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    Millhouse Dragonstorm

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    Quote from IHIIHI >>
    Quote from Tomerick88 >>

    Forget me too tired.

     Nope. Maybe you confuesed it with Execute ?

     Exactly what I did lol

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    Forget me too tired.

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    Any way to abuse Hemet to reduce deck size?

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    How would taking out twig of the world Tree early be helpful to you?  You will have given them 10 mana crystals

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    Genuinely a bit relieved not to have gotten any further.  This competition has been really gruelling in terms of the level of commitment required.  I don't think I would have had the time to design a second expansion let alone a third and I think it probably showed in my submission.

    congrats to those that did and commiserations to whoever got disqualified I don't know the circumstances surrounding that but it's a shame if your post had been up a long time and it may have been something you could have changed.

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    Quote from Tomerick88 >>

    Just to let people know I'm dropping out.  I've created all of my cards and written it all up but I just can't submit the damn thing.  I've spent two hours trying to format it all on my phone and it just won't work.  I think there's just too much trying to load on the submission page.  I don't have a PC so I'm out of options.  It's just become a chore rather than something enjoyable so I'm out.

     Sent you a PM. If you're cool with it, *I* will post your submission on your behalf, so you can continue forward.

     Thanks for that I will give it a go and see if I'm able to send what I have that way :-)

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    Just to let people know I'm dropping out.  I've created all of my cards and written it all up but I just can't submit the damn thing.  I've spent two hours trying to format it all on my phone and it just won't work.  I think there's just too much trying to load on the submission page.  I don't have a PC so I'm out of options.  It's just become a chore rather than something enjoyable so I'm out.

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    The struggle is real!  Don't know If I'm going to have enough time to do a decent write up and still have one card to make.

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    Thanks for your analysis there it will be really useful for me to make some changes before submitting.


    With that Mage one I agree that it is very complicated.  The tokens are a bit like Gallywix Coins so maybe look there for wording?

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    Thanks for the detailed feedback.  With Fate I had always intended it to work that way but became mindful that it wasn't obvious unless I explicitly stated it.  With regards the lengthy turn problem I intend for there to be a small bubble in the top right that you can click on which displays the pending fates. 

    I'll definitely make those changes to Vindicator Boros and I'll try to find some different art for the recruiter.

    With Madame Butterfly I feel like my UI change would make the wait more manageable and I quite like the idea of having to manage your board for the turn it pops off.  I feel like it is balanced by the fact it could be pretty useless if you draw it too late and you have to build your deck in quite a specific way so it doesn't become too much of a drawback for you too.

    Lockmaw is supposed to say deck oops.

    Forgotten Champion.  I can rebalance the stats but I feel like the Rush Windfury is really interesting as it's a windfury minion designed to board clear rather than stick for an attack next turn like most of the others.

    Murozond.  I chose 5 because I thought Murozond was a big enough character to warrant such a big effect but if it seems to implausible to have 5 instead of 3 on a discover Like panel I can change it to 3.

    I'll have a look at yours on my lunch and see if I have anything useful to say 😀

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    I've got to a stage where I can share what I've come up with. I've still got 1 neutral and the three wild cards to come up with. Obviously it's a bit late if people aren't hot on the concept but I'd appreciate any balancing tweaks that people would suggest.

    Any tokens that aren't shown and aren't explained will be vanilla.


    To to be more specific about Fate the effect will always occur after x turns even if the minion with it dies.  In the case of a minion with a fate that directly effects it the effect triggers when they are dead but has no effect because the target is dead.


    The Gelbin card works a bit like the Hunter death knight hero power but with Mechs. it will be explained properly in the submission.












    The clock will revive Lockmaw when drawn and draw a card.





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    Quote from linkblade91 >>
    Quote from TheProgenitor >>
    Quote from linkblade91 >>
    Quote from TheProgenitor >>


    Overall, the theme is flavorful and unique, and it's a good set. If I sound negative, it's because I'm just commenting on what I think needs commenting on.

    Druid: Theme seems good, assuming that the +1 Attack from the Trial is just during your turn. I know it would be too wordy to specify in the card, but hero Attack during enemy turn is no good.

