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    posted a message on New Neutral Card - Licensed Adventurer

    This card is far more powerful than it may appear.  Coins are spells and 1 extra mana.  Certain combos require 11 mana and special setups or mana discounts to work.  This bypasses that requirement.

    As someone mentioned, you can get double Shudderwock without going second and getting the coin.  This is quite good for that and also enables combos that were nerfed because of mana cost increases or other nerfs.

    Enable Quest mage for those that like to play that one.  Makes Quest Druid not get too far behind with minions and helps complete quest while 'playing on curve'.  Rogue Quest gets more free mana and spells for all those combo cards and OTK potential.

    Basically, gives some tempo back to those Quest decks so that the playing it on turn 1 gives something back to you later.

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    posted a message on New Common Priest Card - Cleric of Scales

    Yeah, not as strong because it doesnt give you a copy of the spell.  Having multiple copies of specific cards is far better for control decks.  Still drawing the card you need is not bad, but it does not allow you to generate value.  Too many decks can easily survive 1, 2 and 3 board wipes now.  Having a COPY of the card would be far superior so you can threaten multiple board wipes.

    Now, what this does do is enable combo decks.  We already have the dragon that lessens mana cost of cards in your hand.  Now this card, which works off dragons draws you a specific card.  You can easily get yourself an OTK together and draw your deck faster.

    In fact this has synergy with Chef Nomi and other empty your deck strategies too.

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    posted a message on New Neutral Card - Boompistol Bully

    I think this is very very strong and unless Battlecry minions go away from the metagame, this will always find a place in some decks.  When N'zoth was available in Standard, deathrattle decks were everywhere.  We are now in a Battlecry metagame in which EVERY single deck plays some sort of Battlecry card.  Some decks more than others.

    Shudderwock Shaman can actually lock out opponents from big turns twice now.  Once with this minion and once with Shudderwock.  And that means mirror matches too are going to be won on who plays this on the perfect turn to shut out the Shaman opponent.

    If nothing else this is meta defining because it affects all decks and might have players adjust how they play or what cards they put into their decks because of it.

    A simple example would be, do you play a Battlecry minion with 'Draw a card' or do you NOW play a minion with Deathrattle 'Draw a card' instead?  Especially because you don't want to be locked out of a turn where you NEED to draw a card but can't.

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    posted a message on New Warrior Card - Boom Squad

    This card might get stronger after rotation because we will have less dragons and less mechs to play with.  That means the 'good' mechs and dragons will have a higher chance to be discovered.

    I still think the change to Discover is such a detriment to the game and I wish they would go back to what it was.  Giving a higher chance to class based cards makes them playable AND far more predictable for both players.

    This card is still meh though.  You get 1 of each choice to choose.  1 Lacky, 1 Mech and 1 Dragon.  Might be fun in a spell based Warrior deck that doesn't quite exist yet.

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    posted a message on New Rare Paladin Card - Scalelord

    I dunno, on its own, the stats are good, but it only works in a hybrid build.

    The problem with decks like this is you need to play specific cards in a specific order AND try to keep specific minions on the board AND in your hand.  That makes all of these hybrid cards very awkward.

    This card weakens the Discover dragon pool as well, not only for Paladin, but for lackeys and the rest of the discover cards.  If you aren't playing murlocs, this is an ok Dragon with stats as its only benefit.

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    posted a message on EVEN MORE LEAKED CARDS :D :D

    Some of these adventure cards, including these leaked ones (assuming they are real), seem like leftovers from the main set or were cut for some reason.  Some are really powerful and some are why is this even a card?

    Well, in the least the meta should be changing with a few of these cards.

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    posted a message on Ingame chat

    Obvious troll is obvious.  In game chat is available to friends as someone else noted.  If you really want that, get that opponent to accept a friend request and chat away.

    And I am a fragile eggshell.  I play games where everyone wins and gets a participation prize.  

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    posted a message on New Mage Card - Arcane Amplifier

    Ok, so if you don't kill this, the Mage can just ping off your mid range minions for 2 mana AND still play another minion along side it.

    And in a Highlander deck, this will mean putting back the 7 drop summon Ragtime into that deck.

    It also means Mage can save their resources and ping for 3 instead to keep board control.

    If nothing else, you will gladly discover it with the Raven minion card.

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    posted a message on New Druid Card - Rising Winds

    This card will be seen in every Quest Druid deck.  Twinspell makes it even more likely.  You can use it before you complete the Quest, then use the second spell to get both benefits.

    Wow.  This is really good.  Will this card get thrown into Arena as well?  If so, that card is also insane there too.

    And the 1 drop Discover a Choose card now has another good target.

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    posted a message on New Neutral Card - Sky Gen'ral Kragg

    Regardless of whether or not Quest Shaman is in the Meta, I am still playing it.  In fact, I am playing a Highlander version and I enjoy it.

