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    posted a message on Champion Tyrande Hero Power

    When original Tyrande was introduced to Hearthstone she had her own Hero Power animation which was of Blue-Elune light rather the Golden Priesty light.

    Champion Tyrande basically has the Anduin Hero Power. Wondering if that is intentional, or can we get Champion Tyrande Hero Power to do the Elune Light animation which would be fitting and more awesome for the package paid for.

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    posted a message on Everytime I'm at FULL stars Diamond 2..

    I get completely rolled. Worst top decks, worst discoveries. Opponent gets ideal top decks that counter my situation turn by turn. Statistically it's impossible to be RNG at this point. The amount of times I've been full stars Diamond2 is insane in one week.

    The opposite is true; when I'm empty stars I get ideal top decks, roll my opponent, great discoveries and dredges. Doesn't matter what deck I play, the outcome of full stars or empty stars is almost always the same which is a statistical improbability.

    This is called gatekeeping.

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    posted a message on 25.0.4 Patch Notes - Many Balance Changes - Arena and BG Changes Too & More

    Still getting 19/19 taunt minions by turn 5-6. How many classes, and how many viable decks of those classes, can deal with a 19/19 taunt minion via Invincible and Ghouls?

    Literally seems like elementary kids are designing this game; but the reality is a handful of "adults" making more money than they are worth are designing this game.

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    posted a message on Druid is turning meta toxic

    Stop spending money at the in game shop > force hearthstone to develop video game according to those who fund it (player base and their own money).

    Keep spending money on glittering prices, keep funding the cancer that are the Devs (who are corporate puppy lap dogs) to not fix anything.

    Corporations care for one thing; quarterly profits. If the $$ is still coming in over skins, hero portraits, packs, BG/Duel/Merc crap... they will continue to steer the ship as they have been.

    Once the quarterly profits start to tank, they will correct course and adhere to the player base because ultimately they are the ones who fund the game which in turn pays for salaries and jobs at Activision Blizzard.

    When dopamine ticks overcomes your wallet, instead of conscious decisions, you are losing regardless of what rank the pixels tell you, you are.

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    posted a message on Fix Your Game Blizzard...

    14-18+ attack weapons on turn 4.

    Cards that steal/eat opponent's cards that their entire deck is built around.

    Cards in hand that get stronger every turn, laziest idea ever thought up in a TCG.

    20 Mana Crystals for ONE class.

    The RNG on Discover, Top decks, pre loaded hands/mulligans is complete trash.

    Paying a bunch of monkeys in the office to design a game that is losing quarterly profits, trying to create new modes, new bundles, new card styles (diamond, new lame grey Lich art)... to fund your monkey operation and own up loss in quarterly profits.

    It's just getting more pathetic as the months go by. This game feels like a bunch of teenagers designed it while drunk on spiked koolaid.

    Is this really the best this Dev "team" can do with their given salaries, resources and opportunities? It's pathetic. Hire a handful of high school students from the nearest school to Blizz HQ, pay them 1/4 the salary, give them all the resources to make next expansion, guaranteed they couldn't do worse than we've experienced in the "Year of the Hydra".

    Grin, smile, chuckle, ignore... you can't ignore losing profits annually. Dumb as a steamed carrots.

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    posted a message on Druid Class Losing Most Draw Cards

    Capture Coldtooth Mine
    Jerry Rig Carpenter
    Living Seed (draw a beast, upgrades)
    Moonlit Guidance
    Wildheart Guff

    When these rotate out; Druid will be left with clunky minion draw cards and Miracle Growth..

    Widowbloom Seedsman
    Death Blossom Whomper
    Miracle Growth
    Maybe run Flesh Behemoth for Ramp decks

    Yet the Mana Cost of those two lists above is whack, considering a class that has no good removal cards, will have to play clunky minion cards in midrange to draw anything.


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    posted a message on Can't see Lich King set cards in Deckbuilder?

    Am I missing something, are they rotating out? I was looking for the Malfurion the Pestilence hero card and Hadronox, can't see them in deckbuilder.

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    posted a message on Sire Denathrius

    Sire Den. isnt even in top meta decks played in standard. Those complaining are in low elo or hardstuck. Check out HSreplay.net > Meta tab at top of page > you can see the tiers or you can go to sort by Class decks and see win % that way.

    Sire Den is a card that takes a lot of turns, minions to set up. It's not that great. Same people complain about Sire probs complained about C'thun...

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    posted a message on Next rotation

    - Barrens

    - Stormwind

    - Alterac Valley

    ~ April 2023 rotation

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    posted a message on Hearthstone malfunctioning after patchrelease

    dont care.

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    posted a message on LITERALLY SICK OF THIS RNG CODING

    It's so bad.

    It's so in your face.

    It's the most pathetic, elementary coding/programming of "RNG" product probably ever.

    Every game it's either the User or the Opponent getting EVERYTHING they need to respond and  beat their opponent.

    This game isn't random they are pre-plugged games, especially if you're on a win streak the game looks to stop that asap.

    When you throw a box of crayons in the air, the Mona Lisa doesn't show up on the sidewalk... but in Hearthstone shite-digital-RNG realm, it happens almost every game.

    It's freaking terrible, it's why your game always drops in the app store every year. Why you make less profits every year... ITS NOT THE CARDS AS MUCH AS IT IS THE CRAPPY CODING FOR YOUR "RNG" PRODUCT THE GAME RELIES ON TO APPARENTLY FUNCTION.

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    posted a message on NEED FOR GREED BUGGED

    Hello this has been happening for multiple months now; and costs matches most of time..

    Whenever I top deck Need for Greed (Demon Hunter Trade-able Spell) and cast it, it’s drawing 1 card in total and that’s it.

    Even the game tracker on the left hand side will show I cast the card to draw 3, though it draws only 1.

    It just happened again, and it’s forcing losses which this games RNG program is enough bad technology to deal with let alone cards that don’t do what the text says it will.

    These days we don’t expect much from Blizzard employees as they have been drunk on koolaid for years, but thought I would bring it to attention.



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    posted a message on Plush Bear/Quest Rogue (65% win rate)

    You can definitely replace them if they are acting clunky; It's main purpose is fetching more draw or SI:7 play.

    I've had the issue a couple times but it hasnt resulted in any bad situations as the token rebound is ridiculous when you get your draw cards (dirty tricks, swindle, Shekzara).

    I've played every variation of quest rogue, SI:7 rogue, tick master rogue you can think of and this version is fastest and most successful for me on the ladder atm.

    Battlemaster could be a good replacement for later swings to drop between tokens. I've played this variant too, but its clunkier than passage.

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