    Mage: I know balance isn't final, but Kael'thas seems really strong. Just compare him to any Spell Damage minion ever. I like how he interacts with the Trial, but a nerf would likely be prudent.

    Paladin: I'm not too worried about Yrel's HP since I imagine Trial Paladin would rely on Reinforce for minions, running mostly spells so they don't get "minion-locked", similar to how Weapons are treated. Playing her would remove that consistent minion source, making you run more minions and be more likely to have dead cards. Sha of Despair, though, is more worrying since it's very hard to kill without removal. If the opponent has no answer, it can single-handedly shut them down.

    Priest: Maybe my favorite Trial- great flavor, influences deckbuilding, and makes you strategize by managing your Health.

    Rogue: If you have Coin-Flipper, are your Coins affected by Spell Damage? If so, there's potential for a Malygos OTK by using Master of Disguise on the Flipper and playing the dragon next turn. I dig the flavor, but that combo could be an issue. Defias Waterwalker is also really strong; look at Ogre Magi. And this isn't card-related, but I don't like how Zeal is Rogue's burden. To me, at least, Zeal means enthusiasm and passion; it's a good thing. Maybe Ambition, or even Greed, or something would be better.

    Shaman: The flavor here is great. The Trial seems pretty RNG-dependent, though, since your hero and Totems are in the mix. If they happen to get Frozen, there's no drawback. Volcanic Guardian creates a Wild-only card, which is weird. And I agree that you should showcase a Freeze-matters card; Freeze Shaman is cool (hehe).

    Warrior: I think the Sha should say "enemy", not "opposing" (see Leper Gnome). Overall, I like the Enrage Warrior support.

     Thanks for the words :) I can reciprocate in a second; I'll do yours and teknician's together Just a few things:

     Edit: I thought you posted something here, but maybe you didn't? Could just be that I'm blind >_>

    1. The Druid's +1 Attack is supposed to be during their turn only, yeah.
    2. Kael'thas has Spell Damage +3 because of the three orbs that float around him; I thought that would be a cool connection. I know it should realistically be a +2.
    3. It has never occurred to me to look at the Paladin's Trial like that, relying on the Silver Hands as your primary source of minions. Well...damn lol; that is not the intention at all.
    4. The Coins are supposed to benefit from the Spell Damage, yeah; I thought that might be neat, and that's why I created Defias Waterwalker. You're right that a Malygos Coin Rogue would probably get out of hand, so I should remove that interaction.
    5. Speaking of Defias Waterwalker, being a class minion she has +1 Attack over Ogre Magi, and the spend-2-Coins (making her cost 6 mana total) keeps her at +1 Attack over Spellweaver. That was the rationale.
    6. I know it's weird for Volcanic Guardian to make Igneous Elementals, but...but...it makes perfect sense to me :( It's the Elemental equivalent of Splitting Festeroot. It doesn't do much for the archetype as it is, so I guess I'll remove it.
    7. Warrior -> the Sha says "opposing" because it's an aura that affects both teams: when your minions take damage the enemy hero gets hit, but when enemy minions take damage you get hit. "Opposing" was meant to mean the opposite hero, to remove potential confusion that all of the procs cause damage to your opponent, you know what I mean? I'm not sure how else to say it without ballooning the text.

     No, I haven't posted anything yet. I want to finalize a direction for each class first, which I have yet to do. For the Warrior Sha, what about "Whenever a minion takes damage, deal 1 damage to that minion's opponent"? It's not "correct" per se, but I think it gets the point across.

    Quote from Vilegloom >>

    Okay, so, question: Whatever happens to the Year of the Mammoth/Raven after our first hypothetical expansion arrives? Do it/they leave or we count them as if they stayed? It's a bit confusing.

    I'm sorry I've not been giving feedback recently. I've been struggling hard with my expansion, alongside other things. I'm trying to perfect it as much as I can and will give feedback as soon as possible.

     I think Shadows said somewhere that our year is hypothetically happening sometime after the Year of the Raven. Mammoth is for sure out, but whether or not Raven is still Standard is up to you.

    That's not bad; I'll have to think about it some more.

