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    posted a message on Is Somebody Going to do Something about Priestess of Fury?

    BTW, not broken enough though.  Give this minion Rush, then I would classify this as the most broken card in HS history.

    Still, far too powerful on turn 5 when discounted.  If you don't have an answer in hand, then you lost that game for sure.  As your board is mostly gone at that point.

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    posted a message on Evocation

    If Warlock could get a hold of this, or Mage finds Plot Twist, you won't lose the spells.  Sick anti-fatigue card if you could pull that off.

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    posted a message on Looking for Hearthstone friends? Post your BattleTag Here 2.0

    Battletag: BadHank#1556

    Region: US
    Usual Play Times: Variable
    Level of Experience: Advanced
    Preferred Heroes: Warrior, Priest and Rogue.
    I’m Looking For: Quest support and maybe a few friendly games.  No longer care about ladder or rankings.
    Tell us something about you: played since beta.  i design card and board games for friends and family.  played mtg and other ccg's competitively winning tournaments when i was much younger.  HS has now become a casual distraction as I feel it no longer offers the same level of strategy and complexity of other card games.  Fun, but nothing I take seriously anymore.


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    posted a message on What Do You Wish For The Next Expansion?

    Also, here are more wishes because why not.

    1.  More deck slots.  Better UI with deck sorting, arranging and organizing.  Sorting by class, name and so forth.  The ability to copy or duplicate a deck 'in client'.

    2.  More minion types.  Not only for clarity sake, but also to expand the ability to create new cards and interactions.  Why not an 'Undead' minion type?  How about Spirit?  What about some minions can have 2 types instead?  a Pirate/Beast?  Why not?  You can then create cards that interact with these new minion types.  For example, many of the Reborn minions should be 'Undead'.

    3.  New Tavern Brawls.  Tavern Brawls are a great way to experiment with ideas and if they work, they can be transferred to the real HS environment.  Tavern Brawls should be experimental and really play with the rules of the game and showcase why a digital format is far superior to a cardboard game.  Don't be afraid to try silly things.  The Brawls are free (mostly) to play and have zero risk to the players.

    Some Tavern Brawl Ideas:

    a.  Quests are the Best.  All Quests in your deck, including side quests are always drawn if you do not have any in hand or in play.  If you have multiple quests in your deck, a random one is chosen to start in your opening hand like 'normal' quests.  If you do not have an active Quest in play and/or in hand, you will draw a random Quest at the start of your turn, in addition to the normal card or cards you would draw.  Example:  I completed a side quest last turn and have none in my hand or in play.  At the start of my next turn, I draw a random quest in my deck first.  Then I draw my normal card for the turn.

    b.  The Ole Switcheroo.  All minions have their health and attack switched.  This switch takes place any place the card exists, whether in your deck, on the field or in your hand.  Cards that draw a 1 attack minion will no longer draw an Acolyte of Pain.  That means playing a Doomsayer will instantly kill it, unless you can buff it's new health somehow.

    4.  Legendary Mode (new game mode):  much like Magic the Gathering has a Commander and acts as your leader or general for your deck, I am thinking the same exact thing for Hearthstone.  1 Leader and 29 Other cards.  The Leader must be a Legendary minion.  Also, all decks are 'Highlander' by default.  You cannot have more than 1 copy of any card in your deck.

    You choose a Legendary Minion to be your leader.  That leader is always available to play for it's mana cost.  Even if the minion is killed, removed or somehow 'poofed' out of existence, that leader will always be available to play.  If your Legendary is a class card, your deck building restrictions are the same as any normal deck:  That class and neutral cards only.  But if your Legendary is a Neutral card, you can build your deck with cards from any and all classes without restrictions.

    Lastly, any time your Legendary Leader is removed from the board, it will cost 1 Extra Mana to play it each and every time in a cumulative manner.  The first time it is killed, it will cost 1 more to play.  The second time it happens in game, it will cost 2 extra to play and so forth.  It will never cost more than 10 mana no matter how many times its killed.


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    posted a message on What Do You Wish For The Next Expansion?

    Not necessarily.  Keep in mind that with all the Discover cards, there is an aspect of that as well.  Rogues and Priests are able to acquire non class cards fairly easily.

    But the Duality mode would not necessarily need to be balanced ahead of time.  If a card or combination of cards causes an issue, simply ban the card for this mode.

    The idea is give the game more longevity by giving players 'new' classes by combining 2 of them into one deck.


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    posted a message on What Do You Wish For The Next Expansion?

    Here are my 3 wishes:

    1.  The Octogon (new game mode):  This is a ladder just like Standard or Wild, but it has a regular and random set rotations.  At the start of the month, randomly choose 8 expansions and/or adventures.  There are currently 18 of these choices not including Classic/Basic cards.  So I would also include Classic/Basic as the 19 choice.  These chosen 8 would form it's own meta game and would last one full month.  If you felt that 1 month was not long enough, make it 2 instead.  This mode would be completely independent of any new sets being released and would not necessarily include the new expansions.  Also, you should announce which 8 expansions are included about a week ahead of time to the change.

    2.  Tavern Brawl Feedback.  Being able to vote on and rate Tavern Brawls on a regular basis.  And a place to be able to suggest new ideas for Tavern Brawls.

