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    Secrets are like the essence of the Mage not talking about only Freeze Mage, I mean it is not punishing Paladin but rather more Mage here. I mean paladins still have that one turn kill murloc deck. Very sad to see this card. . . . . . ..

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    After the presence of mighty Piloted Shredder it deserves to be at least 4/4.

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    GvG, TGT, WOG

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    Quote from rajaz1 >>

    I appreciate the idea and REALLY loved the artwork. Rampage keyword is a much needed aspect in my opinion after the loss of gvg and nax tempo cards. Only matter is bash and some cards are extremely luck based. Oh and some cards are a bit op for arena ^^ *cough stormshield guardian*cough

     Hey rajaz1!  We really do need a keyword such as like Rampage in-game I hope it makes into game in future, and  yes Bash is luck based but it is the base of the card games, Stormshield guardian sure is OP afterall I inspired from Shielded Minibot to make it lol.
    Thanks for the feedback!
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    Quote from N4P4L44 >>

    Bash sounds too OP if it does a temporary buff silence. I think the syntax would be best if it were Bash( [extra damage], [bonus effect] ).

    Laughing skull cannoneer: Bash (3, 2 damage to random enemy)

    Ga'nar: Bash (2, windfury)

    Orgrim's Doomhammer: Bash (3, Summon random grunt)

     Ok I removed Silence and Freeze from Bash but I didn't quite get the rest of your post??
    Thanks for the feedback though!
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    Quote from Protar >>

    Some other card specific feedback from the neutral commons:

    • Dreadraven is a bit too powerful as it's almost always going to be at least a 1 mana 2/2 with Elusive. So I would make it two mana, just for it's growth potential.
    • Fury of Fire could do without Taunt (because this is the kind of minion you want to protect behind taunt) and could easily be a 2/1.
    • Blackrock Reaver is maybe a little bit much with both the Cleave and Rampage. Make it a 2/3 or remove an ability.
    • Iron Grunt and Armoured Elekk are a bit power creepy for my liking. These could easily be Warrior and Hunter cards respectively though.
    • Gorian Warrior is a really poor card. If your opponent has 4 or more minions, it's unlikely that this card will stick around in order to get its cleave ability to go off. So in most cases you're just playing a 6 mana 6/6. It's too hard for the effect to work.
     Ok I made Dreadraven into 3cost 2-3 since i didn't want it to be same as Faerie Dragon
    Fury of Fire will be a Token of some cards as well, I dont want it to be OP so i won't touch to that at the moment and if i allow it to hide behind Taunt it would become insanely annoying with cards like Mirror Image
    I removed Rampage from Blackrock Reaver
    There are better Taunt minions than Iron Grunt already in warrior so theres no need to give it an additional Taunt minion, i will upload them as soon.
    I buffed Gorian Warrior to 6-7 and made it a better alternative thanBoulderfist Ogre new players uses that card a lot.
    and of course I have nerfed Bash to only deal bonus damage as you suggested
    Thanks for your feedbacks man! If you have more do tell.
    Edit: oh and Armored Elekk is a better alternative for Sen'jin Shieldmasta that's why I wanted to share it with all of the classes
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    Quote from BabaKinn >>

    Great work dude!

     Thanks man!
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    Quote from Protar >>

    I'm still not overly clear on what bash does? It has a 50% to deal bonus damage, deny a minion's next attack and temporarily silences them (but only certain effects)? That's waaaay too convoluted for a single effect. Sounds like you've got several ideas rolled into one there. I would just simplify it to give a chance to deal extra damage.

    You've got what Bash does right! It's removing buffs that minions receive from other cards, it will not remove the effect minion has in it's text for example Sylvanas Windrunner, still needs to be Silenced. But bash will even remove Silence because it got silenced from another card. I'm thinking to only remove the Freeze effect on bash, or just make it deal bonus damage with %50 chance as you suggested!
    Thanks for your feedback.
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    posted a message on [UPDATED] IRON HORDE Expansion/ WARLORDS OF DRAENOR Concept

    Thanks for the feedbacks guys I'm editing this concept based on your feedbacks!

    Update 26/05/2016:

    • If you checked this concept before you may want to do it again since there's been major changes.
    • Shaman Cards with 2 Legendaries have been added!
    • Added more special creations from Waysh


    A custom Hearthstone expansion concept based on the Warlords of Draenor. An expansion with full of Orcs, Draeneis, Ogres, Arakkoas, Giants and many more with 2 new keywords and mechanic that punishes a player for playing too many minions or rewarding for not playing any. . .