    @Vilegloom That is correct: no matter what, the Year of the Mammoth will have rotated by the time your Year of the (X) arrives, because it's next on the chopping block regardless of what Year is next. If you want to say that your Year is farther into the future, the Year of the Raven will also be gone by then; not the worst call, if you'd prefer a clean slate.

     In my opinion the only option that makes any sense is to treat Year of he Raven as standard for year of the x because from now on there is no such thing as a clean slate for standard.  Every new year will have to take into account the cards from the year before it.  If your year takes place in a further future where Raven is gone you are missing out on the synergies that would likely be available from the previous standard expansions.  You would have a year in isolation which is not realistic.

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    Geez this competition is hard work.  I've got about 2/3 of my cards created and still have all the write up etc to come up with.  It's a good job we have a generous deadline!

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    Quote from maxlot >>
    Quote from Tomerick88>>
    Quote from maxlot>>

    Gonna do a brief look at all the guys who passed and give my opinions. Can't be bothered to talk about Hall of Fame choices unless they're relevant to any of the cards.

    DISCLAIMER: I am in such intense fear of accidentally refreshing the page that I've decided to post this and edit it to completion. The rest will be done in some amount of time.

    Doctor Whoops' Year of the Frog

    Right off the bat, the sets are quite diverse and well presented. The Infiltrate keyword is nice, I imagine there's quite a lot of potential design space for it and it only makes sense. Feed is already easy to imagine in-game because it's already in the game and Surface Hunter is a fine card to show off. Those two keywords are fine, but you've walked into an issue Tek found himself in while working on Treasures, which was why the inclusion of the Sandy Shores card was made. Essentially, if the Guest cards included in your deck actually count against card count without any chance of actually being drawn, then what you effectively have is a deck that has less cards in it. The vast majority of decks in the game would take a 28 card, 26 card, 24 card etc deck over a 30 card one if that was freely available. It's just more consistent, and there's absolutely no reason not to do it. This would lead to players using Guests purely as cards to lower deck sizes rather than making actual Guest decks.

    The Guest keyword is very interesting thematically and I like the flavor of the Stormwind City set the most, so I'd like to see it still, I just think it should be reworked maybe in a similar way to Treasures. Of course, there's also the chance that I've misinterpreted the keyword and missed something like an idiot, so I'm sorry if that's the case. Overall I can definitely see why this was the most highly voted set, but I think Guest is a genuinely big issue.

    Linkblade91's Year of the Kodo

    The flavor for the first set is fantastic, I'm quite fond of the Burdens. They're a way of introducing massive changes to a deck that remain simple. I do feel like The Vigilant Crusader could be made more simple with just one keyword, the textbox is getting a little packed there, but with how much that would impact you don't need to worry too much. The cards showcased for the War of Sea and Sky could have been better. Though I like the idea of the expansion, I'm indifferent with Terror Drake, kinda unsure how it has Stealth thematically, but I dislike the Naga Siren. What you've said about the Naga is that they provide benefit to the 'Biggest' Naga in terms of Attack, Health or Cost, so a card with "The Naga with the highest X has..." should be a common occurrence. Despite that, the first Naga you show is a 5/5 that does that with Taunt which is Epic. That sounds more like a Common and it doesn't really show what the potential of the Naga's tribal shenanigans could be. It doesn't feel too different from a 5 mana 5/5 Taunt, and feels so boring and bad considering giving minions taunt isn't really valued very highly. Metal and Mayhem seems nice, the flavor's good. Encore is a great keyword, I like it a lot. Power Up is a little more meh, kinda odd to revisit spare parts in general. The cards you showcased are good for them, with Spirit Bouncer showing off some fantastic possible synergy with Encore effects off the bat by allowing its effect to be used by a much bigger minion, and Treant Harvester being flavorful and useful.

    Overall, all three sets are very good but I'd really like to see the potential of the Naga tribe and the Challenge keyword.

