the top 128 ranked players from the Americas region Standard Ladder in the main event.

Notable Players Decks



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