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    posted a message on Sylvanas, the Accused

    I think the un-infused version is good enough to play this.  IF you get it infused it's just gravy.

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    posted a message on Well, another mini-set not worth my gold

    I kinda figured they would put one -must have- legendary into each mini-set to drive sales.  Not so much.  In fact, I wonder why they don't?  Seems like it would be a smart idea.

    But, I see nothing I really need for the decks I play.  I wouldn't mind a couple of the Priest cards, but I can just craft them if needed.

    I do think if you like Murlocs this is money well spent though.  Just not my kind of playstyle.  Seems like it will be very strong tho.



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    posted a message on Passive treasure algorithm?

    I've spent the last hour scouring the net looking for what determines the offer rate of various passives.  I can't find anything.

    I know I almost always can get offered Mummy Magic if I have a deathrattle deck.  Same goes for Glacial Downpour with a deck full of frost spells.

     But, what I want to know is what are the odds for each passive?  What is the algorithm that determines offers?

     I get offered Crystal Gem a ton.  Why?  What is it about my deck building that forces Crystal Gem?  Or is it just one that happens a lot in general.


    -Someone- has to have this info, don't they?  Maybe you do, or you know where to find it?  


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    posted a message on Pirate warrior needs more support

    No, patches should draw a pirate and set its cost to (0).

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    posted a message on Kazakusan nerf unhealthy for Hearthstone

    If it's just anti-fatigue that card that puts 3 collossals on the bottom of your deck would seem a nice replacement.  

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    posted a message on Holy !$?! Blizz disable switcheroo

    I felll like nobody here ever lost to a high roll Edwin before.

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    posted a message on Duels Reveal by RegisKillbin - The 4 Explorers Return!

    I really enjoyed Duels.  Until they put Diablo in.

    It worries me that these will just unbalance the mode again.  Relicoligist in particular looks scary to me.


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    posted a message on Has power creep ever been this bad?

    Just look at stats per mana cost.  It used to be pretty predictable.  you'd get 2x +1 stat points with x being the mana cost.   More with a drawback, less with some extra abilities.  

    Drawing a card was worth 1.5 mana.

    Now look at something like Nellie the great thresher.  You get a 5/5 and a 2/6 for 7.  You'd expect 15 stat points for 7 mana.  Here you get 18.

    Legendary is a drawback, so maybe you could expect 17 stat points.  But, this is still above that.

    But, wait, not only is this above curve for a vanilla minion it has.

    Beast tag.



    Discover 3 cards.

    Cost reduction for 3 cards.


    It's freaking BONKERS compared to a Ragnaros or a Dr. Boom.  If you were designing this card on the fan creation board a few years back folks would have laughed at you, saying even 10mana wasn't enough.  This would need to cost 13-14 to be balanced.  Yet here we get it for 7.



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    posted a message on Has power creep ever been this bad?

    Seems to me that the last sets were so good that they feel that the only way to get folks to buy new cards is to make them batshit crazy good.  And then, maybe do so even more next time.  And so on.

    There used to be a somewhat predictable formula for what a card was worth.  It seemed pretty stable for a long while.  But, I don't even recognize that curve in the new cards.  

    Maybe it's just the case that higher cost cards had been too weak in the past and we just seeing that corrected now.  But, I get the feeling that they are just leaning hard into power creep to generate sales.



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    posted a message on Even freebies can't make me play mercenaries

    I tried the mode a little.  Didn't seem at all fun to me.  

    My thought was that 2 high level players playing with all the goods could probably tell you with 80% accuracy who was going to win before the match even started.  I could be totally wrong on that, but it just felt like a glorified version of tic tac toe where other than a little RNG there wasn't going to be much point in playing as the outcome was basically a foregone conclusion assuming neither player was playing poorly.

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    posted a message on 22.4.3 Patch Notes - Standard & Battlegrounds Balance Changes, Bug Fixes

    Minion drops first then the battlecry.

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    posted a message on Core Set Changes

    Priest:  Northshire Cleric.  Mass Hysteria.  That 5/5 that healed for 5 at end of turn.

    Warrior:  Dr Boom Mad Scientist.  Some Mechs.

    Hunter:  That Zombeasts card.  Thats about the only fun card for Hunter I can think of.  I guess some face cards to go with.

    Rogue:  Vanish, That legendary that created secrets, .

    Paladin: Murlocs.  Especially that 4 cost on with inspire.  Everyfin is Possible.

    Shaman:  Shudderwock package!  Just make the animations much faster.

    Warlock: Cubelock package.

    Druid: Anything not token based.  LIterally anything else.

    Mage: Put Infinite Arcane in there.  At 7 mana it probably would be fine.

    Demon Hunter:  All the big demons.

    Neutral.  Dirty Rat should always be in standard.

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    posted a message on Fragment of Mi'da

    I think Lightshower Elemental is just a better card 99% of the time.  That 1% would be when facing control.  If control makes a comeback someday this would be a very nice inclusion.  


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    posted a message on Fractured in Alterac Valley Mini Set: Onyxia's Lair - Launches February 15th - All Cards Revealed!

    These cards are super boring.  

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    posted a message on Patch Notes 22.2 - Balance Changes, Battlegrounds Updates, Duels, Mercenaries, Lunar New Year & More!

    Pretty good Duels changes.  I especially like the removal of Locusts.  I hated losing to that card.



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