    KingKuba's Year of the Lion

    I felt quite happy looking through all of this. I'm not generally going to talk about the people behind the cards that much in these reviews but you seem like the kind of person who's quite new to making custom cards but has some really good ideas. What I mean by that is that you've got some really fantastic concepts here among some simple mistakes and I'm excited to see this set potentially flourishing. Obviously the place to start with is Storage, which I think is a potential UI nightmare and unsure on how good it is CURRENTLY, but it has some serious potential. I think you should go over a brief summary of how you use Storage cards during deckbuilding and through that find a way to include as many copies of Storage cards as you want so I can run a warehouse deck (that's only 30% a joke) and I'd love this keyword and the set. I love the flavor behind all the sets by the way, just wanted to go over Storage first. Then I'm going to go onto the third expansion for a reason that'll be obvious soon after. I like the flavor of this set the most, it's quite light and jovial. Rent could have a lot of potential as a keyword, especially if you throw some Rent (1 turn) cards in there, which could be quite interesting for designs. I dislike Buyout however, it doesn't feel like it has too much of a purpose. Making a way of keeping your Rent minions feels uninteresting more than anything else as well as quite parasitic. I think just having the Rent cards is preferable. Right, set 2 is the one I have the most problems with by far. The faction mechanic just isn't interesting, it's just a tribe that locks you out of playing certain cards. The two cards you've showcased aren't doing it any favors either. Garona Halforcen is a legendary class tech card, which you really want to avoid. The general issue with that is that legendary cards, especially class cards, are cards that you put into your deck to promote an archetype in an interesting or powerful way. Tech cards are cards you use to counter OTHER archetypes. It's straight up just an overpowered assassinate with a body in most cases and that's not the reason why I dislike it. She doesn't do anything to help your Horde deck, she just might do something against Alliance minions with Deathrattles. That's probably not many cards. Othmar Garithos is far and beyond the most overpowered card in the game. He's an autoinclude in every paladin deck due to the way purely positive Start of Game cards work. When you don't actually have to draw the card nor use the card, it just provides a benefit to your deck unconditionally at the start of the game, the card shouldn't be printed. You don't even have to account for the technical risk of drawing this minion which is understatted in comparison to almost all the other broken start of game cards that people have made, it's an Alliance minion, it just draws itself at no cost when the game begins, as well as whatever other Alliance card you put in there is. I'd suggest a complete rework of the second expansion but if you don't want to do that at least just fix those two cards up. Sorry the review got negative towards the end, it's just that your first and third sets are on completely different levels to your second. I genuinely meant what I said about the year having some serious potential and I look forward to seeing what you make.

    Tomerick88's Year of the Butterfly

    I'm going to be blunt...

    That is not an interesting keyword. It's not flexible, it's not got any potential design space, more than anything it's just a boring and bad version of taunt. I do not like the pet keyword, not at all. Keywords can mean so many potential different things depending on the cards they're on, and how singular this keyword is is mundane. Hemet's Petting Zoo itself could be interesting with good flavor but I'm not feeling it so far. Going into the second expansion, Fate's fine, there's some design space for it and it fits the expansion, though I'm starting to think you've rushed through all this a bit. The presentation for your cards isn't great and the actual cards are similar. Veteran Tracker is missing capitalization and is literally just using the Tracking art. Tactical Retreat is a great card that utilizes your rotation of Divine Favor well. The terrain cards aren't very aesthetically pleasing, I once again think you could have spent more time and precision with this. Regardless I do feel that the terrain should last for a set amount of turns and shouldn't be countered by enemies playing terrains. Having it last infinitely is insane value that forces people into playing terrains, and playing a really expensive terrain that goes away immediately isn't fun.

    CheeseETC's Year of the Scorpion

    First set is good. The factions are alright and I don't really have a lot to say about it other than I'm fond. Could open up a lot of interesting new decks. I'm not fond of the second set at all. Dividing things into a bunch of guys who generate resource and then a bunch of things that need resource is parasitic and hard to manage before you even account for the fact that the things that take your resource take up board slots. It's hard to manage in a simple manner, simple being one of Hearthstone's core themes, and it feels more like a nostalgia trip than a fun or functional expansion. Don't want to include more than 4 buildings in my deck because I don't want to ever collect dead buildings in my hand but then I want to have enough resource to play them otherwise they're just dead anyway so better distribute a bunch of resource gatherer's into my deck. Draw dependency is rampant here. In comparison I really like recipes. They're flavorful and quite similar to buildings in that they're permanent benefits except way more interesting and better because they don't take a parasitic new resource to exist, you just need to fulfill certain conditions to repeat effects. I certainly wouldn't include both buildings and recipes into the year, in my eyes one's just better than the other. I will say though, the way you've formatted the recipe card is stylish and cool but I think you might have to change it unless you don't want to write much on the cards. Small Drink is the epitome of a common of the effect with literally three words and then a basic condition, yet it ended up with 4 lines. How are you going to make Epic recipes?

