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    Reporting a bug

    When reporting a bug, please try to give as much information on what the issue is, and what you were doing when the issue occurred. Please also attach any logs related to your issue. 

    Innkeeper Log: %localappdata%\innkeeper\logs

    Install Log: %localappdata%\SquirrelTemp

    Known Issues & FAQ

    I have no shortcuts on desktop or in start menu

    This is currently a known issues that we are working hard trying to solve. Currently we are unsure why this happens for some users. If you have this issue, and are willing to work with us to debug, please send molster a PM or respond in this thread.  In the meantime you can make a shortcut using the following:

    C:\Users\{USER NAME}\AppData\Local\Innkeeper\Update.exe --processStart Innkeeper.exe

    Stats on collection page only count each card once

    This is by design (for now). As hearthstone's ingame achievements only require you to need one of each card, so we mimicked this. However due to user feedback we will be changing this.

    Innkeeper Updates and sets my collection to empty

    This is a new issue we are looking into, Please submit your innkeeper log. This should not happen every sync, so attempt to resync your collection, and it should update.

    I lost all my gold cards in my collection

    This means you edited your collection by hand on hearthpwn. Only collections verified by innkeeper can show golden cards. If you edit your collection by hand, you will need to resync your collection with innkeeper to get your golds back.

    Hearthpwn is no longer showing my missing dust / cards

    If you are 100% sure you are on the right account and sycning to the same account. Go to your collection, and click "edit collection" make sure the option for "Collection Calculations" is checked.

    When Innkeeper launches, no window appears

    This seems to be the last key issues users are reporting. Please post with both your innkeeper and install logs. If you are willing to work with us directly, also send molster a PM and we will try to figure out what might be causing this issue to happen

    Unable to login, get an error

    Please make sure you innkeeper is allowed past your firewall and you are not behind a proxy. if this still does not fix it, please try innkeeper from another connection. Users have reported that behind some ISP's there is a proxy preventing them from logging in.

    There are 3 innkeeperui.exe processes running

    This is not an issue! Innkeeper uses "Electron" for its UI. (many apps such as slack, atom, and Visual Studio Code use Electron). Electron is a chrome/node based UI, so for the same reason chrome has a few process, innkeeper does as well.

    When is the mac version coming out?

    We do not have a set date for this yet. Currently Innkeeper is being worked on by myself and Freddie. Freddie is currently spending time on wowdb getting ready for legion, and im working on fixing some some of the bugs with innkeeper. With that said, we did pick the technologies behind innkeeper to make the port to mac fast. We used Electron for our UI so that we could easily port it over to Mac with almost no work.

    We will make sure to do a post once we start to work on it directly.


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    .3 fixes this on innkeeper. Our theory is the site still has old data in memory, in theory it should work soon. but still looking into it.

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    A Witchy Recipe

     Hagatha is mixing up a special brew from her big book of cursed recipes! Choose a class and sample the latest deck recipe concoctions!

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    I'll never laugh again :(

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    Quote from Repentant >>

    I’m with Muddler on this: Hearthpwn is showing win percentages.  Where are they coming from?  The website hints strongly that Innkeeper is recording that information, yet there’s nothing around stat tracking on the Innkeper website.

    What gives?  Will Innkeeper/Hearthpwn be exposing our personal stats for our consumption?


     The was the original idea, We wanted to add them to profile pages, so people can look at them there, and then if they so choose, have the ability to share them. However, that has been put on hold.  

    We might spend a few free weekends of our own time adding them right into innkeeper, will see what the demand is!
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     its kinda odd right?

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    our rates show 100% success right now. Is it still failing for you?

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    im seeing success rates super high now!


    We also disabled force syncing a year or so ago. When we were being slammed, people would just spam force try again..and it would just make bad things worse :(

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    yeah we have hit recorded breaking traffic to ever hit hearthpwn (forum stats say 200k) thats not including people sending collections to innkeeper.


    We are working hard to get them syncing for everyone, but right now they are about at a 2% success rate and going up.

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    the build a deck is linked on every page via the nav, which is why its not re-inlcuded there.

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