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    posted a message on Next needed nerf > hunter

    honestly guys, I was into this kind of discussions since Small-Time Buccaneer... nowadays I am playing this game only in a small ratio...

    NOTHING changed, new season, complaints, nerfs/buffs, further complaints...

    Do yourself a favour, reduce the time spent on pc... it's not worth discusssing about nerfs/buffs because blizzard will always hold it's advantage in creating OP-decks to keep you buying or crafting... after that guess what, nerfhammer... and the cycle repeats...

    Sry for not responding to your maybe-answer, I will check Hearthpwn next week.

    Enjoy your life!

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    posted a message on When to start competitive Hearthstone?
    Quote from KnivesOut >>
    Quote from CrusaderRO >>

    Never. Spend your life and free time doing something else.

     Like being negative on the internet?

    Why is this negative? TO asked for thoughts...

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    posted a message on Mill Rogue is a Pox on the Game - Agreed?

    It's no fun playin against

    - Pirate Warrior
    - Odd-Warrior
    - Control-Warrior
    - Even Shaman
    - Aggro Shaman
    - Control Shaman
    - Odd Paladin
    - Even Paladin
    - Secret Paladin
    - Priest i.g.
    - Face Hunter
    - Secret Hunter
    - Deathrattle-Hunter
    - Mill-Mage
    - Freeze-Mage
    - Face-Mage
    - Secret-Mage
    - Mill-Druid
    - Taunt-Druid
    - Togwaggle-Druid
    - Aggro-Druid
    - Renolock
    - Handlock
    - Zoo
    - Combo-Decks

    Only fun games are vs the Innkeeper

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    posted a message on Is pseudo RNG good or bad for the game?
    Quote from pep1 >>

     you will notice that you manage to get the quest early if not in the opening hand quite often

    change often to ALWAYS

    but, tbh, I don't get the point of your thread, but I am not a native speaker, so f*** me

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    posted a message on I don't like the idea of lowering the power level!

    I think these decks don't match with the spirit of hearthstone, which was around long time ago, also the actual state does not fit.

    Fighting for board, keeping it, playin around AoE etc. and win, because your trades and decisions etc. were good. Nowadays it depends, if certain cards were drawn/ played in time to decide the winner.

    Playin against Shudderwock always felt like playin against Priest... taunt, removal, heal, taunt, taunt, AoE, heal, AoE... WTF... please cut my veins

    I also played QR (after 1st + 2nd nerf) and Giggling made it fun for me, never was this good at mirrors, but I get it why people are hating this deck. Also had a lot of fun wielding a 12/4 weapon with lifesteal, but better ask the taunt druid, if it was fun or not...

    I am glad, if the whole mana-cheat-cards are leaving the standard-meta (Skull, Oakheart, Call to arms), even if Oondasta will be around, which is kind of false from my perspective, but I crafted it immediatly, because it's FUN to mana-cheat King Krush or Devilsaur!

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    posted a message on I'm joining them
    Quote from JarlBallin >>

    Oh no, I'm not making a Cubelock or Zoolock. Things aren't that desperate/sad yet.


    I'm crafting Zul'jin. Bash Hunters all you want,he looks genuinely fun and game-swingy. 

     Let the hunt begin!

    Don't forget the right behavior and the correct order, if you have lethal

    I will hunt you down, Greetings!

    btw. tech one flare in

    Kisses and welcome to the dark side!

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    posted a message on never had less fun...
    Quote from banner_bg >>

    Another salt thread... Who would've thought...


     Why aren't people just leaving the game? This hurts Blizz the most... Bro, they and we give a shit, if you're lacking fun, play sth. different

    Tbh, I'll wait until april-rotation and will decide, if I play arena only or even quit the game not because of hunter or the meta but the way they print cards for chosen archetypes only instead of creating a wide field of possibilites

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    posted a message on Which deck require the least skills to play?
    Quote from ababyduck >>

    Otherwise it's just a matter of waiting for hemet, screaming twice, then wait until your last card and win

     Bro, now you underestimate it, they can scream up to four times ^^


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    posted a message on Big Priest is a serious problem.

    One guy on an older thread posted a solution for barnes

    sth like. summon a 1/1 role-player who gets the effect on a random minion

    don't quote me on that, I can't find the post, but I liked it... after that they can res a vanilla 1/1

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    posted a message on So where are the rants of Even Shaman and Odd Rogue?

    I think the reason could be the following

    these two types are aggro, you can play taunt, heal, aoe etc. to counter it and come back

    but how to counter a 8/8 on T4, T5, T6, T7, T8 and so on, I guess...

    and they killed kingsbane, so there's no deck to hardcounter it, I guess again

    nothing to offend you

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