    3.  Duality (new game mode):  For both Wild and Standard.  When Deck Building you get to choose 2 Classes instead of 1.  All cards from those classes are now legal deck building choices.  But because we want some semblance of balance, your deck MUST contain a minimum of 10 cards from each chosen class.  So you couldn't build a Control Warlock deck with 2 Pyroblasts for finishers.  It also means you cannot include more than 10 neutral minions/cards.  The whole point of this new game mode is to impose deck building restrictions but allow more freedom for combos and minion interactions.


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    posted a message on New Neutral Card - Licensed Adventurer

    This card is far more powerful than it may appear.  Coins are spells and 1 extra mana.  Certain combos require 11 mana and special setups or mana discounts to work.  This bypasses that requirement.

    As someone mentioned, you can get double Shudderwock without going second and getting the coin.  This is quite good for that and also enables combos that were nerfed because of mana cost increases or other nerfs.

    Enable Quest mage for those that like to play that one.  Makes Quest Druid not get too far behind with minions and helps complete quest while 'playing on curve'.  Rogue Quest gets more free mana and spells for all those combo cards and OTK potential.

    Basically, gives some tempo back to those Quest decks so that the playing it on turn 1 gives something back to you later.

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    posted a message on New Common Priest Card - Cleric of Scales

    Yeah, not as strong because it doesnt give you a copy of the spell.  Having multiple copies of specific cards is far better for control decks.  Still drawing the card you need is not bad, but it does not allow you to generate value.  Too many decks can easily survive 1, 2 and 3 board wipes now.  Having a COPY of the card would be far superior so you can threaten multiple board wipes.

    Now, what this does do is enable combo decks.  We already have the dragon that lessens mana cost of cards in your hand.  Now this card, which works off dragons draws you a specific card.  You can easily get yourself an OTK together and draw your deck faster.

    In fact this has synergy with Chef Nomi and other empty your deck strategies too.

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    posted a message on New Neutral Card - Boompistol Bully

    I think this is very very strong and unless Battlecry minions go away from the metagame, this will always find a place in some decks.  When N'zoth was available in Standard, deathrattle decks were everywhere.  We are now in a Battlecry metagame in which EVERY single deck plays some sort of Battlecry card.  Some decks more than others.

    Shudderwock Shaman can actually lock out opponents from big turns twice now.  Once with this minion and once with Shudderwock.  And that means mirror matches too are going to be won on who plays this on the perfect turn to shut out the Shaman opponent.

    If nothing else this is meta defining because it affects all decks and might have players adjust how they play or what cards they put into their decks because of it.

    A simple example would be, do you play a Battlecry minion with 'Draw a card' or do you NOW play a minion with Deathrattle 'Draw a card' instead?  Especially because you don't want to be locked out of a turn where you NEED to draw a card but can't.

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    posted a message on New Warrior Card - Boom Squad

    This card might get stronger after rotation because we will have less dragons and less mechs to play with.  That means the 'good' mechs and dragons will have a higher chance to be discovered.

    I still think the change to Discover is such a detriment to the game and I wish they would go back to what it was.  Giving a higher chance to class based cards makes them playable AND far more predictable for both players.

    This card is still meh though.  You get 1 of each choice to choose.  1 Lacky, 1 Mech and 1 Dragon.  Might be fun in a spell based Warrior deck that doesn't quite exist yet.

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    posted a message on New Rare Paladin Card - Scalelord

    I dunno, on its own, the stats are good, but it only works in a hybrid build.

    The problem with decks like this is you need to play specific cards in a specific order AND try to keep specific minions on the board AND in your hand.  That makes all of these hybrid cards very awkward.

    This card weakens the Discover dragon pool as well, not only for Paladin, but for lackeys and the rest of the discover cards.  If you aren't playing murlocs, this is an ok Dragon with stats as its only benefit.

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    posted a message on EVEN MORE LEAKED CARDS :D :D

    Some of these adventure cards, including these leaked ones (assuming they are real), seem like leftovers from the main set or were cut for some reason.  Some are really powerful and some are why is this even a card?

    Well, in the least the meta should be changing with a few of these cards.

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    posted a message on Ingame chat

    Obvious troll is obvious.  In game chat is available to friends as someone else noted.  If you really want that, get that opponent to accept a friend request and chat away.

    And I am a fragile eggshell.  I play games where everyone wins and gets a participation prize.  

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    posted a message on New Mage Card - Arcane Amplifier

    Ok, so if you don't kill this, the Mage can just ping off your mid range minions for 2 mana AND still play another minion along side it.

    And in a Highlander deck, this will mean putting back the 7 drop summon Ragtime into that deck.

    It also means Mage can save their resources and ping for 3 instead to keep board control.

    If nothing else, you will gladly discover it with the Raven minion card.

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    posted a message on New Druid Card - Rising Winds

    This card will be seen in every Quest Druid deck.  Twinspell makes it even more likely.  You can use it before you complete the Quest, then use the second spell to get both benefits.

    Wow.  This is really good.  Will this card get thrown into Arena as well?  If so, that card is also insane there too.

    And the 1 drop Discover a Choose card now has another good target.

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