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    posted a message on New Neutral Epic Card - Kobold Stickyfinger

    It's about time they made a card like this!

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds Balance Changes - 4 New Heroes - 4 Old Heroes Removed

    I was thinking the same thing actually. Rat pack scales way better that infested wolf so they should be switched. 

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    I read they might just make it a 2/2 minion. 

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    Sindragosa is actually in the tutorial so I'm not surprised she's gonna be a hero. 

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    If you had fun with part 1 then part 2 will also be fun. It's really only 400g because you get 3 packs. 

    You get a new character for each chapter which means new treasures and combos. 

    The first time you play a chapter it's all new bosses and when you beat it those bosses get added to all the pools for the other chapters. 

    The final bosses are all really fun imo and on hard mode it's actually pretty tough. 

    I played a ton of the first 2 chapters already and some of the 3rd so far and I plan on beating every chapter with every character on hard mode which I didn't do on Dalaran heist. 

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    posted a message on Tombs of Terror: Anyone else feel like the "Random" effects aren't random?

    If it was actually random then there would be a thread complaining that their opponent got 7 murlocs on turn 1 and just won the game. 

    I would rather it be balanced then unfair. 

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    Are you telling me you don't unlock Finley on the murloc wing?

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    posted a message on Tombs of Terror - All The New Info and The New Store Bundle!

    When was the last time you replayed any of those adventures? 

    I tried to replay naxxaramus right before rise of shadows came out and somewhere in the second wing I lost interest and stopped because once you beat it once it sort of loses its fun.  

    For the same price as one of the adventures I got rise of shadows which I've gotten like 40+ hours of enjoyment and I haven't even finish everything. 

    I still go back and play it and I still go back to dungeon run. 

    Honestly, go replay one night in Kharazan a few times and see if it holds up. 


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    posted a message on Blizzard’s logic center - does one even exist?

    These arguments are just absurd. Just hear the guy out and give valid arguments or just stop talking. 


    The difference between Aviana and Luna's pocket Galaxy in terms of otk is consistency.  With Aviana all you need to do is draw all of the combo. With Luna's you have to draw it first and then the powerful cards so if you draw Antonitis or Kalacgos(excuse typos with those names) or whatever before Luna's then they're just normal cards. 

    The only reason it feels worse is because sometimes the mage has turn 5 Luna into turn 6 10 drop and have 5 Mana left over. 

    But the games where they don't draw that just feel like normal games so it's fine. 

    With combo druid they just stall and stall with 50+ armor and then kill you Everytime unless you also have tons of armor. 

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