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    posted a message on 23.4 Patch Notes - Much Mercs Content - Diablo Returns To BG - Book of Heroes Returns Too!

    Such a waste

    Ladder - was, is, and continues being a sad joke. Mini set or not, the powercreep is fucked up.

    Removing mercs - better. 

    Actually fixing bgs worse bugs (silas, argus, lag) instead of adding a hero and a unit. I'm fine with diablo for a week, as long as they don't extend its stay again.

    Book - let's see, but bringing back kobold runs would be better

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    posted a message on Fireside Gatherings is Live - Enjoy Your Early Pack Openings!

    Imagine spending money on ladder KEKW

    Crafting exists, and ladder is... what else is on the menu? 

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    posted a message on The panda nerf is ridiculous

    Shadowstep has been a bane since its inception, the added powercreep along the years made it even wildly better. Hell, even in Classic it's too good, imagine. 

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    posted a message on RIP Lightfang?

    LF at tier 4 IS OP, but I reckon that although it's not the better half of tier 5, it's viable. Yeah, Reno and Rag are classic, Curator doesn't Really need it, Whelp Smuggler is MUCH better for it, but also with George (because contant buffing DS minions is very strong), Zephrys (who triples its initial 5er), some tribal buddies who stay (cookie, alakir, etc), and even rafaam Gala finding LF turn 4 makes for easy scaling that allows powerlevelling. 

    Much like Nomi it's a late addition pretty early, but unlike Nomi it scales immediately, and as such a better short-term minion which Jugs without spending gold.

    As far as 'solution' - buffing it ti give +2/+3 seems good enough for me. It's not much, but it's more than enough.

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    posted a message on AFKay tier 1!?

    She requires very specific lobbies, with mechs and quilboars are the mere must, with dragons highly recommended. Cyclone is fine, but dragons are generally better, especially since those lobbies are Pyrospawn's wet dream. Not an easy hero to first with, very easy to top 2-3 though with those 3 tribes. 

    I wouldn't waste time on grease bot, unless you need a filler or manage to get a pair into a triple. Much like Kali, you need multiples. Aggem isn't really needed, I'm barely out of tt3 before it's top5.

    In a beast lobby you want a Brute, which you can Necrolyte its stats onto Hydra, and it's a 3, so it'd be e.g. a 7/11 even after you shift 16 gems from it. On nonbeast if I get a brute, I go to 5 earlier to triple into Foe Reaper, with the other options being mainly Macareal. 

    C'thun being a viable hero is a sad joke, the buddy is plain awful, just compare it to Mukla's, who gets his buddy top of turn 5, and is generally better than AFK, even in the same lobbies.

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    posted a message on Get Fired Up, the Onyxia’s Lair Mini-Set is Here!

    . <- this point is more interesting than ladder

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    posted a message on 22.2.1 Patch Notes - Tarecgosa Balance Change in BGs - Duels Balance Changes

    "Made progress on a bug where players were locked out of the Mercenaries Training Grounds." And there I locked myself out of mercs just cause it sucks. Anyway...

    The tarec nerf was needed, but it's the end game in general that needs a revamp. I reckon a minion that somehow "can't be poisoned" would be good, because I do like having some poison in.  

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    posted a message on Why did they weird it up?

    Then don't. For us who are playing it for fun this is really refreshing, although OP AF at some points and very underwhelming on others.

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    posted a message on Patch Notes 22.2 - Balance Changes, Battlegrounds Updates, Duels, Mercenaries, Lunar New Year & More!

    Missing in Game Inprovements - BGs animation accelerator or EQUAL time to everyone post fights.

    I'm actually being punished for playing with and/or versus non-smorc builds. 

    Pending since the 2-year Beta

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds Reveals - Day 2

    I think it's safe to say the biggest winner is Kragg, and I don't think it's even close. 

    Either way, I like the idea, however if out of cards' mining is correct, what REALLY pisses me off is that most lower D-tier and the entire F-tiers (except Petch-WeeboNation-Werk) got such bad buddies it ain't even funny.

    I'd prefer they just removed Guff, Cariel, Queen, Rat King, and co. from the game entirely. It's bad enough to run vs people highrolling A/S tier heroes, while getting either of those as a choice at all. I mean, just compare Patches' buddy, creating a 100/100 cleave that utterly demolishes an entire buddy game of either of those heroes in one turn.

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