    Shatterstar1998 and Demonxz95's Year of the Dragon

    Year of the Dragon sounds generic but whatever. Nightmare on the Nether is cool, though you could go over what makes the actual expansion itself interesting a little more, because I didn't really see anything about the expansion itself in the cards. I just got the context of the area and how it has a bunch of tribal minions. Legacy could be cool but King Arthur feels like a really bad way of showing it off. If I play three cards in a turn I get to change the Health of all minions to 1! Oh wait they've already all got 1 Health because I played the card. I'll wait till next turn and THEN use his effect. Alright, there, my opponent's played some new minions, now I can use his Legacy. Oh actually I think I'll just trade him in, that seems more efficient because I don't want to set my minions Health to 1. Why does Legacy feel so much like a redundant extra on the Legacy showcase card? Prince Charming well... I don't like him. How is he a start of game support card and how was he supposed to show off how each class is getting a start of game card? Wouldn't showing off a start of game card be more helpful for that? Why do I care about drawing my start of game cards, that's not what's interesting about those cards, the interesting part already happened. At the start of the game. Because it's a start of game card. Sure it thins my deck and I can play it to get like a 9 mana 7/8 body but that's hardly that supportive. Prince Charming just feels like a Curator card you made because you've got some new keywords. It's not got nearly as much connection between the themes as The Curator nor its Witchwood counterpart. It's boring. Caverns of Time seems alright, I like Future Strike, it's a very nice card. Temporary dormant cards are something I've seen a lot, in fact my favorite version of them I've seen was from DKPaladinMDL's Caverns of Time expansion that he finished some time ago. I feel like the showcase card you chose for it wasn't that interesting. In general I kinda wish there was more you were showing in your year, I've not been able to criticize a lot because I've not got a good grip on the expansions. Nether on the Nightmare will be dark and have demons and dragons and stuff as well as an effect that exists already. Once upon a Time will have legacy but you haven't provided a good example of a legacy card and start of game cards for every class but you haven't shown a start of game card. Caverns of Time has future stuff that could be quite cool, I'm fond of that, as well as collectible temporary permanents which are nice. I don't know, I just think your presentation was lacking with ideas that have already been explored a lot.

    ThisOtherGuyTox, Cogito and Otovent's Year of the Chimera

    Stitched cards could be cool, the one presented is simple and gives a good idea of what to expect, and I think I remember Tox talking about the choose one at the start of the game thing some time before and I've quite liked it as an idea. Border Patrol is also a nice simple idea for showing off how things are. Can't really see any faults so far, things look good. Weathers seem fine. I'd like to see cards that benefit off of weathers but it's understandable not to considering you only had two cards to show which did well to establish the flavor. Because I don't want to get through 2 sets without at least suggesting something I want to put in a personal request for you guys to include my favorite pokemon ludicolo in there somewhere, maybe something like this.

    You don't have to call him Ludicolo or anything just please man I love ludicolo so much you'd be doing a great service for my family. Script is flavorful and quite nice, it's reminiscent of the new card type thing introduced to Magic recentlyish. I love the flavor of the set as a whole and I'm sorry that the new expansion kinda takes away some of the uniqueness of the set. In general this set seems the most refined so far... Suspiciously so. Gosh dang the mods and their ability to prepare three sets with unique flavor and keywords in a space longer than two weeks we need a revolution around here or something. For real though, looking forward to seeing the third set the most so if you go out before then I'll be angry. Good luck.

