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    posted a message on Viper's Shudderwock Shaman - HCT Europe Winter Playoffs 2018

    so it's a purely value oriented control Shaman?

    Anybody know what matchup he specifically targetted with this? I'd imagine Hunters with Shudderwock as an answer to Zul'jin that refills your hand, or maybe against Even Paladin.

    Other than that I'm not really sure what the point is?

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    posted a message on Is Odd Warrior bad??

    it's actually a prime answer to any purely aggressive and damage-based combo deck.

    The only thing that really keeps it at bay are inevitable combos like Mecha'thun and Exodia Paladin and the infinite value from Deathstalker Rexxar (and to an extent Lakkari Sacrifice if you manage to not discard Gul'dan)

    The quest builds improve your matchup against these decks by adding pressure.

    Odd Warrior will probably end up as one of the most powerful decks of the next expansion unless there is some competitive infinite value deck.

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    posted a message on Shipwrecked

    As someone who tried Even Rogue before, I would recommend Dread Corsair over Phantom Freebooter, mostly because the benefit of either is minimal, but Corsair allows you to ocasionally bridge the turn 3 mana gap more conveniently and also provides some protection. 3-mana 3/3 with taunt  is better than a vanilla 4_mana 4/4

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    posted a message on Paladin is invincible .....

    another day another lunatic thread.

    I wonder if one could program a bot that uaotmatically detects salt based on pattern recognition, because IT'S ALWAYS THE SAME.

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Patch Changes - Rumble Run Updates, Arena Bucket Changes

    honestly I'm really appreciating these frequent updates. It really feels like they are actually caring about the game at this point (which is ironic considering Blizzard has been neglecting their other games in the last few months)

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    posted a message on Death Bunnies MK II (Guide and intro up)

    I fail to see the point of Myra's, simply because Sprint does the job as well without potentially burning cards you actually want.

    I also like Tuskarr (seen it in practice, am impressed) but I feel like it'S too situational. to me, cards like Edwin vanCleef and Fal'dore Strider are much more important because they allow you to have some sort of presence early and therefore give you a better chance against tempo decks (whereas going full Bunny means you can never contest the board or pressure slower decks to keep them from just setting up combos)


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    posted a message on Is Mecha'thun druid the only good druid deck left?

    Togwaggle beats basically all control decks.

    You can also still technically run Malygos

    IN fact, every previous deck "works" but the nerfs made them much weaker to aggro, which is why Druid dropped so hard.

    I've seen some interesting treant builds that basically drop the ramp and go for living mana shenanigans and the likes. Getting a full board that your opponent can't conveniently remove is still a guaranteed win in a lot of matchups.

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    posted a message on tempo Warrior ever gonna work ?

    Rush is too fair for now. The highest winrate Rush warrior decks are actually at around 58% winrates according to HSreplay, but the overall low winrate comes from the many people running terriblie lists (it'S a rather expensive deck tbh)

    rush Warrior will most definitely be a powerful deck after the standard rotation (unless the worst case scenario of total Odd Warrior domination happens)

    Also, Tempo Dragon Warrior was very much a thing during Old gods and Karazhan If I recall correctly. eventually it was taken over by pirates, but for a while playing Alexstraza'S champion on turn 2 might have just won you the game.

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    posted a message on What is the best MANGA in the World ?

    anything to ever come out of ONE is solid gold.

    Also Berserk is pretty cool

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    posted a message on [Guide] Pogo-Hopper Rogue

    swap Mimic Pod for Vanish. Mimic POd is not reliable enough in any case

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    posted a message on Day 1 New Season, New Year! Thoughts?

    Hunters and HUnters and Priests that counter Hunters and Warriors that counter Priests and Paladins and occasionally somebody plays Warlock.

    the game is surprisingly more fun without Druid though.

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    posted a message on Celebrating Winter Veil - Our Favourite Moments From Kobolds & Catacombs

    also why do they mention Hadronox as if it was a knC card? This reminds me of that Un'goro review where you trashtalked Primalfin Totem because you thought it was 3-mana and apparently nobody bothered to proofread.

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    posted a message on Celebrating Winter Veil - Our Favourite Moments From Kobolds & Catacombs

    "it didn't quite hit the power level we saw from Un'Goro and Frozen Throne"


    Is he actually just going to ignore how most of currently powerful decks absolutely rely on KnC cards?

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    posted a message on A kind request to all the hunters out there

    this sounds incredibly specific. Also, Wild SPellhunter just isn't any different from Standard.

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    posted a message on Dragon Paladin - Will it get support again?

    I do think they have something planned for it.

    Like, there's literally no reason to print Cathedral Gargoyle and nothing to support it. My guess is they're waiting til the rotation to push Paladin Dragons, either because there are currently some dragon cards that would make it too strong or because they didn't want to fully commit to an archetype that might just fall flat.

    Pretty sure there's some stuff coming next year.

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