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    If you dont have a single legendary yet, Dr. Boom and Sylvanas should be your priority. Though you should probably safe your dust and wait for the new expansion to come out, there might be cards that are better than the aforementioned two.

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    Poison: Destroy any minion damaged by this weapon. Restore 4 Health to your hero every time you destroy a minion using this weapon.

    Little explanation on the effect/name:

    The name origins from the Greek priestess Pythia, who was associated with snakes. The effect combines toxicity and healing which snakes symbolize down to the present day. 

    The card is supposed to be played in a control orientated Hunter who usually lack healing and good hard removal, Pythia grants them both without pushing their ability to rush their opponent down.

    Imgur Link (please tell me if I screwed the link up, my first time using Imgur to upload a picture)

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    Grand Crusader into Eadric the Pure and Consecration, Burgle into Confuse, Eadric into Confuse into Consecration. Opponent looses all his Wisps, ggwp.

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    Its 132 new cards that form a new set, to get them you need to buy TGT packs which are going to cost the same as Classic or GvG packs. The TGT packs will consist of TGT cards only, just like GvG packs have GvG only and Classic packs have Classic only cards. They are craftable for the same cost as cards from other sets.

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    I'd like to see some new Archetype enabling cards instead of those gimmicky ones, especially at this rarity :/

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    Ancient of War is worse than Healing Touch? Some of these are weird :P

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    Quote from Hs200 jump

    I wonder why they don't give packs. Only dust, cardback and golden cards. I like that they give golden cards but I'd much rather take a pack over 20-45 dust.

    In general I feel like the reward is not good enough. Don't get me wrong I love ranked. I mostly only play ranked.. But this doesn't make me want to try harder at all. I mean the reward difference between 17 and 5 is too small. But it would be insanely awesome if they'd give 1 chest for each rank you have earned.. But then again if that was the case even more people would play the strongest decks so ladder would become worse.

    In general- thanks but meh.

    What ?

    only 20-45 Dust ... no difference between 17 and 5 ?

    1. You get cards not only the Dust. This is this great, if you dont have the card in non golden.

    2. Rank 17 Example are 1 golden common and 20 Dust => total 60 dust

    3. Rank 5 Example are 2 golden common and 1 epic golden and 5 dust => total 1685 Dust

    So you can get a huge amount of dust at rank 5. 1680 is worth more than 30 Packs (42 if you dont get epics or legs)

    1680 dust is not nearly as good as 30 packs, lol. Not even if you move math to your favor as much as you did:

    You used full dust value for the golden cards you get but went for almost worst case when comparing them to packs, which simply doesnt make sense. For 1680 dust to equal 30 packs you have to be insanely unlucky with packs and also be lucky with the reward chest, since the reward chest has to give you 3 golden cards you actually want and are never going to disenchant.

    If you do a fair comparison you end up with 500 dust for 1 golden epic and 2 golden commons which equals 12.5 worst case packs, which is way less than 30 packs and still very unlikely to happen since the worst case packs also have to consist of cards you already own.

    I have no statistic on average dust/pack but I'd guess that its about 60-70 per pack, meaning that the Rank 5 rewards equal like 7-8 packs, which isn't nearly as many as you said. What also has to be paid attention to is that once again you are disenchanting everything you get out of those packs, if you get cards you didn't have yet the amount of packs to equal 500 dust obviously decreases.


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    He said that he'd wait for cards he'd like to craft and if the dust he already had wasn't sufficient he'd disenchant as much as he needed to craft them. In other words: Use your dust once you need it, don't disenchant cards for no reason.

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    posted a message on What to do with my 400 Dust

    Missed opportunity to craft golden Wisp. RIP 

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