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    posted a message on [S38] Not Your Grandma's Drattle Rogue

    Thank you so much! You may also want to try Xaril to fill that Vilespine slot.

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    posted a message on Flare/Counterspell Interaction

    Cast Flare, which is supposed to destroy all enemy secrets, and it's canceled by Counterspell?

    What kind of horseshit is that?

    If you play Secret Eater against Mirror Entity, the enemy doesn't get a Goddamned Secret Eater.

    I ain't even mad. I'm climbing with Secret Mage, but that Hunter I just played should be celebrating a win, not punching holes in the walls of his mom's basement.

    "Astounding!" *concedes*

    Astounding indeed, my friend. Astounding, indeed.


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    posted a message on Introducing - Spell Fatigue Priest

    So... You're losing to control decks as aggro, and losing to aggro decks as control?

    It seems your match-ups aren't the problem here, boyo.

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    posted a message on Your first deck?

    Within my first week of playing (right after GvG release​), when I was still learning the basics, some kid turned into Jaraxxus on me and it blew my mind. The friend that introduced me to the game informed me that Warlock was the only hero that could do that, and I immediately fell in love. I spent my first year or so playing Zoo, with every ounce of dust I made going towards the pieces I was missing for Handlock. Then I rode that deck from maybe 150 wins to Golden Hero, getting R10 and eventually R5 for the first time, and all the way through until the Molten nerf. Good times. We miss you, Gul'dan.

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    posted a message on Firelands Portal - Bittertide Hydra an obscenely common summon?

    I feel like I get a lot of Leeroy.

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    posted a message on Thank You
    Quote from Helikaon >>

    Congrats!  I ended up making it last month with primarily Pally (using murloc and midrange as needed)

     I ended up there with Garden Rogue interestingly. Love me some Rogue.
    Quote from Hearthole >>

    The Legend card back is the closest to MTG's, so that was my favorite, until I got the Tespa. 

     Wonder if that was intentional?
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    posted a message on Thank You
    Quote from Lysenko >>

    I made Legend last month and I'm using the cupcake.   It's awesome.

    Edit:  Also, congratulations!

     You're a bolder man than I. Or woman.
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    posted a message on Thank You
    Quote from AbusingKel >>

    Congrats! Now bury away that hideous card back! lol


     I've been using Naxx Heroic. I love the hideous. Except the Cupcake. That's a bit much, even for me.
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    posted a message on Thank You

    Last month, I posted this:


    This month, this happened:


    To the people that posted, and the rest of the Hearthpwn community... Thank you.

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    posted a message on Rank 1 Meta Check

    Would someone care to give me a summary of the meta right now at Rank 1 NA? I'm too close to first time Legend to be losing games while I figure out what's being played.

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    posted a message on Moroes???

    I've managed to compile 23k dust as an F2P player (I play a lot of arena and rarely get less than 7 wins). I don't dust anything I don't have extras of. My rule is dust all extras and all golds unless the gold makes for a one or two of in your collection​. So none of my decks have any gold cards but I have all the cards I need. It's a good trade-off if you ask me. The first time I went through my collection dusting golds it kind of sucked but the end result of 9k dust was pretty fantastic. Now I just do a monthly clean-out. Search "golden," click click, profit.

    Edit: Just to clarify the 23k is my current stash, not an all-time total. I don't need any cards right now, which is a nice feeling in and of itself.

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    posted a message on Stonehill Defender too strong in Paladin?

    The coding of the game presents the Discover mechanic with a higher chance for class-specific cards, unless stated otherwise (Hallucination, for example).

    All you're pointing out is that Paladins have the best class-specific taunt minions in the game. No news there.

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    posted a message on Wild Arena

    Anyone else think that the Wild Heroic Brawl was the first step in making Wild Arena a permanent format?

    Arena -> Purchase $1.99/150G -> Choose Standard/Wild -> Choose Hero

    Seems likely, eh?

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    posted a message on Vanish, is it the problem card?

    Vanish didn't even see play (aside from the elusive Mill Rogue) until the current meta despite its being a Classic card.

    You can't complain about a card being a "problem" if it's only just recently started seeing play. "Problem" cards are those that are toxic from the day they are released, regardless of what state the meta is in. Vanish sees play in one deck. That deck just so happens to counter your favorite class. You apparently continued to play that class despite the overwhelming number of direct counters on the ladder, then, instead of walking away or switching to a different deck, you came on Hearthpwn to complain. Do you see the issue here?

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    posted a message on When did Pyroblast git gud?

    Serious question. I never used to see it in Arena, but now it's something I have to play around.

    It seems these days once you hit 10 health the game's over.

    Is it because of the rarity patch making Pyroblast more frequently available? Or did the recent cycle of cards make it a safer pick?


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