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    I don´t know why so many people here are so certain that it is garbage, when not even the whole expansion is revealed, let alone got tested a few weeks in-game...

    Many, if not almost all, of the top decks in recent history rely/relied heavily on either great card draw or great "manacheat" (ramp and or cost reduction). If you even combine both, you can end up with such absurd abominations as pre-nerf lunacy mage. Even after nerf it is still a good enough deck, and just to give some more examples look at current or recent decks like from like priest, rogue, libram paladin,all forms of druid, DH (deathrattle has alot of "manacheat", otk relies on draw an reduction) etc.

    All I´m saying is: You should never disregard any card that has some form of "card-draw" or "mana-cheat" in the text, cause those always have the chance to create -what feels like- "unfair and overpowered plays"

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    That´s interesting, something I overlooked. Well with Quests, Sidequests and now Questlines, they have shown that they can think of ways to slightly alternate on mechanics to keep it different and fresh. Might well be that they have something similar prepared for the next set of hero cards

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    I´m sorry if this has been discussed before and I can not be the only one who thought about this. But given what Blizzard said and how the first to expansions seem to play out, it should be a reasonable assumption that we get hero cards again for the 3rd expansion end of year:

    It would fit both thematically as well as from  "rotation  standpoint". Blizzard said, that this year we will be following the mercenaries on their path and adventures and they will return throughout, having gained more experience each time.

    The first expansion, Barrens, was a relatively bland/vanilla expansion. No major new or old mechanics were introduced. We got to know the mercenaries at the start of their endeavor, dipping their little feet into the water so to say... This is shown by them having rather low mana cost and stats. Also their effects are relatively small/specific from an overall view on the game. [note that I am not necessarily talking  about the actual in-game powerlevel or viability of the cards, but from a design/thematic standpoint] The cards can be strong obviously, but the mercenaries are still a mere part of your army and not the center of it.
    Wailing Caverns Miniset then was their first raid if you will.

    With Stormwind things get spiced up. We have one of the major mechanics, Quest(line)s, return. And through that we get to see the mercs again,even following their path in-game. The actual reward cards themselves show us more experienced and lvled up characters. They have higher cost, higher stats and their effects can be huge, to the point where it will outright win you the game on spot (priest). The mercs have grown to the point where they now ARE the center of your army/deck and you build around them.

    But what could top that of in the last expansion?
    It would only be fitting, for the mercenaries to have gathered enough power and experience over the year, that now they become leaders of the army themselves and are able to replace "you" in form of new hero-cards. It would fit thematically and the last time we saw hero cards was galakrond, which at that time will be far enough in the past for Blizzard to reintroduce the mechanic.

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    Is there any information on how exactly they determent this?
    I assume this means:
    A: They used their own internal data
    B: These are the 4 cards with OVERALL (all ranks, all standard games since Forged or maybe since Caverns) highest win rate when played in a game.
    Can anyone confirm/deny/add to that?

    If my assumptions are right, it would be interesting to see, if its still these 4 cards when you for example only consider Top 500 Legend or even Top 200 or whatever.
    What i am getting at is, that Face/Aggressive Hunter has traditionally been a Deck with a very low SkillCap compared to others. This means that the winrates of the Deck should not differ to much across all ranks. While for example IMO OTK-DemonHunter is one of the hardest decks to pilot at its full potential and therefor the winrates of OTK-DH (and hence the winrates of the included cards) should be much lower at lower rates and a lot  higher the higher rank a player competes on.(?)
    Actually, come to think of it, my assumptions might not be right... Shouldn´t e.g. the winrate of Il´Gynoth be super high if it was determent as "winrate when played"? - cause usually you only play him if you have lethal? So maybe Blizzard used "winrate when drawn" here? Or something in between or entirely different?

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