    WaterwaIker's Year of the holy shit I'm only 8 submissions through this is taking so long I'm gonna end it all also why is your name spelled with a capital i rather than an l what Hydra

    Starting off, Lights, Cards, Action! is gonna be a set I greatly look forward to. Great humor, very light, all good with me. Van Hellscream is a really nice card with a cool effect, though he honestly feels absurdly strong. He's got a really well statted 5 mana body for 6 that replaces your hero power with one that's worth about 2 mana, which is nuts. That said it obviously carries the downside of not working with Deathstalker Rexxar which you'd probably want to play in a more control focused Hunter so I imagine it's fine but it's certainly stronger than most hero power upgrade cards. I don't like Mildly Annoyed Max, punishing your opponent for not playing on curve isn't that fun for them, and if they do play on curve this is just a 5 mana 5/3 which isn't very fun for you. In general it kinda just doesn't feel like a fun card. Alleria Windrunner is fun but honestly I don't think trample is a good idea. Hearthstone's been existing for a while under the idea that trample isn't a thing so as you might expect stuff like Arcane Channeler suddenly being added can cause problems. What kind of problems? Problems of Meteoric proportions is what. For the next expansion, Marsh Seer is massively unfun as it can ruin so many decks. Oh, it appears I've discovered my opponents C'Thun/N'Zoth/Bloodreaver Gul'Dan/Emeriss/Alexstraza/BigGamechangingMinion/Yogg'Saron. Guess they lose. Also go to my Year of the Lion and/or Year of the Frog reviews for my stance on Tyr. I would include this in every deck because it's free consistency. I don't need to actually draw the card or use it, nor do I have to gimp my deck, yet I get benefits.

    Dropdead's Year of the Manticore

    Transforming effects already fulfill the purpose of Banish elegantly, include more transform cards rather than adding in a new yet redundant keyword. It might fit in the game better if Hearthstone had an actual graveyard and not a pool of cards being tracked for Big Priests sake, but as of right now it's just taking an effect that shows up in every card game with a graveyard and putting it into a game without one. If you're in Shadowform is a terrible idea that gets passed around a lot, can't wait to get this card in a pack when I don't actually own that epic card from the classic set. Oh well I guess I could still use it as a 6 mana deal 5 spell, fantastic. For 6 mana couldn't it just banish the minion regardless of anything else? Priest already got Entomb why is this a card? Your location card is okay. I think you should have done a better job showing off themes of the expansions because some of the cards just feel irrelevant to showing the actual expansion off. Yeah Hogger's Faithful is a pretty cool card but what does it tell me about the expansion?

    Phoenixfeather's Year of the Phoenix

    First expansion seems alright. Soulcast is nice, Elusive is Elusive. Rise from the Grave is a cool card that does well to show off the expansion. Apatheia's one of the least interesting ways of adding neutral decks theoretically possible. The thing is, I like the idea of neutral decks, but I think a game like Shadowverse is a game that could show you a good way of going about implementing neutral synergy. Rewarding you for having disproportionate amounts of neutral cards over only running them. Running decks without spells, only minions, with no class identity, very few interesting gimmicks and such is just uninteresting. What makes the matches involving this lady more uninteresting than most? Well let me briefly say why I like Elusive. It does well in countering an enemy who relies on spells to counter minions by making it harder to deal with your elusive minions, yet it doesn't make half their deck pointless because I still have the rest of my deck to go through and it's not like they're ALL going to be Elusive so they can just use their spells on those ones! Oh wait, my entire deck IS Elusive, guess my opponents hand is just filled with dead cards now. Boy, this game of minions slapping into eachother and nothing else sure is interesting. At least AoE's still exist. Second expansion is a lot better, love Solais, it's a great weapon with good flavor. Deus Ex Machina is also good flavor and a cool card. I don't know how much I like the return of Inspire but I don't hate it. Burn is a keyword that belongs in a class and not an expansion. Removing the top one or two cards of your deck is widely irrelevant outside of decks that go to fatigue because they're exceptionally slow, are running Aluneth or rely on specific cards like C'Thun and sometimes they're on the bottom and have to dig deep. The rare cases in which removing the top card of your deck is used as a downside do so in a way where it's escalated to the point where your deck might be shredded in seconds like with Fel Reaver. Being able to include a few cards that have above average power level in exchange for burn just means I'm running cards which are too good at no extra cost.

