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    posted a message on Reckful has left us.

    Toxic comments on Twitter were the last straw for him. Lesson that nobody will ever learn

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    posted a message on I enjoy 20+ minute games
    Quote from C_A_W >>
    Quote from thazud >>

    Long games tend to rely heavily on RNG and what value you get, and the one who gets the best value from the RNG cards often wins. 

    Shorter games, e.g. aggro vs aggro is where the true skill is. Every decision matter and even a single mistake can cost you the game. Control mirrors is more forgiving and a mistake or two does not mean you lost. 

     Not true there are literally players with more than 75% + wr in Priest mirrors, you know the longest of long games. I bet you won't find people with those wr in aggro matchups.

     True but i actually have more than 80% win rate on my wild pirate warrior mirror.

    Just yesterday won one while having patches on opening hand. Many aggro players are just dumb and vomit their whole hand. Knowing when to go and what to trade makes this mirrors very enjoyable even with a bad draw. Tho cannon shots are random and can decide the outcome.

    I just cant help but think the same way some priest players have a high wr in mirrors cause of skill other aggro players also pull an insane amount of success in their mirrors

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    posted a message on What's Hearthstone still missing?

    They need to do something about Rogue. I cant remember last time rogue was trash. Every class varies in power but rogue manages to be top tier every year. I wonder why that is?

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    posted a message on Again control is dead in Hs

    Rez priest a control deck? Dont make me laugh. Just cause its slow and its the closest thing u have to a control deck in standard doesnt make it a control deck. 

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    posted a message on Talking about secret mage

    A new deck is about to replace Odd DH as the n1 aggro deck. To all those nasty secret mages that is good news cause they have a better chance vs this new deck than against DH.

    Word of caution. After many years ive realised that dusting cards is a huge mistake unless its golden

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    posted a message on Zeddy's video on DH and the state of the meta right now
    Quote from EmoGit >>

     I think Zeddy needs to completely revamp his own life first. Isn't he like 40 and still living with his mom?

     Relevance?  And btw whats the problem with that? We've seen famous rich athletes that live with their mom. Well its more like their mom lives with them but hey...

    That was very wweird of u to say that and no importance at all for the point at hand

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    posted a message on Friend is brand new to the game and facing Demon Hunter in new player ranks

    How can someone play DH then? Tell him to do the required specifications to have DH then he plays it cause that's the most op budget decks cause most of the cards are for free

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    posted a message on Why Blizzard can't just admit they screwed up?

    Shitty player here. I can garantee you that one of the things keeping DH above everyone else is Altruis and the 0 mana slices. Ive seen the following happening to streamers  and just yesterday to me:

    Opponent  has no board and i have 5 6 drops minions cause of shannanings with conjures calling including a deathrattle from that 6 mana classic legendary. Turn 9 btw. Im at 15 heath with lethal on board for next turn.

    My DH opponent plays Altruis and just goes to town with 4 slices and other cheap cards that keeps him drawing while clearing the board and doing face dmg. I was left with just a 4/1 on board 3 health remaining and my opponent had Altruis on board and that 4/2 satyr and the 2/2 token from it. How is this balanced for an aggro deck?

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    posted a message on Is mage opressive in Wild?
    Quote from AvengersAssemble >>
    Quote from SlydE >>
    Quote from AvengersAssemble >>

    You're playing wild. What do you expect?

    Not one class dominating the format, that is not healthy. Remember they have nerfed Wild cards in the past in similar situations:

    Tbh, the only deck which could rival the current mage decks were the SA-druid. The others were much weaker but frustrating to play against.

     They nerfed cards because all the wild players kept crying about it. In reality it is just a for fun mode that Blizzard barely wants to cater to until the wild community starts spamming their twitter and reddit crying about it.

     Amazing. Everything you just said is wrong

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    posted a message on New rank system: ‘bad’ players will reach legend just as easy/hard as ‘good’ players.

    If a bad player can easily reach legend then you are golden mate

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