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    So to make it clear:
    The Spirit of the Rhino should work with Boomship.

    The reason to assume it works is because the already available interactions with the Cards
    Charge + Warsong Commander and Rocket Boots + Woodcutter's Axe.

    So even if a Minion doesn't have Rush if you give them Rush on the same turn you summon it the Spirit should work.

    With Charge and Rocket Boots on a Festerroot Hulk it gains +1 Attack from Warsong and +2/1 from Woodcutter

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    I don't know if this was aked before but(t) can Yogg-Saron target spells at minions that are spell immune?
    As example Fairy Dragon could Yogg-Saron cast a Fireball on it because he would have to aim with the spell on a Spell immune target.

    I do understand that Spell immune targets would still be hit by complete random target spells or aoe.
    But directly aimed spells should not be able to hit.

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