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    posted a message on Elysiana is part of the issue right now

    just makke it 10 mana and give it taunt, problem solved

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    posted a message on "Miracle Mage" as a deck Archetype

    there are plenty of archetypes that have no fitting label on here, give it some time, if it sticks around it'll be added

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    posted a message on New Hearthstone Cinematic - Here’s the Plan! (Dalaran Heist Adventure)

    I actually like that they waited this long for the adventure to come out because it actually gives you time to save up gold.

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    posted a message on Silvername's Top 1 OTK paladin


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    posted a message on Madame Lazul calles Zerek

    I feel like Catrina doesn't make too much sense in the deck. Outisde of Zilliax and Zerek there don't seem to be that many good targets.

    I do however like the idea of Zerek and I think he might be a seriously underrated card.

    At the end of the day we still have the issue of not really having a chance against Rogues.

    I'd also like to recommend trying Squashling, because they work well with Auchenai

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    posted a message on Game of Thrones is disappointing

    My favourite part was when Tyrion and Jamie were in a random room together and Bron just walks in with a crossbow to threaten them, then leaves again. Where were they? Who let him in? What is love? Baby don't hurt me

    Didn't even notice that Starbucks cup.

    Also the Dragon death felt incredibly lame. The last time it happened it was, at the very least genuinely out of the blue and had an impact. Here it's just like "ah shit, here we go again" He just died in what wasn't even a real battle. Dany is apparently canonically blind now since she can't spot a fleet of giant ships, one of which has literally WINGS FOR SAILS on a clear day from a mile high.

    oh and also...how did Missandei even get captured exactly? they sunk the boat, everyone else managed to swim to...some shore? except her? Fucking Varys managed it and he's a chunky boi.

    then there's the whole execution thing. No tension whatsoever because both sides were like "unconditional surrender now" so we knew that wasn't going to happen so Misandei was dead for sure. Cersei not killling Tyrion for the xth time because the plot needs to reward his idiocy

    Also apparently we can just arrange meetings now without any setup. Remember how last season Dany brought her whole army + dragons and all of King's Landing was in alert mode. I guess now we don't have the budget so we get leftover Unsullied with Drogon literally sitting in the open, making himself a big target for the scorpions which we established can apparently 3-hit dragons, despite last season a direct hit barely put one out of commission. Oh and said scorpions weren't even pointed at the dragon. He could have literally just obliterated anyone on that wall and there's fuck all they could have done about it.

    At the very least I did somewhat enjoy the Tormund scenes. they actually made him more than just a punchline for once. Anything the Hound does is basically just fanservice at this point, but at the very least he's still a likeable character.

    Also Varys and Tyrion finally figuring out that Dany is has been a giant cunt for the last 2 seasons.

    It's really confusing to me....the character interactions and most of the dialogue are actually still pretty decent, but for some reason they cannot for the love of god write coherent battle scenes. It's not even like they had to do much....just not...that? Was it too much to ask that Dead Dragon #2 at least went out in an actual battle? It's like they're doing everything to nerf Dany just so the fronts are equal...but they already were given how OP the scorpions and Euron's aim is. They  could have written a different plot for how Misandei got captured, then have her death (portrayed in a much less stupid scene) be the reason for the final escalation in which dead Dragon #2 actually gets to do something before getting spiked with bolts.

    I was hoping that after the whole Night King fiasco we would get at least 3 more episodes of actual game of thrones....but no. We got this filler bs that did nothing to advance the plot, we got a meaningless death that barely had any weight because the character hasn't done anything outside of fucking Grey Worm for the last two seasons...and now we're just waiting for the final battle where another bunch of less important characters die, then a couple main characters die, then Arya kills Cersei (or Jaime kills Cersei) and then we have some random ending that "totally subverted our expectations"

    Just goes to show how hype can kill a good show. At some point the masses just eat everything up to the point where the writers don't even need to care anymore to rake in cash.



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    posted a message on What's your current meme deck?

    I played around with Hunting PArty Big Hunter...basically a bunch of big beasts (think the old Kathrena pacckage) with Hunting party and Dire Frenzy to get big value.

    Rest of the deck is just a regular spell core with zul'jin. The deck is actually terrible because Zul'jin generates so many cards  that you ussually end up burning a bunch of your deck. Hilarious when it works though. Nothing more satisfying than beating a Warrior by just slammingg King Krush for 5 turns in a row.

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    posted a message on Idea for New Keyword: Setup
    Quote from A_Flagrants >>

    Why creating “setup” when you just need to use the word “if”?

     because the difference is that the card cannot be played otherwise, whereas the "if" condition allows regular play, just without the effect.

    Annihilan can't be played at all unless you have 3 minions on board, and there'S no way to implement that using regular "if" text

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    posted a message on Idea for New Keyword: Setup

    I like the core idea. Annihilan sounds pretty fair, although I feel like he wouldn't be worth the effort (I get that you can just use him  with things like Scarab Egg, but it still feels like he's bad if you don't get that). I would rather he'd be a 4/5 or 3/6.