    Vilegloom's Year of the Ram

    I've been really indecisive of your stuff. I don't know what it is about it. Regardless I don't trust myself to force a review on this because I don't have an opinion of it really. I'm not trying to wuss out I swear, it's just that my input would be redundant. Take that all as you like.

    ShadowsOfSense's Year of the Serpent

    I don't like Ambush. I remember Phoenix explored it's potential some time before with Impulse and cards which manipulate how you draw it that makes it more skilled but even then it's still the "Did you topdeck this" keyword. It's good flavor and I'm happy about its use with Cephalopirate due to it not being objectively better, but I don't really like it. Explore is a nice keyword, one thing I think a lot of people make mistakes with while making Hearthstone cards is creating cards that give information for the sake of information, yet this uses it practically. Well, at least in the case of Murloc Pathfinder. If all the Explore cards will be like that, I'm very happy with it. If you make cards which just Explore and nothing else, I'll be sad. That's just not very Hearthstone. One thing of note, with both Ambush and Explore existing, deck manipulation better exist, it just makes them both so much better. Revenant is a keyword that feels nice due to how Undead synergy works, I like it. Mount is nice but obviously unfortunately timed due to Magnetic. Flanked is nice also, no real criticisms.

    Teknician's Year of the

    Mrobjectionman's Year of the 

    Aaro54's Year of the Mech

    You know my opinion on your shit man go ask me things in the Discord or something

    Soulbattle's Year of the 

    Wailor's Year of the

    NOVEX0R's Year of the

    Electronite's Year of the

    LarryMoments' Year of the 

    TheProjenitor's Year of the 

     Regarding Pet:  You could easily say the same about Jaraxxus and Hero cards.  I would very much prefer the Pets to be their own card type like hero has but I'm not a photo shop master.  As I've said in the last discussion (I understand you probably didn't see that)  My intention with the Pets is to explore what can be done with the Bolf Mechanic.  Hopefully the two I showed did that.  A Bolf effect with a divine shield is quite interesting imo as is the possibility of reviving the Bolf effect with Alar.  They're more like charms that pop up on the board to block damage as opposed to Bolf that was supposed to have survivability.   It isn't intended to carry that expansion it's just going to be one card for each hero.

    Good spot with the tracking art I do this all on my phone including playig hearthstone so I haven't really made out the art.  Ofcourse that can be changed.  No idea how I missed the capitalisation too.  Hopefully you can appreciate that doing this on my phone adds a layer of difficulty to my design even the typing.

    I will think on what you've said about Terrain because it was something I was starting to realise when I was toying with the possibility of legendary terrain cards.  It won't be fun to see them cancelled out.  I really wanted to capture the idea of a battle for control of the terrain so I would like some interactivity for the opponent.  I will have a good think on this.

    Overall you are right I did do my designs quite quickly but this is a hobby not a job.  I am a man with a job and other commitments please forgive me for not having gone all out in the first phase.  I just thought I'd use it as a concept submission before getting carried away over something people didn't enjoy which unfortunately I have done before.

    Now I see that so many people saw potential in my ideas I am committed to putting out a quality expansion for phase 2.

    I'm quite confused now. I definitely agree that the cards you've shown are more interesting than Bolf, but I'm not sure what you mean when you say they would ideally have their own card type nor how you could say the same for Hero cards. I didn't see the previous discussions, I apologize as I won't have much context on them. I'll try and be more present in the discussions from here on out I just wanted to avoid the first phase ones.

    Don't worry, I can appreciate the mistakes and that you've got work to do. We all make mistakes, pretty sure I've made more neutral weapons accidentally than class ones. It's just when compared to a lot of the other posts that went through yours seemed a lot more rough, and if you invest more time to make sure everything's nice and shiny next time I'll have no issues.

     I mean that I intend the Pets to be to Bolf what Hero cards are to Jaraxxus.  So there would be an actual card shape that signifies it as a pet rather than a keyword but it is not within my capability.  Either way I'm confident I can do enough this phase to justify the votes I got.  I'll see what you think when I've solidified my ideas more 😀

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