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    I would take my advice with a grain of salt cause I play too many janky decks, but I didn't quite understand the point of the alexstrasza in the deck as well as the pinatas. What I found worked better was dragonmaw scorchers and a shadow word: death. You have a ton of ways of beating control/combo decks, but no way to win against aggro and the scorchmaws help with that as well as giving an extra dragon to active the duskbreakers which I found could be quite hard to activate when needed. the Shadow word death helps a lot in this meta I found because there are a lot of bigger minions on the board earlier (especially with even lock) which can be hard to deal with. I was considering even putting in a mind control but need to test more, it's a bit too expensive, but feels great when you steal combo pieces. Overall I love the deck! Let me know what you think about the suggestions I had as well, maybe you found a better reason to run those other cards.

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