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    One more fun fact.

    Each year EA and 2K is bashed for yearly sports games which cost 60-70$.

    Imagine them updating rosters 3 times a year and asking full price. (Fortunately they only do that yearly.)

    Or making card packs requiring you to open in order to play with the updated rosters. You have to spend more to play with Stephan Curry, Lebron James, Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi.

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    Let's make the source together. How much money did you spend for this expansion alone? Let's triple that for 3 expansions and add one third of that each mini expansions in between.

    You will most likely will not provide the amount you spent. So lets make a sane estimation instead.

    Lets assume a bundle for each expansion = 80 $. (Neglecting the fact even mega bundle alone is not enough to have all cards probably you would want, even with the gold you can save between expansion cycle.)

    Lets assume 20 $ for each mini expansion a year. Adventures used to cost around 25$ as well.

    So in total 300$.

    Fun fact more than 1/3 of my monthly salary as a senior engineer where i live. And more than minimum wage.

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    The statement is worse than anything i could come up in my imagination. They really underestimate the average intelligence level of their consumers.

    They are telling they will implement bonus events which were normally rewarding on their own and present them like they are rewarding community with extras we never would recieve otherwise. Like the free legendary incorporated into the battle pass. They will do the same for seasonal events.

    I used to spend money for the game but i stopped a few expansions ago. Since it was not sustainable to have a good collection without spending a lot. Ofcourse my currency losing against dolar also didn’t help either. It was 1/2 at the start now it is 1/8 in conversion. If the game was more approachable i would still make purchases in game. The game requires like 300 dolar per year. And it is more than a month of minimum wage where i live. It is like 5 AAA titles worth of money normally. In addition regional prizing AAA titles in my country is about 30 dolars. I could get 10 “Cyberpunk 2077” like game instead of trying to be up to date in this game.

    Anyway they definetely should reduce required amount of money to play this game. There are many good suggestions mentioned in hearthstone subreddit. Only thing that i would add to those suggestion is that regional prizing would also help with steady profit in regions with less valuable currencies. Steam and regional prizing killed piracy here. They could do the same. The developers of those games have a new market and steady income. Less is better than none. This also would increase total profit for Hearthstone and should reduce the stress of profit on whole playerbase.

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