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    posted a message on What do you do in legend rank?

    11x multiplier? I was at rank 12 before the new system. I started with a 9x multiplier. That doesn't seem to add up

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    posted a message on Why Blizzard can't just admit they screwed up?

    Shitty player here. I can garantee you that one of the things keeping DH above everyone else is Altruis and the 0 mana slices. Ive seen the following happening to streamers  and just yesterday to me:

    Opponent  has no board and i have 5 6 drops minions cause of shannanings with conjures calling including a deathrattle from that 6 mana classic legendary. Turn 9 btw. Im at 15 heath with lethal on board for next turn.

    My DH opponent plays Altruis and just goes to town with 4 slices and other cheap cards that keeps him drawing while clearing the board and doing face dmg. I was left with just a 4/1 on board 3 health remaining and my opponent had Altruis on board and that 4/2 satyr and the 2/2 token from it. How is this balanced for an aggro deck?

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    posted a message on Galakrond Secret Rogue. Worth the craft?

    For climbing?  No. DH is back again.  U were probably interested in the rogue deck cause hsreplay showed it as the n1 class. Well after ppl realize the nerfs did zero and actually eliminated the counter to dh which was warlock cause of sac pact now its back again doing a huge leap over night SPECIALLY  cause rogue was on the rise and DH just farms them like crazy

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    posted a message on Millhouse Manastorm Nerfed!

    Shouldn't there be an option that says: " i dont play battlegrounds"? Same goes for the other case where mainly BG players vote for "i dont play constructed "

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    posted a message on Is mage opressive in Wild?
    Quote from AvengersAssemble >>
    Quote from SlydE >>
    Quote from AvengersAssemble >>

    You're playing wild. What do you expect?

    Not one class dominating the format, that is not healthy. Remember they have nerfed Wild cards in the past in similar situations:

    Tbh, the only deck which could rival the current mage decks were the SA-druid. The others were much weaker but frustrating to play against.

     They nerfed cards because all the wild players kept crying about it. In reality it is just a for fun mode that Blizzard barely wants to cater to until the wild community starts spamming their twitter and reddit crying about it.

     Amazing. Everything you just said is wrong

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    posted a message on New rank system: ‘bad’ players will reach legend just as easy/hard as ‘good’ players.

    If a bad player can easily reach legend then you are golden mate

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    posted a message on The Hope

    I would say 1 per year

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    posted a message on Conceding meta ?

    I love seeing ppl doing whatever they can to suceed without putting in the effort or actually earning the stuff they want to achieve.

    You are a walking cliché that gives a bad rep to my generation 

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    posted a message on All Rush cards have Charge now?????

    Thats an april fools joke my friend

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    posted a message on POLL: The deck you hate the most?

    Priest always has the most obnoxious win con every time its meta

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    posted a message on Playing Paladin feels terrible right now.

    And thats why u never put all ur eggs in the same basket. I dont care if one class gets trash tier for sometime as there are various classes to play with

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    posted a message on Zephrys missed lethal - Ysera

    Why did u attacked with rat? Its a clearly windfury play. Its only natural to play zephyr before attacking.

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    posted a message on Advice for Getting Back in to the Game?

    Dont come back. Leaving is the hard part for most. I have tried it but could never entirely cut myself off from it. Even now as i play Runeterra i still play one or 2 matches of HS per day just to complete the daily quests.

    Seize this chance to leave the game for good

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    posted a message on Help me with Priest resurrection deck please!!

    Yes resurrect priest. The dark side is strong in you. A powerful HS player you will become.

    Short answer Zilliax. Why? Dust efficiency. Its the best neutral card in the game so much that it's even staple in a lot of decks in wild. After rotation gallery will be as bad as they come while Zilliax will be still strong in wild specially cause reno decks will always be a thing there. Im not a fan of resurrect priest of any kind but it would be my recommendation to craft Zilliax. The ability to stabilise the game is second to none and requires immediate removal as soon as turn 5. Gallery being a dead card in hand for so long may cost you the match against faster decks

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    posted a message on Good tech against resurrect priest?

    Yeah its called LoR.

    On a serious not. Tinkmaster is probably in the best time for him to be played 

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