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    posted a message on why punish players for getting max value from quests?

    Because Blizzard gets nothing from you having gold. The less gold you have the more real money you will spend.

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    posted a message on Living Mana

    would be nice if it didn't eat up the innervate mana if it's not going to transform it into treants

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    posted a message on Counterspell

    Yeah, I guess this triggers before the spell takes effect while Mana Bind is after.

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    posted a message on Counterspell

     Does this have a precendence over Mana Bind? Pretty sure I played the Mana Bind first but it was still the Counterspell that triggered.

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    posted a message on d

    why cant i edit it

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    posted a message on Molten Giant & Mountain Giant to Become Elemental + More Minion Changes

    guy's asking for free dust, what kind of retard disagrees with that?

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    posted a message on Hunter is the new Pirate Warrior scum

    I thought it was Jade Druid that was ruining HS, wait, no it was Razakus Priest, no, actually Tempo Rogue, no damn it Exodia Priest was the real bane of the game. Although, Big Priest and all combo decks are are close to being the true evil "cancers of the meta".

    Guess you guys like to get into the habit of crying cancer regardless of what decks you face right?

    The deck you mentioned do at least require you to think about your plays.
    I played many games against those decks and I played them myself. Where your gameplan/win condition stays the same, your turns differ from game to game.
    Can't say that about the huntard, except when he happens to draw bad.
    This is not about losing or being salty. This is a problem this game had since the beginning.
    We really need a class ban system.
    IT IS NOT FUN TO PLAY this game like it is.
    And you can spare me your brainless answer to stop playing then. I still play, even though I hate it. What counts is, I don't spent any money on it. Why would I spend a few hundred $$$ every year on this game, whena brain afk f2p deck can beat me 90% of the time?
    I just do my quests and play on the side while watching tv or doing something else. Grinding to legend as aggro is not fun and grinding vs aggro even less.
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    posted a message on Hunter is the new Pirate Warrior scum
    Quote from DiamondDM13 >>
    ...because you are encouraging Roping, which is not something allowed here...
     I guess this is a hunter forum then....
    Encouraging people to play that fucking deck should be forbidden, not roping them.
    This site is partially responsible for the bad meta Hearthstone has.
    "Top Legend 100% win huntard deck" on page 1  leads to lazy netdeckers not even trying to find a suitable deck, just copypasta the first one on the mainpage.
    Maybe you should promote more control style decks or put in a rule that forbids % winrate and such things in the title/description.
    If I didn't waste money on this game, I would quit playing it. At least I don't spend any morney on it anymore, since it has gone bad. And with every year, after the initial expansions hype, it gets worse and worse.
    Aggro, Aggro, Face, Face.....    fun game. so much for rock, paper, scissors  -.-
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    posted a message on Hunter is the new Pirate Warrior scum
    Quote from Maukiepaukie >>

    I personally don't mind hunter that much. The thing that annoys me about it is that it has always been the same bs: play obvious shit on curve, make obvious trades and finish off by pressing heropower and kill commands. No viable hunter deck has ever deviated from that plan

     Exactly this!
    I didn't say hunter is OP. Neither did I call for nerfs.  I  just noticed, that with the pirate warrior nerfs the same scum people apparently switched to hunter. You always say the same shitty, braindead plays.
    If you build a ultra counter deck, you magically get queued against control decks (priest mostly).
    If you play a normal or god forbid a fun deck, you lose most of the time. While sweating every turn and hoping to draw what you need...   and even if you do, you might still  lose.
    Meanwhile the huntard does his nonsense and jerks off while he is doing it!
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    posted a message on Hunter is the new Pirate Warrior scum

    Everybody please start to rope and BM all Hunters please. These brainless cancer player have to learn their lesson. Hearthstone sucks for this reason. Scum noobs ruining the game experience for others.

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    posted a message on [Legend] Dog's Mill Fatigue Warrior + Guide

    I can't seem to win vs aggro. and vs control it's not that good either. My hand always sucks to shuffle or is empty -.-

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    posted a message on Asmodai Rank 1 legend

    Bad Deck. doesnt work!

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    posted a message on [Legend] Meta Control (guide)

    Nice deck. Played 9 games at rank 10, went 6/3. Two of my losses were due to lack of early game removal. Maybe a second Doomsayer would help.

    Dirty Ratting Prophet Velen felt amazing!

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    posted a message on Korobars Murloc Paladin versus the Meta [Legend]

    Hey, thanks for sharing this list! I played a lot of Murloc Paladin and I've been looking for a list with Cobalt Scalebane because I thought it was very good against Jade Druid, so I found your list and decided to try it. Right now I'm 22/13 with it at rank 3, which matches exactly your win rate.

    The problem is that the meta is getting more and more aggro, so I'm thinking about doing something. Maybe I'll remove something to put a Grimscale Chum. There are quite a few matches where I lose to Aggro Druid due to not having a 1-drop.

    On the other hand, I won't have time to reach legend this month, but I'll definitely try to push for Legend next month with this list! Let's hope they don't nerf Druid just yet: Murloc Pally is way too well positioned in this metagame.

    Thanks a lot!

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    posted a message on Lilian Voss

    why the hell do they always put "from your opponent's class" into parentheses? theres no reason for that, very annoying

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