    Backup team seems either overstatted or undercosted. It's basically Doubling Imp on steroids and even thought the activation cost is pretty hard to pull off consistently I feel like a Zoo deck built around it would basically be a beefed up version of the old Heal Zoo package.

    First Strike doesn't make much sense to me. It mostly seems to promote some sort of combo deck, but I can't see any Warrior deck that doesn't want to play minions over the course of the game.

    Echo just seems pointless as well. I get the defensive effect of making your opponents minions useless, but the fact that it's a 6-mana combo that requires you to have 4 murlocs in hand, which you rarely want since you usually used them the turns before to establish a board control.

    Overall I like the idea, but I feel like you're being a bit too conservative with cost and effect

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    posted a message on Underbelly Angler is the New buzzard it might need some nerfs.

    I expected this card to be nerfed as well, but after playing a fair share of Murloc Shaman I have to say, it's not actually that strong...yet

    Basically, the entire Murloc archetype in Shaman really lacks the snowballing potential as of now. We're no longer in a Keleseth era, so a lot of deck have some form of turn 2 removal, so you rarely get to just jam it on curve and reap the benefits.

    Ofc you can hold it for later turns and get great value of of it, but that kinda requires you to be in a situation where you're already winning.

    In a time where Rockpool Hunter and Gentle Megasaur were a thing, this would be an insane card, but right now Murlocs don't snowball nearly as hard as they did once. Not to mention that randomly generated Murlocs just aren't that great in any case.

    As for Wild: cards usually don#t get nerfed just based on how good they are there. wild nerfs only target really overbearing decks and Murloc Shaman doesn't seem to be one of them.

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    posted a message on Secret hunter : tempo rogue nemesis

    I recommend against taking out Baited Arrow.

    The card does provide additional reach and I can't even tell you how many times it allowed me to finish off my opponent

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    posted a message on Is boom master flark worth it?

    I honestly don't think he is.

    According to HSreplay he has among the lowest winrate when played alongside Unleash the HOunds and Ooze (in the list with the currently highest winrate) and on top of that also has the second lowest when drawn. He also basically requires you to run Mossy Horror or else he's just an overcosted Whirliglider (since you're usually not gonna magnetize more than one bomb.

    The true strength of Mech Hunter is the fact that magnetize is a really busted keyword that turns vanilla statted minions into buffs. By the time you play him you're either winning already or losing to the point where you're just hoping for topdecks anyways.

    Better go for an early rushdown.

    I honestly think that it's more of a "why not" inclusion instead of a really useful card. We just don't have anything better at the moment so anyone who owns Flark puts him in there, because he 's not bad enough to really affect the winrate, but also not good enough to be essential.

    My guess is that by the time the next expansion is out people will have cut him from their lists, especially if there was a nerf patch and Hunter wasn't hit.

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    posted a message on Choose Your Champion Packs

    nope, this stuff usually takes quite a while

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    posted a message on How will Blizzard inevitably nerf rogue?
    Quote from Kaladin >>

    I just want to comment on weapon removal, and specifically Ooze/similar effects.  

    IMO Ooze's effect is too strong and prevents archetypes like Thief Rogue from being playable.  Hear me out.  

    Lackey Rogue with Waggle Pick is strong for many reasons, some of those reasons being pure burst damage via Waggle Pick and Leeroy.  There's not much thought to it - you go face, gg.  

    Because of how strong the deck is, everyone techs in weapon removal via Ooze/Harrison (and Weapons Project in Warrior).   That means you can't play Thief Rogue with Spectral Cutlass, a major point around which a lot of versions of the deck are built, and a primary way not dying to aggro/midrange.  Say what you will about "Cutlass is broken because I died once to an 8-attack lifesteal Cutlass" but a majority of the time, you're using that huge weapon for removal and survival.  Not to mention balancing weapon charges against 'other class' card generation.  

    Oh but because Lackey Rogue is stupidly strong and everyone runs double Ooze, guess what - Cutlass is unplayable, which makes the deck unplayable.  

    Cutlass is fine because of the skill and intricacy of plays.  

    Make Ooze a glorified Bloodsail Corsair and make Waggle Pick start with 1 durability instead of 2. 

     that would

    a) make good weapons overpowered. The only reason why Cutlass isn't just Kingsbane 2.0 is because of it's weakness to weapon removal. You can't just nerf all weapon removal just because you want a single deck that happens to rely on weapons to be playable (not to mention that most people don't run double weapon removal, at least not one the regular ranks)

    b) it would also completely kill Waggle Pick for no reason (it needs a nerf not removal)

    The entire point of cutlass is that it's infinite damage + healing, but it gets countered by weapon removal. You're basically want to remove an intended counter just because you want to win more with a meme deck. That's like saying nerf Mountain Giant because I want to play Heal Druid

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    posted a message on Miracle Giant Tempo (Rank 5-Legend)

    shouldn't you run Khadgar with this? Double summons from Conjurer's Calling is usually what wins the game, isn't it?

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