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    I'm not going to completely write off the idea of an OTK deck working in standard but it's much, much harder to survive long enough to combo now than it was 3 years ago when freeze mage was last viable. And on top of that mage doesnt have ice block anymore, one of the main cards that enabled that deck. Mage has decent anti aggro tools but I think this deck is too slow and dies too easily to work.

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    I want to play some aggro decks because I'm a disgruntled control player who's really tired of getting outvalued by galakrond priest every game.

    I dont know what deck they fit into yet but the 1 mana 1/2 with spell burst gain +2 attack and the 2 mana 1/3 who draws you up to 3 cards at the end of the turn look completely nuts in a decent aggro shell.

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    Quote from Skyi101 >>

    I didn't read the whole wall. I'll say this though...

    Palladian has been to the mountain top, it's consistently in meta even if not tier 1, libram paladin is currently a thing (and I run 17-2 with a homebrew variant d5-legendary and remain over 70% with it after another 40+ games in legend - most of my loses to curved agro DH no less).

    Also, 3000 wins and don't know how to counter. So you know the class, but not the game. A lot of players do not realize that the majority of knowledge in making winning plays lies outside know their prefered class... Rather knowing the opponents deck and strategy and playing to counter it.

    Lastly, libram paladin is in a very good spot and the new expansion cards offer a lot of support to make it stronger. So while not mind blowing this expansion makes an already META deck stronger.

    I think OP you need to learn the game mostly, just not the class. And given your knowledge on AOE and board removals, paladin is one of the better classes for board control/removal and got additional support - even if it requires 2 cards. Clear board and gain tempo for 2 cards is pretty damn good. Or build a 10/1 wild pyromancer board clear with a hand of 0mana librams. There's always been options and still are in paladin.

    Pretty short sighted to call a class dead. 

    Paladin is one of the best classes for board control and removal...? What? Are we even playing the same game?

    Paladin has one very powerful removal card, libram of justice. That's nothing compared to the many different options priest, mage, and warlock have. And you cant consistently get your libram of justice because Paladin has no playable card draw.

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    Quote from grizzlybear6 >>

    this is the most broken card of the expansion by far. 

    It's terrible. Decks like big druid and quest druid are already capable of pretty powerful tempo swings late in the game. Those decks suck because they cant survive the first 5 turns, not because they need a free 5/4 that cant even come out until turn 6.

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    Quote from Nimehte >>

    This is op you play this and a spell for free.

    You get a free 5/4 and a cheap spell. Decent tempo swing but hardly an overpowered effect late in the game.

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    Quote from user-100394506 >>

    It is not fair when Blizzard gives free stuff to people that left the game and nothing to faithful people. I feel like leaving the game immediately out of spite.

    Loyalty should be remunerated, but Blizzard prefers to pay the opposite because too many people are stopping playing. Well fuck Blizzard, make a better game if you don't want people to leave instead of remunerate them. 

    If you've been actively playing for 120 days you've more than made up the value of these decks just by getting gold from your daily quests. An active player shouldnt struggle with affording at least one meta deck.

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    Murloc paladin is bad at legend because it's easily countered and has a low skill ceiling

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    Welp this is going in every mage deck and probably most rogue decks for the foreseeable future

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    posted a message on If you could add 1 wild card to a standard deck what would it be?

    Loatheb would be an excellent addition to any midrange/tempo deck

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    Quote from Xivir >>
    Quote from Shadowrisen >>

    I still don't comprehend how they released Demon Hunter in the state they did.  What have we had?  4 nerfs now?  I'm trying to remember all of the things they've changed in the last month and a half.  Twin Slice, Priestess, Skull, however many others.  I've lost track.  But, I think this last batch has truly crossed the line a bit.  Any two of the Kayne/Warglaive/Metamorph nerfs would have been fine without the third.

     I would argue this is due to the lack of a public test realm. Blizzard really wants people to get hyped for spoiler season and new set deck building but it's always less than advertised. Meta decks settle after about 12 hours or less from a new release. I would very much like a test realm to work out kinks in cards before people spend money on the product.

     Also they had dozens and dozens of streamers test DH deck builds at the demon hunter summit for what... a couple of days? And none of them were able to come up with a deck as powerful as tempo DH eventally became. It's easy to act like yeah DH was obviously broken but we have the advantage of millions of games of sample size to test with, and the devs dont.

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