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    First pack bois!!!!

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    Lets any minion be jaraxxus and allow you to play as your favorite minions. The hero power itself would be extremely variable. All Battlecry s, Deathrattle s, Inspire s, and Combo s would become active Hero powers costing 2 mana to use.

    All passive keywords like Taunt , Windfury , and Enrage would apply to the new hero as a passive hero power. Aura's and other triggered or timed effects would also work as a passive hero power like if succeed was used on a Wild Pyromancer than all spells would be accompanied by dealing 1 damage to all minions. This is also why the minion you succeed has to start with 1 or more attack as Doomsayer would be broken.

    If a card has a passive and active text like a Taunt with Battlecry the new Hero Power would have the passive text always active and the active text be activated by paying 2 mana. In the spoiler is an example of a Hero Power made by using Succession on The Curator .

    This Hero Power would make the new hero have Taunt that acts exactly like The Curator boss fight in the Karazhan adventure as well as allow the player to draw a Beast, Dragon, and Murloc for 2 mana.

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