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    posted a message on Yet another trash zephrys offer

    Someone tell me if this was a misplay by me or Zep.

    Turn 1 opponent drops a Northshire.

    Turn 2 I drop Zep hoping for a silence since I had zero mana.  Didn't get one offered.


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    posted a message on All right, Shaman completed his quest, better beat him before he gets value

    I've been playing my dragon control warrior and having good success against Quest Shaman.  They eventually run out of steam.  Eventually.  If you can stack enough armor you can win.

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    posted a message on 72% Winrate Mech Paladin

    Got stomped by this today.  My control warrior just didn't have enough answers.

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    posted a message on Will Highlander Hunter still be a high winrate deck after Warrior nerfs?

    I have been playing control warrior, and probably will continue unchanged after the nerf.  I can't imagine I'm alone.  I say craft away.

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    posted a message on Aggro is dead...and its a bad thing. Change my mind...

    I don't mind aggro as long as you can build a deck to beat it.  Sometimes Blizz just doesn't give you enough tools to stand up to the onslaught.

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    posted a message on Card Nerfs Aug 26th - Including Wild

    Only deck I have right now is control warrior.  I don't know whether to dust Dr. Boom or just keep playing him at 9.  All the other cards get dusted immediately.

    Sadly I spent all my dust crafting the archivist and armagedillo this expansion, so if I dust Boom it'll be doubly wasteful.  Kind of put all my eggs in the wrong basket it seems.

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    posted a message on This is ridiculous

    I think certain is fine.  Tons of decks beat it.

    The meta will adapt, no need to nerf.  I'd be playing quest pally or shaman myself if I could afford the cards.


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    posted a message on Is this expansion especially expensive?

    I've been a F2P player for well, ever.  And I usually find I get by just fine with the dust and gold I accumulate.

    This expansion feels different to me.  I did open up quite a few packs.  Probably 78 packs by now.  That is right in line or maybe a bit more than I do most expansions, but I feel like I can't build almost anything.  I can build control warrior and that's about it.

    It might be that I just overspent my dust last expansion and so I'm suffering a bit this one around.  But, it might be that the decks are just really expensive to build this time around.

    How has the economy been treating you this time around, and how many packs have you opened to get where you are?




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    posted a message on They should not nerf Control warrior because...

    Meh.  I have played a ton of Control Warrior and there are plenty of counters if folks want to play them.  Hunter can outvalue with that card that shuffles 3 buffed copies and the hunter hero.  Rogue can outvalue Warrior with a couple different ways to fill the deck.  Shaman can outvalue Warrior with Archivist plus Shudderwock.  Pally can crush Warrior with the quest.  Kadgar Mage is a bad matchup.


    What does that leave?  Priest, Warlock, and Druid?  And if Warlock or Druid get the nuts you can't beat them either.  

    I guess Priest can run Nomi if they want to target Warrior.


    Just plenty of options out there.  It's nothing like the days of Mid-Range Shaman where  you really just couldn't counter the deck.  Folks just have to decide to play a deck that counters CW if that's all they are seeing.  


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    posted a message on 5 Chef Nomi Priest Deck

    Need a slot to drop the Baleful Banker into.

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    posted a message on Actually fun C'thun Deck

    I'd probably swap the seances for wild pyromancers.

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    posted a message on Why no support for control priest

    Lots of good control decks out there in other classes.  Warrior, Shaman, and Mage all look to have very strong control decks to my eye.

    Basically, the devs didn't think the game needed yet another way to play control.  I love Priest and playing control, but I think I can be perfectly happy running a control Shaman or Warrior deck instead.

    And I'm not really down on playing Priest either.  Some of the combos they are giving the class look pretty spicy.



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    posted a message on New Paladin Card Revealed - Pharaoh's Blessing

    Replace taunt with rush or windfury or something.  I don't see that taunt being very useful.  Probably just be turned into a murloc anyway.

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    posted a message on New Priest Card Revealed - Grandmummy

    Flying carpet priest?

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    posted a message on New Card Revealed - Murmy

     Murloc decks are already strong.  This simple card could push them over the top.  Could actually be meta defining card.

    Yeah, thank god Hungry Crab is a thing.  (do I have 2??)


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