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    So to make it clear:
    The Spirit of the Rhino should work with Boomship.

    The reason to assume it works is because the already available interactions with the Cards
    Charge + Warsong Commander and Rocket Boots + Woodcutter's Axe.

    So even if a Minion doesn't have Rush if you give them Rush on the same turn you summon it the Spirit should work.

    With Charge and Rocket Boots on a Festerroot Hulk it gains +1 Attack from Warsong and +2/1 from Woodcutter

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    I would find this Card 100x more interesting if the Text would be:

    Battlecry: Eat a Minion from your Opponent's Deck
    Deathrattle: Summon it for your Opponent

    So the Instat Silence on Gral would not be the programm to deal with him right from the start.
    That way it could become a threat for your Opponent so that he maybe has to silence Gral even at the cost of the eaten Minion.
    With the new Text there could be stuff like: "Rouge play's Gral - Gral eats Tyrantus - Druid naturalizes Gral and gets Tyrantus on the Field"
    or "Rouge play's Gral - Gral eats Malygos -  Rouge silences Gral to prevent enemy OTK combo"

    From my view with the Text it has now it is just an expensive Meme Card that doesn't will see much play.

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    The Card should be renamed from
    Whizbang the Wonderful to Whizbang the Mustcraft

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