    This card slots right in.  And whether or not I hit the double effect, I will always be happy with 4 damage removal AND a battlecry trigger.

    And when my Shudderwock is played, I get another 4/2 with Rush.  Sign me up.

    This also is nice in a Wild Warrior Quest Taunt deck.  It is taunt and has 4 damage removal.  It also gives an extra body for Brawl on turn 9.

    Is this meta-defining?  Nah, because Quests decks aren't top tier.  But for me, it is because I like to play decks that are fun.  This is a fun card for all of my quest decks.

    As a side note, this also helps those players that like to play those ALL legendary decks.  Play Quest on turn 1 and you will always trigger this battlecry.

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    posted a message on New Neutral Legendary Card - Grand Lackey Erkh

    The stats don't matter.  The effect does.  You can play Magic Carpet and this.  That means ALL of your Lackeys will have RUSH and you will generate MORE lackeys with RUSH.  It means you can CLEAR an opponents board easily or remove problem minions.

    It also means you CANNOT get the board back from Rogue or Warlock or Shaman again.  They WILL NOT run out of resources.  Control decks cannot be viable if your mid range and aggro decks never run out of cards.  That means we will see an influx of Combo decks to ignore what your opponent is doing.

    They can gain infinite value, but as a combo deck you don't care.  Control decks cannot deal with infinite value.

    This card is a mistake.  This is far more powerful than people realize.  And when that Rogue, Warlock or Shaman deck is spamming Lackeys you are going to hate it or love it, if you are one of these classes.

    I believe Rogue and Warlock will use this best, but Battlecry Quest Shaman could also abuse this too.

    The only limitation is the mana cost, but you don't care if this gives you immediate value.


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    posted a message on New Shaman Card - Eye of the Storm

    I wouldn't sleep on this.  This being Discoverable means you will hate playing against it.  I wouldnt put it in my deck though unless I am playing some silly King P battlecry deck.  Or in Wild playing Spiteful Summoner.  I mean, if nothing else, in Wild, this is a buff to that card for Shaman.

    And a Buff to Puzzlebox for Mage.

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    posted a message on New Paladin Card - Air Raid

    This is good because of the Twinspell, otherwise, this would not be worth putting into your deck.  Also in pure Paladin decks, you can get this randomly generated which means flooding the board with no deck slots wasted.

    If you think this is bad, then what about this....

    Turn 1, Brazen Zealot.  Turn 2, Air Raid.  Brazen attacks for 4 damage.  If they cannot kill the Brazen the opponent is in deep trouble.  Ping classes can go ahead and kill it, but other than Mage, will be tanking another 4 damage.

    Then you have Sky Claw OR Air Raid again on turn 3.  If that is your curve, your opponent will not have a chance.

    This also can work in a Highlander style deck, giving you 2 spells for 1 card slot AND board presence.

    How is this bad exactly?

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    posted a message on New Mage Hero Card - The Amazing Reno

    I love the POOF all the minions are gone, but I don't like the random spells every turn.  Let's assume for simplicity that the spells work out in your favor 60% of the time.  Whether that is because it only affects you, your minions or does nothing at all.

    Is that worth it?  I imagine if we did the actual math and looked up EVERY spell, we would find the numbers not that high in your favor.

    You play this on turn 10, nothing on the board.  Pass to your opponent.

    Your opponent fills the board up again with 2 minions and does some other spell stuff.  You are faced with 2 minions and you have no board.  The spell trigger comes around...

    That is how we need to calculate the effectiveness of the hero power.  You do not have any minions but your opponent most likely will.  That means any spells that target minions that are beneficial is a bad result.  Board clears are a good result.  Friendly minion buffs do nothing.

    So we take all that math involved, but skew it towards the FIRST time it triggers.  What are the chances of good results?  bad results? and nothing or neutral results?

    But what happens when you take the board back because the spell clears their minions on your first turn trigger (good result)?  You go ahead and play a bunch of minions and then when the second turn trigger comes around, now what?

    This feels far too random to be reliable and competitive.  UNLESS you can somehow replace the hero power a few turns later.  The POOF is so good that its hard to imagine no one playing it.

    I dunno, I think ultimately, I would play around with it, get annoyed with the lack of Discover attached to the card and take it out of my deck.

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    posted a message on New Priest Rare Card - Dark Prophecy

    5 Health is good for a 3 drop, but with the power creep lately and the fact that alot of minions have rush, the minion you find is probably far worse than playing a 3 drop with 5 Health already.  Why throw this card into your deck unless you need spell synergy?

    3 drops that I would rather play are Injured Blademaster and Circle of Healing.

    Bronze Gatekeeper and it has magnetize and taunt so this can get attached to my 2 drop Mech deathrattle if my opponent ignores it.

    Hell I could play a Silence Priest and Arcane Watcher instead for a 5/6.

    How about Ornery Tortoise and then heal myself with Quest Priest because my opponent hasnt attacked me yet.

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