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    posted a message on should blizzard bring back adventures? why or why not?
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    yeah the adventures were good,we got quality over quantity back then,small pool of quality cards

     Purify says hello.

    brann bronzebeard and reno say hi

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    posted a message on Rumble Run as Competitive Multiplayer

    "Exhibit A: All 9 classes are represented 

    Exhibit B: There are three shrine choices per class, giving variety even to mirror matchups. "

    the problem of it being really annoying  and not fun is in the old dungeon run you at least could choose a calss to start your run but now you just  choose between 3 different shrine that will also decide what class you can choose which can be a problem if you want to be better at a certin class and play style you are screwed becuase you will constantly switch classes and srhines its even worse when some shrines are just terrible and will almost always lose you a run .

    the worst thing is they removed the things I loved about the older runs like for example secret bosses and secret cards and unique boss encountres also passive abilities are only given once and they are only at the last 2 fights.

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    posted a message on About how expensive HS is..
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    sorry but a  fun game experience is not relevant at all when we are talking about the price of a product and when you compre it to other cards games hearthstone is one of the most expansive cards games around  


    well i guess ignorance is a bliss. you clearly don't know what you're talking about, as someone that experienced  the competitive scene of Yugioh first hand  i can tell you that a single competitive deck in that game including a 40 cards main deck, a 15 cards extra deck and a 15 cards side deck  can cost anywhere from 120 to 500 dollars and yes that's 500  USD just for 70 cards opposedly to you getting 400+cards when buying 400 packs in hearthstone, plus getting spare dust to craft whatever you want, and i have witnessed friends spending similar amounts in competitive mtg, in fact he managed to pay a couple of college semesters when he quitted mtg and sold his decks,   the most expensive around? , so please don't talk out of your ass about things you don't know anything about.

     oh that is cute but one question why didn't you talk about actual CCG(online cards games not printed card games) and not TCG  you know the actual genre of cards game the that is relvent here like gwent ,Elder Scrolls: Legends,shadowverse and more games that I played first hand and manged to get a faster collection of cards and a higher one then I ever could in hearthstone mostly beacuse of higher rewards you can call me ignorant as much as you want but at lest I am not trying to mislead

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    posted a message on Our Hearthstone Arena Highlights for The Boomsday Project ft. HearthPwn Arena Mods

    the orignal art was reveld in the first revel vid

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    posted a message on Mecha'taclysm

    but why run Siphon Soul

    wouldn't it be to slow against agrro why not run chain gang ?

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    posted a message on New Neutral Legendary Minion - Subject 9
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    Look fake as f, the artwork is totally different from any other card of this exp.

     but it does look like it came from a lab experminet which does fit the theme

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    posted a message on New Card Reveal - Mechanical Whelp

    you can play it on trun 8 with Reckless Experimenter

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    posted a message on New Mage Card Reveal - Celestial Emissary

    even its bad I will try it in a deck that uses Greater Arcane Missiles

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    posted a message on The Monster Hunt Solo Adventure is Now Live!


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    I don't know for you but at least for me, I don't understand why Blizzard has this idea of releasing for every expansion an adventure. I mean this is the third row expansion we see with an adventure. In any case I don't understand because I would prefer a lot If Blizzard spared his time of adventures for:

    Create better cards during expansions (The level in this expansion is really low)

    Do nerf when something is too strong (Half community is crying for these damned nerfs)

    These are two things that Blizzard is not doing but we have the adventure. After 10 games these adventures are a hammer in the balls.


     why do you think the adventure effects the cards qualtiy even without the adventure you will get the same cards
    or effecting the time of making a nerf again they made the adventure way before the current and prievous meta this  wont change the time it takes for blizzerd to make nerfs considaring they have a history of slow nerfs
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    posted a message on Blizzard is now trying paid mods with Starcraft 2

    you do undrstand that there is nothing worng with the conept of paid mods we are talking about teams that create exstra content that want to be paid for there work and considaring pepole barley donate to moderes this is the best way they can earn that money the reason creation club is a mess is because the sold mods are at best skins that already exsist but if the content is actully worthwhile I dont see a problem  if you want an exsample of a paid mod going well look at sonic mania

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