    I made 2 existing hearthstone mechanics into a keyword to shorten the text:





    2 New Keywords are Rampage and Vitality


    Rampage is %50 chance for certain effect to trigger whilst attacking. Rampage can only get triggered when you attack with the minion not when it gets attacked.

    If you're saying: "I don't trust my RNG and i need this Rampage to get triggered right now!" there are cards for that too, one of them here:


    One more thing there is also a mechanic which punishes a player for having too many minions on the battlefield or rewarding for not having any...

    Example of this Mechanic:

    Reward Cards: 

    You are rewarded with a Legendary, Commons and Rares upon buying your first Warlords of Draenor Pack:



    Neutral Common Cards (18):

     Neutral Rare Cards (15):


     Neutral Epic Cards (14):

    Ironmarch Commander's and Battleship's Tokens:

    Neutral Legendary Cards (14):

    Orgrim Doomhammer's: Warriors of the Iron Horde are in the bottom of this post.

    Tokens and Lord Socrethar's Battlecries:


    Lord Socrethar's Battlecries:




    Warrior Cards (10):

     Mage Cards (10):

    Nether Cards:


     Paladin Cards (10):

     Hunter Cards (10):

    Hunter Token(Hunting Wolf):


    Rogue Cards (10):

    Warlock Cards (10):

    Archimonde's Lieutenants (4):

    Priest Cards (10):

    Shaman Cards (10): 

    Ner'zhul's Hero:

    (With more mana you play him, more powerful he will be)                                                                                                      Min Health at 0 Mana = 2 Health - - - Max Health at 10 Mana = 22 Health


    Born - The DARKNESS, It flows within me!

    Greetings: Welcome to my realm.

    Well Played: Well...(sigh) Played.

    Thanks: Gratitudes from the Dark Star itself.

    Wow: Remarkable!

    Threaten - The Dark Star will fall upon YOU!

    Attack- Let the Dark Star consume you!

    Death- My Power (sigh) will ripple across eterniteee!

    Concede - No matter, you are still too late!

    Warriors of the Iron Horde (32 in total 11 of them are Legendaries):



    Extra Cards from Waysh:

    Tarlna the Ageless's Token:


     I will upload the rest of the Class Cards as soon as possible.

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    posted a message on Make the Card
    Quote from Chitzie >>
    Quote from Terminex2 >>

    Next: Make a Legendary minion for warrior that benefits the minion which this murloc references to.

     I'm not sure I fully understand your request, sorry. Could you rephrase it? :)
     Yeah I edited my request
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    One or more neutral Beast minions that allows for a Beast archetype in more classes.

    If you ask me this card is pretty good reason to go Beast decks for other classes since it's unstable.


    Next: Make a Legendary Murloc for Warrior with the art below that benefits the Grommash Hellscream

    Don't forget to set his tribe as Murloc though.


      Edit: If you have no idea for name, name him Grommloc as his artist did!

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    Quote from notfearrr >>

    Legendary card with "Battlecry: Summon a/h X until your side of the battlefield is full" (You need to make the X and the card that summons them), just like Onyxia that summons Whelp .

    Next: A Rogue Legendary that synergizes with Mechs.

     I think he meant you need to make a specific minion that is summoned out of the card  not the ones already exists in game
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    Quote from KingPecan >>

    I like the Goldrinn design, but wouldn't it make sense for the wolves to be differentiated from the 1/1 Silver Hand Recruits? I mean, why not just play Finley, who costs less, works whenever, and can get you a hero power that often will help you win? I'd say making them a 1/1 with Charge (tough because of the synergy buffs, but hey, the deck would revolve around this card anyway), or 2/2's. Could be even better honestly since it's not like Justicar can buff them.

     I understand your worries and 1 Mana sounds better too. But it is way much better than Silver Hand Recruits since you summon a Beast out of it and hunters have dozens of cards that interacts with Beasts and I think Hunter summoning 1/1 minions for 2 Mana is pretty good even OP for a class like Hunter.
    Dont forget about the cards like Kill Command, King of Beasts, Tundra Rhino, Scavenging Hyena, Timber Wolf, Starving Buzzard and many more I can't remember at the moment!
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    posted a message on Make the Card

    A minion that casts a spell from a Class

    Inner Rage

    Next: Make an alternate Legendary Doomhammer with the art below for Warrior. (Something unique and creative.)

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    posted a message on Make the Card

    A Legendary Beast for Hunter that can change their way of playstyle

    They can't have Leper Gnomes, Abusives, Piloted Shredder anymore because of Goldrinn if they're willing to play Beast Hunter.

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