Whizbang's Workshop Launch Day - Everything You Need To Know!

Hearthstone's newest expansion Whizbang's Workshop launches today, March 19th. We brought all the information and useful links together in this news post for you.

  • The Whizbang's Workshop expansion is LIVE!.
  • Yet another 145 new cards have been added to the game.
  • Another 38 cards for all classes combined will follow in a Mini-Set midway through the expansion. There's not been any official details revealed yet!
  • You can view all the new cards in our Whizbang's Workshop Card List.
  • PvE content for the Whizbang's Workshop expansion has not been announced (yet).

Included for free in the Expansion

New Mechanics

  • New Keyword: Miniaturize - How do all those toys get so fun-sized? They start big and then get miniaturized, of course! Minions with the Miniaturize keyword leave a 1-mana 1/1 copy of themselves in your hand when played.
  • Zilliax 3000 Deluxe - Can’t find the toy you were looking for? Build your own! Zilliax 3000 Deluxe comes with 8 different functional modules and 8 different cosmetic modules that you can combine to make a Zilliax of your very own. While building your deck, pick two different functional modules to set Zilliax’s combined cost, stats, and effects—and then pick a cosmetic module to match your style. Put those together and you have almost 200 different combinations to choose from!
  • Throwback Cards - Whizbang’s Workshop is a celebration of Hearthstone’s history, with toys that bring back iconic mechanics from the past. Like giving Death Knight their own Spellstone card, finding new 4-mana 7/7s, and more!
  • Talented Artists - It takes a good artist to make Whizbang’s creations pop! Whizbang’s Workshop employs a few talented artists, each with a special effect based on what minion they draw!
Discuss this CardDiscuss this CardDiscuss this CardDiscuss this Card

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Other Mechanics

Some mechanics that were seen in previous card sets were brought back on new cards, as well as some truly new mechanics were added:

  • Death Knights like to play with dead things.
  • Smells like Team Spirit is a young Demon Hunters favorite song.
  • Druids paid attention in school and can Spell Damage.
  • Hunters love a good boy. Even if he's a mechanical good boy.
  • What's in the box? With Mages it definitely won't be minions.
  • Don't confuse Divine Shield toys with sealed toys, silly Paladins.
  • Let the power of the rainbow flow through you, Unicorn Priests.
  • Rogues will just Pirate all the toys.
  • When young Shamans start to read it's with Frog and Toad.
  • Warlocks' idea of a fun toy is an 8 foot Demon who can crush their enemies.
  • Comparing Warriors to crash test dummies works in more ways than one.
  • You can view all the new cards in our Whizbang's Workshop Cards List.

For tokens, related cards, generation pool, cosmetics & more, please click on the card image to open a pop-up, inside this pop-up you can mouse over any thumbnail cards on the right side (on mobile at the bottom) to display them.
On mobile, you need to click on the related card image in order to display them.


Mass Pack Opening

This seems like a good time to showcase this feature, with many returning players who may have not experienced this feature yet. You may have noticed there was no Early Pack Opening Event this reveal season. The reason for this was introduced some months ago: a brand new Mass Pack Opening feature! Read below for the details!

Quote from Blizzard

A Happy Hello to Mass Pack Opening!

For many years, we’ve noticed that the most common Fireside Gathering functionality was creating private events to open packs early during Pre-Release Weekend. Players primarily wanted to get their pack opening done early so they could jump right in and start playing the new expansion as soon as it unlocked. We’re happy to share we’ll be adding a new feature that will let everyone get into the action faster and with less friction than ever before: Mass Pack Opening!

If you have 5 or more of the same type of pack, you’ll be able to open up to 40 of them at once! That means it’ll take just a few clicks to crack open all the packs you get from pre-purchase or any other large bundles.

To access Mass Pack Opening, grab a pack from your stack and hold the pack over the stack. It will charge up with energy and start adding packs to your opening. Once you’ve gathered all the packs you want, move over to the pack-opening area and release your stack of packs.

Voila! The interface will then show you some highlights from your packs, which you can reveal one by one or all at the same time, and then it will give you a full summary of all the cards opened in that pack stack. All the cards will be in your Collection, like normal, for browsing and deckbuilding once your packs are all open.

Mass Pack Opening has been a much-requested feature for a while now, and we’re happy we’ll be able to deliver it to our players before the next expansion. Players who just want to open all their Pre-Purchase packs right away will be able to do so in a fraction of the time! And players who like opening each pack individually and savoring their loot can still do that, too.

Whizbang's Workshop Catch Up Packs

With Showdown in the Badlands a new type of pack was introduced: Catch Up Packs. Information about them was made available with BlizzCon!

Quote from Blizzard

Catch-Up Packs are back for Whizbang’s Workshop! Just like Showdown in the Badlands Catch-Up Packs, Whizbang’s Workshop Catch-Up Packs include 5-50 cards from previous Standard sets, depending on your collection completion levels for those sets. However, because of the Standard rotation, there are only three eligible sets for Whizbang’s Workshop Catch-Up Packs: Festival of Legends, TITANS, and Showdown in the Badlands. Since these packs pull from three sets instead of five, the details have shifted to meet the overall goal of still giving 5-50 total cards per pack. You can read all the specifics on the updated Disclosure Page.

This new breakdown only applies to 3-set Catch-Up Packs (currently only Whizbang’s Workshop). 5-set Catch-Up Packs (currently only Showdown in the Badlands) will still work as they did before. Each type of Catch-Up Pack is distinct and pulls from an established pool of cards, meaning that Badlands Catch-Up Packs are not updating to Whizbang’s Workshop Catch-Up Packs or changing in any way with rotation. 

Pack Opening Tip

With how many different packs there are these days, it can get a little confusing in what order you should open your packs. Fortunately Blizzard Dev Celestalon made a tweet with just the info you need.

Quote from Blizzard

  • Always open Catch-Up Packs first, since their card count is based on collection size.
  • If you want the most total cards (fewest duplicates), open Expansion Packs, then Class Packs, then Standard Packs.
  • If you want more latest-expansion cards, at the cost of more duplicates overall, open Standard Packs, then Class Packs, then Expansion Packs.

Arena Changes

The Arena changes actually went live with the Patch this time and this meant the new cards of Whizbang's Workshop have largely been playable for a couple of days already in that game mode.

Quote from Blizzard

On March 11, all ongoing Arena runs will end and a new Arena season will begin. Celebrate 10 years of Hearthstone with this special Arena Season that includes cards across all Hearthstone expansions! Instead of a group of sets that apply to all classes, each class has its own curated list of cards that can include cards from any expansion. The first pick of each Arena draft will be a Legendary card, which will be the only Legendary card offered in your draft. Duels Treasures have been removed from Arena drafts.

Theorycrafted Decks

We created a special Decks post yesterday, with a lot of new archetypes and a lot of new deck ideas. You can find the links to that Decks post below.

Alternatively, create your own deck with the Deckbuilder, add a good guide on how to pilot the deck and help create the post-launch meta!

Deck Lists Banner

That should get you started! Thanks for being with us throughout this exciting Whizbang's Workshop reveal period. Shoutout to everyone who helped in one way or another during this time, the other moderators and staff and the devs and all the users who gave us useful suggestions and feedback, and to everyone who enjoyed and supported our coverage. You rock!

If you are looking for some company while opening packs or playing, come chat with us on our Discord.

Whizbang's Workshop Card List & Expansion Guide

Learn more and see all the cards in our dedicated Card List.

Card List - Click Me!


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