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    Personally I would add Singdragosa to the deck. Combining her with Frost lich jaina gives you so much value. Pinging  0/1 and getting a radon legendary and getting a 3/6 with freeze and lifesteal is just so valuable. 

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    I think this card is meant to be played on turn 4, with another card on the board to clear it, this would make this card have the most value.

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    Yeah all classes get 1 common and 1 rare card which leaves 13 neutral cards, 5 being legendaries.

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    Everyone compares this to Yesara but one thing people don't think about is that with Yesara you either have to pull it or craft it. Nefarian all you got to do is unlock Blackrock and win. I believe this one is better just because it's more easily accessible.

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